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My Car Spun Out of Control on an Icy Highway. Then a Christmas Angel Changed Everything


When you call on the angels for emergency help, don’t be surprised if they show up in person! as Woman’s World reader Casey Morley of Plantsville, Connecticut, discovered! She writes:

My seven-year-old son, Michael, was so excited: Santa had come, and now we were on our way to his godmother’s house to share the magic of Christmas Day! As we walked through her door, the air swirled with carols and the scents of Christmas dinner.

“This is the best Christmas ever!” Michael said, like something out of a holiday movie.

Smiling, I had to agree: Everything was perfect. It would be a white Christmas, too, with a fresh blanket of snow already covering the lawn. So though we were having a wonderful time, with the snow really piling up, I decided we should head home a little early. 

I’d no sooner pulled onto the entrance ramp to the highway when I knew I’d made a mistake: Visibility was totally gone. We should have slept over, I thought, even contemplating backing down the ramp. But, fearing an oncoming car would hit us, I kept driving. 

Suddenly, in the howling wind and swirling snow, my car began to spin out of control. Terrified, I clung to the wheel until, thankfully, I stopped. But I had no idea which way my car was headed in relation to the road—or other traffic!

Biting back tears, I tried to stay calm as I fervently prayed: Please help us!

The next moment, I saw a man running down the highway toward my car. Stunned, I watched as he approached, illuminated by my headlights.

Clearing the front passenger window, he peered in, cupping his hands around his eyes. “Is everyone all right?” he called. 

“Yes!” I said, my hands trembling so hard I almost couldn’t roll down the window. As I did, he came to the side of the car and said only, “You’re fine. Just keep going forward. You’re headed in the right direction.”

Trusting what he told me, I began to creep forward, gripping the wheel as I passed his truck. As he waved from the driver’s seat, motioning me along, I felt a surge of confidence. We were going to make it, I knew, and a moment later, I was surprised to see our exit ramp so much closer than I’d even realized. 

For the rest of the drive, visibility was better, and as I pulled into the driveway, I felt flooded with relief. Seeing me arrive home, my neighbor wished me “Merry Christmas,” and handed me some hot chocolate. As I thanked her and took a sip, I shared what had happened, expressing gratitude for the man that ran down the highway.

Just then, Michael tapped me on the leg.

“Mama, there was no man,” he whispered.

“Of course there was, honey!” I said. “He came down the highway and cleaned off the window on your side of the car, telling us what direction to go. Remember?” 

“Mama, there was no man,” he repeated.

How could it be that Michael didn’t remember? I wondered. And all at once, I felt a chill run up my spine. Oh my goodness! I realized. That man had come the moment after I’d asked for help, in response to my prayer. And I knew then that he was our Christmas angel!

“He certainly was an angel who saved them and their Christmas!” says Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, of “Angels often appear in temporary human form to save our lives, as this angel did for Casey.

“Casey’s prayers and her son’s faith were answered by an angel who appeared and took charge of the situation. The fact that this man was running down a snowy highway, that Casey’s son didn’t see or hear him, and that the angelic man told Casey exactly what she needed to hear, shows his angelic true identity.

“The angels say, ‘We do whatever we can to help keep you safe and protected—during the holidays, and always!’”

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