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Aries and Aquarius Compatibility: Are They a Good Match in Love and Friendship?

This pair is fearless, free-spirited, and always up for an adventure.


Are you a fiery Aries with your eye on an independent Aquarius? Or perhaps you’re an Aquarius looking to befriend an Aries. Whether you’re searching for friendship or hoping for romance, you’re clearly wondering about Aries and Aquarius compatibility — and you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the compatibility between these two zodiac signs and to determine whether a passionate Ram and a progressive Water Bearer are meant to be. (Click through to read your horoscope for this week)

The Signs at a Glance

Before we dive into all things Aries-Aquarius, let’s first dig into each sign individually to uncover their unique traits and qualities. 

Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

In astrology, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and governs the period between March 21st and April 19th. Associated with initiation, courage, boldness, spontaneity, and inspiration, the symbol used to illustrate Aries is a Ram that breaks down an opponent’s defenses with strength and persistence. Here are some quick facts about the zodiac sign in question:

  • Element: Fire
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Color: Orange, Yellow, White
  • Quality: Cardinal Sign
  • Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Famous Personalities: Reese Witherspoon, Elton John, Fergie, Mariah Carey

Just like their fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, those born under the sign of Aries are extremely motivated, fiercely passionate, and incredibly confident. They make great leaders due to being full of determination and prowess to build and protect communities. However, like all fire signs, Aries are also usually impatient, aggressive, and hot-headed. Aries are ruled by Mars, and the red planet gives this sign their intensity. In fact, this is what propels the celestial ram to be the leader of the pack. As a planet of drive, sex, energy, and determination, Mars provides Aries with the courage to be a warrior who fights to create the life that they’ve always envisioned. (Click through to read more on Aries Women: Personality Traits and Characteristics and Aries Zodiac Sign Personality Traits & Characteristics

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th) 

In astrology, Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign and governs the period between January 20th and February 18th. Represented by the water bearer — the mystical healer who bestows water, wisdom, or life upon the land — the sign of Aquarius is forward-looking and growth-oriented. Here are a few quick facts about the zodiac sign in question:

  • Element: Air
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Color: Blue, Silvers
  • Quality: Fixed Sign
  • Ruling Planet: Uranus and Saturn
  • Famous Personalities: Harry Styles, Oprah Winfrey, Shakira, Alicia Keys

As the last air sign in the zodiac wheel (following Gemini and Libra), those born under the sign of Aquarius are intellectual, curious, deeply social, and extremely passionate about interpersonal dynamics. These celestial beings are very concerned with equality and individual freedom. Due to being ruled by Uranus, the planet of liberation and freedom, Aquarians tend to have an eccentric and individualistic attitude and demeanor. Uranus is an intellectual, not emotional planet, which is why the cosmic water bearer is often deeply involved in thoughts, ideas, and philosophies. Aquarians are able to take their unique visions and find a way to implement them in ways that’ll benefit both themselves and the world. (Click through to read more on  Aquarius Zodiac Sign Personality Traits and Characteristics)

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

At first glance, fiery and passionate Aries might seem like a strange match for rational and independent Aquarius. Still, these two completely different zodiac signs can come together to create a dynamic that works, both in terms of marriage compatibility and friendship. The cardinal fire sign adds a beautiful stamina that sparks purity and warmth in the relationship. By contrast, the fixed air sign will supply endless ideas, a colorful imagination, and even new inventions that’ll ultimately push the Aries beyond their limits. As a result, this duo will be able to discover new territories that other signs may have never been able to guide them towards.

Aries and Aquarius in Friendship

When it comes to friendship, the celestial ram and cosmic water bearer make a compatible match. Above all, these two signs value honesty, loyalty, and authenticity. They’re both pretty social and enjoy being around friends and in social settings. Aries is always up for doing something wild, and Aquarius is always down to try new experiences. As a result, there’s never a dull moment between them. 

Another perk is that both signs greatly appreciate their independence. In fact, it’s not uncommon for these two besties to disappear for a few months to do their own thing, only to come back together and pick up right where they left off. The two zodiac signs will always support each other — but they also won’t be afraid to criticize their friend when necessary. 

When it comes to friendship compatibility, an Aries and Aquarius make fabulous partners-in-crime. Neither sign cares what others think of them, so they’ll crash parties hand-in-hand, set up a new company together, or even go skinny dipping at the beach just because they feel like it. In short, when Aries and Aquarius pal around together, you can almost always count on it being a good time. 

Aries and Aquarius: Love Compatibility

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: a breakdown of Aries and Aquarius love compatibility. On the surface, the impulsive fire sign and the intelligent air sign may not seem like a compatible couple. But air fuels fire — and so this pairing just works

Both Aries and Aquarius are masculine signs and have a great amount of energy, stamina, and stubbornness. In a relationship, they trust each other immensely, which allows them to develop a warm, wholesome connection simply because they both understand that there’s no reason to lie. The fiery ram provides the partnership with energy and passion, and the cool, calm, and collected water bearer provides it with new ideas and a widened perspective. 

Potential Problem Areas

There will be lots of playful humor, enthusiasm, and sexual chemistry in an Aries-Aquarius relationship. Still, both zodiac signs tend to struggle with expressing emotion and being vulnerable enough to give or receive gestures of tenderness. If neither sign is willing to open up, it could eventually lead this love match to its doom.  

To help an Aries-Aquarius relationship thrive, both partners need to put in the work. Communication is key, as well as patience and understanding. When you bring two individuals together with different personalities, opinions, aspirations, and dreams, there are bound to be some obstacles or hurdles along the way to relationship nirvana. The trick is being able to identify these bumps sooner rather than later, and talk them through before they turn into mountains. 

Written in the Stars

So, can an Aries-Aquarius relationship work? Your daily horoscope says: yes. Whether you’re an Aries woman seeking an Aquarius man or an Aquarius woman hoping to befriend an Aries man, you can rest easy knowing that you’re on the hunt for a match made in zodiac heaven. 

On paper, an Aries-Aquarius relationship may not seem like one that can work — but there’s a reason that relationships are formed in real life, not on the page! These two are both creative signs who share a need for stimulation and challenge in their lives. The celestial ram is attracted to the water bearer’s vision, while the air sign admires the fire sign’s enthusiasm for life. Both Aries and Aquarius delight in having a dynamic social life and enjoy experimenting with new things. This pair is fearless, free-spirited, and always up for an adventure — but most importantly, trust is always at the forefront of the relationship, so neither one has to worry about being lied to. The stars agree: you can bet on this couple.  

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