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Leo and Aries Compatibility: Are They a Good Match in Love and Friendship?

If these two can make it past the first few fights, it basically signals wedding bells for the couple.


Are you a Leo hoping to get the scoop on your new Aries co-worker? Or maybe you’re a feisty Aries trying to figure out if your budding relationship with a Leo is going to work out in the long run. Whatever the case may be, you have questions about Leo and Aries in love and friendship — and we’ve got the answers. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Leo and Aries compatibility.

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All About Leos

Before we dive into the compatibility between these two fire signs, let’s get to know them a little bit better. If you’re an Aries woman or man, you might not know much about your Leo counterpart just yet. Let’s dig into the king of the jungle. First, you should know that Leos (people born between July 23 and August 22) are represented by a lion — and perhaps no zodiac symbol has ever been so appropriate. These fire element signs truly take charge and own every room they walk into. Leo women and men are famous for craving the spotlight; a stereotype, but it generally happens to be true. Leos tend to be extroverted, theatrical, and passionate about what they believe in.

But unlike some other signs (cough, cough: water signs), all of this energy doesn’t make them moody and mercurial — quite the opposite, in fact. Leos are governed by the sun, meaning they’re dazzling and perky almost 24/7. The sun never experiences a retrograde, and neither do Leos — if there’s one thing you can expect from them, it’s consistency. While this energy often expresses itself in optimism, during hard times, it more closely resembles strength. Leos are tough and resilient, refusing to let someone else rain on their parade; just like a lion, they won’t back down from a challenge. They’ll go to the mat again and again to protect the people and values they care about. (Click through to read more on Leo Women: Personality Traits & Characteristics and Leo Zodiac Sign Personality Traits & Characteristics)

All About Aries

Okay, we’ve discussed Leos — what about Aries? After all, it takes two to tango! Like Leo, Aries men and women (born between March 21 and April 19) are fire signs, meaning there’s an innate understanding between these two. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and that pretty much matches the energy of these spring birthdays: They like to dive into everything they do and aren’t afraid of going first. Aries are represented by a Ram — and just like the ram, they’ll charge ahead into whatever they have planned, rain or shine. This can make them a bit bull-headed and self-centered at times (similar to a Scorpio or Pisces), but it also makes them fairly uncomplicated. Don’t expect Aries to play games with you — they’ll tell you what’s on their mind. No hidden messages here! Aries are blunt, sometimes to a fault. This also makes them open and honest, a quality to be admired. 

Aries are ruled by the planet Mars, the Roman god of war, and this could not be more apt. Although Aries are most often playful and optimistic, they can have a bit of a temper. Aries isn’t afraid to charge ahead for what they want or get in a fight over what they believe in. If you’re ever in a fight with an Aries, I’d strongly recommend backing off or giving them some space — their temper will dissipate fairly quickly. Still, before it does, you definitely don’t want to be within their (metaphorical, of course) striking range. They aren’t always angry, but when they do have steam to blow off, they mean it. It’s best to let them vent and get that energy out before moving in with a solution or helpful change in conversation.  (Click through to read more on Aries Women: Personality Traits and Characteristics and Aries Zodiac Sign Personality Traits & Characteristics)

Aries and Leo: Love Compatibility

As we’ve already explained, both Leo and Aries are fire signs. That means they have a strong foundation for the sort of mutual respect and understanding that leads to a perfect love match. They tend to approach situations and problems the same way, which can lead to a quick connection — picture an early relationship full of those “Wow, that’s exactly what I was thinking!” moments. This can also make them great problem-solvers and communicators together. They’ll instantly intuit each other’s line of thought and instincts when approaching any situation, whether it’s a problem at work, a flat tire on the highway, or even something as intimate as a troublesome ex trying to meddle in their new relationship.

Possible Pain Points

The downside of this union is that it’s easy for Leo and Aries to bash heads when they don’t agree right off the bat, which can lead to grudges and hinder their love life from developing. When you’re so used to your partner thinking the same way as you and agreeing to everything you suggest, it can be doubly hard to navigate disagreements — especially when you’re as stubborn and fiery as both Leo and Aries! All of this means it might be smooth sailing for a while, but once Leo man and Aries woman (or another combination) get into their first real fight, it’s likely to be a blowout. Leo won’t understand why Aries doesn’t yield to their suggestions, while Aries will be too impatient trying to get to the end result to hash out the discussion.

This can be frustrating and might even spell death for the relationship. However, if these two make it past the first few fights and figure out a style of communication that works well in times of disagreement, it basically signals wedding bells for the couple. Leo and Aries are so stubborn and passionate that once they figure out how to make it through tough times, no obstacle can keep them apart.

Aries and Leo Friendship Compatibility

Many of the same elements that allow Leo and Aries to hit it off so well in romance also make them potentially great friends. Because they both tend to be passionate, dynamic leaders, they understand each other’s motivations and desires in more than just a superficial way. While Aries can occasionally be volatile and temperamental, Leos won’t let anything ruin their moment in the sun — meaning that these two can often balance each other out in different situations. 

For instance, let’s say Leo gets scammed by someone trying to steal their credit card information. They might be too mild-mannered to fight back and try to seek justice against the con artist, but you can bet your bottom dollar that their Aries bestie will! Whenever you need someone to be tough, defend their friends, or meet fire with fire, an Aries will have your back.

On the flip side of that, when something goes wrong — maybe you’ve gotten lost in a foreign city together, or a deal fell through at work — an Aries may not be able to keep their cool, but you can bet a Leo will. While Aries is letting their temper run the show, Leos will calmly put together a solution, and by the time they do, their Aries bestie will likely have cooled off. (The sun doesn’t experience retrograde, remember? Leos tend to be more even-keeled because of this.) In this way, as well as others, Leos and Aries counterbalance each other very well in friendship. They might be very similar — both incredibly stubborn, fiery, and passionate — but they have their differences too, which very often end up adding an element of strength to the relationship. 

Aries and Leo as Co-Workers

Okay, maybe you aren’t necessarily trying to become friends with this person or fall in love with them — you just want to get along well in the office. What are some important things to know about this duo to ensure easy collaboration? As we’ve discussed, Leo and Aries are both bold and energetic leaders who like to have things done their way. This can occasionally lead to butting heads and differences in opinion in the workplace, especially if both signs are in leadership roles. 

Ultimately — as is the case with almost any difference between two signs — the solution boils down to communication. It’s important for reckless Aries to take a deep breath, slow their temper, and do their best to pay attention to what Leo is saying. Remember that it’s okay to compromise sometimes and not let your temper get in the way of the best solution. Similarly, Leo must put aside their desire to be at the center of attention, take a backseat, and listen to what their Aries counterpart has to say. They might be pleasantly surprised by the teamwork that follows. It’s all about compromise — learning to slow down and listen to the other person rather than letting your feisty and aggressive tendencies forestall any chance of successful teamwork. 

Aries and Leo: A Final Word

No matter how much we learn about the different zodiac signs and their compatibilities (and trust me, you can never learn too much), everyone is slightly different. Although there are certain themes and rules of thumb that we can use to understand each other, not every Aries will have a quick temper, and not every Leo will crave the spotlight — it’s just the nature of being human that we’re all a little bit different. So, it’s important not to let your preconceived notions of who an Aries or Leo is get in the way of forming a potentially wonderful and exciting new bond. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the details of the zodiac — sun signs, cardinal signs, the details of your natal chart — and forget that at the end of the day, what truly matters is how kind a person is, and how they make you feel. That’s your daily horoscope right there: follow your heart.

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