How to Organize Your Bedroom for a Happier Marriage

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Who doesn't want to ensure their marriage is happy? Paying attention to how to organize your bedroom just might be the ticket to making yours better, believe it or not. After all, of all the places in your house, where you lay your head at night is arguably the most important one. So, how can you tell if your bedroom is giving off good matrimonial vibes--or if it's throwing off your relationship karma?

According to one feng shui expert, there's a simple mistake that many couples make when it comes to organizing the layout of their bedrooms, and it all has to do with that comfy spot where you sleep. Expert Laura Cerrano revealed to My Domaine that the way you mistakenly place your bed could wreak havoc on your sleeping habits, and therefore your mood--and in turn, on your overall health.

So what's the big no-no for bed placement? Pushing your bed against a wall--or having unequal space on each side of the bed. The same amount of space on each side of the bed, in fact, is crucial.

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"This is symbolic of creating equal space for both you and your partner," Cerrano said, accoring to the Daily Mail. "Besides that, having two side tables and lamps is a great go-to general recommendation, because it relates to balance."

It's an interesting theory! And what if you don't have the room in your home for equal spacing on either side of the bed? Even an inch of space will help, Cerrano said.

One more easy tip for how to organize your bedroom so that it's feng shui-safe (and relationship-friendly, for that matter)--make note of where the doorways are. Try to be sure you have a view of the bedroom door from your bed, but aren't fully in alignment with it.

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"This allows the occupant to literally, energetically, and metaphorically see and feel who and what opportunities are approaching their life," she said.

Hmmm. Not sure we're ready to buy into all of that! But we do like the idea of creating a visually equal space for each spouse. What could be more important to a happy marriage than equality--and good sleep? And, don't forget another important benefit: Making the bed will be that much easier!

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