Extraordinary Woman Delivers Her Premature Baby Still in the Amniotic Sac


Warning: This post contains an image some may consider graphic.

An amniotic sac birth story never fails to be an astounding one, especially since the rare phenomenon only happens with one in 80,000 births. But this amniotic sac birth is truly one for the books — and it has an adorable ending.

Mom Raelin Scurry thought she was just having Braxton Hicks pregnancy contractions on Aug. 5, especially since she was only 29 weeks along. But after 45 minutes of pain, she decided to head to the hospital just in case. And as it turned out, her newborn had other plans.

“The contractions continued to get closer together and more intense and before I knew it I knew it was time to push,” Scurry said.

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Terrified, she called 911, but the responders could not understand her in between screams, so she handed the phone over to her fiancé, Ean. But nothing could prepare her for what happened next, right there in her car.

“I pulled my pants off and reached down, sure enough his head was right there,” she said. “I pushed one time and my miracle baby was here. When I looked down I realized he was still completely wrapped in the amniotic sac.”

Scurry and her fiancé figured they could get to the hospital quicker than it would take for responders to get to them. And so they drove, with their bundle of joy still wrapped up in the sac.

“At first the baby was still and all I could do was pray he would be okay,” Scurry said. “And then I rubbed his face with my thumb and he pulled his little hands and feet up to his face as if he understood my prayers and wanted to reassure us he was okay.”

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Within minutes, the couple had arrived and staff quickly rushed over to open the amniotic sac and help the tiny 3-pound, 1-ounce cutie to breathe.

Thankfully, the adorable baby not only survived, but is recovering marvelously considering his dramatic entrance into this world.

“[He’s] doing wonderful all things considered,” Scurry said. “I know he’s going to be an awesome little man! He is truly a miracle​ baby. We are so blessed to be his parents.”

Congratulations to this miraculous family!


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