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12 Things You Need to Get Your 2017 Off to the Very Best Start


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New year, new attitude! Now that 2017 is underway, it’s time to really buckle down on your New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’ve made a promise to focus on your physical wellbeing, financial health, or personal relationships, there’s one thing you need to have before you can accomplish anything — a positive attitude.

Studies show that being optimistic is good for your health and can reduce stress, as well as improve your quality of life. Of course, maintaining an upbeat outlook is easier said than done, which is why we’re here to help!

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Positive affirmations have proven to be large contributing factors for happiness, and those who surround themselves with uplifting quotes tend to look on the bright side more often than not. Knowing this, we found some of the best inspirational gifts you can buy yourself in preparation for the most outstanding year of your life.

Scroll down to see all the products that will help get your 2017 off to the very best start.

1. Inspiration Quote Box | $11.95

Inspirational Quotes

Kick off the new year with an inspirational message every morning that will set the tone for your entire day! This keepsake box has over 80 cards that boast encouraging quotes like “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself,” “Life is art, paint your dreams,” and “A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.”


2. ‘Take What You Need’ Wooden Box and Inspirational Coins | $24.94

Inspirational Jar

This “Take What You Need” wooden box is perfect to have right by the door before you head out. Have a hard day ahead of you? Grab a lucky ‘strength’ coin — or better yet, just go for the ‘luck.’ Surrounding yourself with these reinforcements will help cultivate a positive mindset for the year.


3. Pomeroy Faith Reed Diffuser | $24.95

Inspirational Incense

Replace your boring air fresheners with this gorgeous ceramic reed diffuser that will help remind you of what’s really important in life. With a “faith” charm and a beautiful cross pendant tied around the neck, this teakwood scented diffuser is the perfect decor to add to your home for a year of positivity and gratitude.


4. Inspiring Quotes on 30 Single Serve Coffee Variety Cups | $31.99

Inspirational Coffee

Positive thinking is the name of the game this year, and what better way to achieve that than with daily affirmations… on your coffee! This keepsake wooden box comes with a variety of individual K-cups that say things like “If you stumble, make it part of the dance,” “Never, never, never give up,” “Falling down is part of life. Getting back up is part of living,” and “Do what is right, not what is easy.” It’s the best gift you can give yourself in 2017!


5. Spiritual Quote Mug | $12.95

Inspirational Mug

Pour your inspirational coffee into a mug that’s just as meaningful to you. This “Faith moves mountains” cup will help start your mornings off with the right mindset.


6. ‘Faith in Your Heart’ Poster Print | $14.99

Inspirational Quote 2

Nothing is more important than keeping faith, especially during trying times. Remind yourself of that this year with a beautiful print right by your bedside table. Wake up each morning reading the words “Begin each day with faith in your heart.”


7. Inspirational Pen Set | $15.00

Inspirational Pens

The inspiration doesn’t stop when you leave your house! Put these pens in your purse and get a pleasant reminder to “Do great things” or “Take the leap” each time you need to write something down. Plus, you can make someone else’s day by lending them your pen — you never know who’s in need of some inspiration!


8. Gold Foil and Floral Watercolor | $17.99

Inspiration Quote

Remind yourself to be grateful, no matter the circumstances, with this beautiful floral watercolor that boasts the words “My cup overflows with your blessings” in gold foil. It’s all too easy to focus on the bad stuff happening in life, and this gorgeous frame will remind you of how many blessings surround you.


9. The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration | $10.19

Inspirational Journal

Love creating lists? Than this journal is a must have! Once a week, for the entire year, this book prompts you to make a list that will help brighten your life. From jotting down things that always cheer you up (and then circling those that you can do for yourself) to listing the people who you cherish the most, this book will help you stay on track in 2017.


10. Chic Floral Doormat | $31.27

Inspirational Doormat

Remind yourself, and all your house guests, to “be amazing today” with this beautiful floral doormat. Plus, with non-slip rubber that resists fading and mildew, and sublimation printing that prevents color fading, this new addition to your house will last all year long.


11. Inspirational Women’s Socks | $11.99

Inspirational Socks

There’s no such thing as too many positive affirmations, which is why we love these inspirational “She believed she could, so she did” socks. Plus, they offer even more quotes and colors like “Be amazing, believe and achieve” and “Courage, strength, resolve, carry on.”


12. ‘Faith in God Includes Faith in His Timing’ Burlap Pillow | $11.99

Inspirational Pillow

Let’s face it, life doesn’t always go as planned, and it’s easy to get down in the face of hardships. This pillow will remind you that “Faith in God includes faith in His timing.”


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