Woman With Rare Blood Type Was Desperate for a Kidney, So She Placed a Note on Her Car — And a Hero Answered


It’s easy to miss the little things when we’re stuck in our daily routines. Sometimes it takes a twist of fate to make us notice what’s right in front of us. Just ask Susan Fox, a woman who was in the parking lot of a California Costco when a force she calls the “Holy Spirit” made her take note of a small message that would go on to change lives.

“I kept walking and as I got closer to my car, I can only explain it as this wind, this really strong wind rushed through my body and actually physically made me turn around,” Fox told a local news station. What she saw was a sticker attached to a car’s rear windshield that read “I need a kidney (B-).” The message, which had been on the car since late 2017, was the work of a San Diego woman named Teri Sampson, who was suffering from a rare genetic blood condition that caused both her kidneys to fail. “And at that point, I then noticed the blood type B negative,” Fox continued. “I hadn’t noticed that before. And I thought, wow, that’s my blood type, and that’s unusual.”

Sampson was having difficulty finding a donor because of her uncommon B negative blood type. Only two percent of people in the world could be a match. Desperate to unplug herself from the dialysis machine, Sampson had placed the adhesive to spread the word. Two months after the sticker went up, Sampson received a call that a donor kidney had been found: Susan Fox. “It was absolutely desperate measures because I didn’t know what else to do,” Sampson told Fox5. “I didn’t really think it was going to make a difference, and it’s what changed it all.”

For almost a year, Sampson and Fox prepared for the transplant without ever meeting each other. “This total stranger that I don’t know is going to save my life, and I mean, how wonderful is that?” Sampson said at the time. “It’s huge. If I can meet them and tell them how much their selfless gesture has completely restored my faith in all humanity — it’s the most beautiful thing ever.”

Earlier this month, Sampson finally received her kidney — and she met Fox for the first time. “You know, I’ve tried for the last six months to write a letter to her, to explain the gratitude. I start crying, I can’t get past the first line,” Sampson said tearfully from her hospital bed. After the surgery, Fox sat by the woman to whom she’d just given the gift of a kidney and fought back tears. “I’m just very humbled by what God started and what he’s finishing,” Fox said. “I just wish her the best with her life — that she’s healthy and well.”

How do you say thank you to someone that you don't know ….that is giving you life?!?!? The same way I asked for the help THANK YOU!!!!!

Posted by Teri Sampson on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Sampson says she’ll never know how to show Fox her full appreciation, though she recently found a small way to do it. “I put a new sign on my car that says, ‘I love my kidney donor and thank you.’ She’s so sweet. I mean how do you thank someone for saving your life for giving you a future, giving you a part of them?”

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