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The Verdict Is In: You Can Make Cash as a Mock Juror Without Leaving Your Home

Most of us groan when we see a jury summons appear in our mailbox. The idea of spending all day sitting around a bleak courtroom waiting to hear if your name will get called isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Sure, you might occasionally land on an interesting case that makes you feel like you’re in a thrilling movie about justice. It’s obviously important that we all take our civic duty seriously, but it does tend to be incredibly time consuming.

That said, did you know you can actually make money as a fake juror? Attorneys often hire mock jurors to help them get a better feel for how their cases will stack up before going to court. You can register on Sign up Direct to appear in person to really cash in with at least $100 for a full day as a mock juror, but some websites offer money from the comfort of your own home. The dollar amount goes down when you stay at home, but it’s still extra cash in your pocket. Take a look to see how your verdicts can become cold hard cash.

Online Verdict

Online Verdict is the most lucrative online option with the ability to earn between $20 and $60 per case, depending on how much time they take to review. Some cases last up to an hour for you to complete your response, and they stress how important it is to be as forthcoming as possible. “There are no right or wrong answers,” the company explains. “Attorneys benefit most from your honest reaction to the information that was presented to you.” 

The registration process is relatively painless. You’ll just have to provide a few details about yourself, covering information like where you’re located and your political affiliation. Once you start being selected for cases and submit your reviews, you’ll get a check in the mail on a monthly basis.


The amount of money you can earn drops significantly with eJury, which offers $5 to $10 per case (though even that can add up to a sizable amount of extra money in your wallet). The company even acknowledges this on their website: “You certainly won’t get rich serving as an eJuror, but just one case a week would probably pay for your Internet access.” Plus, the money is distributed by PayPal, so you won’t have to wait on a check to get your cash. 

The lower price is likely because eJury gathers at least 50 people to review each case brought to them by an attorney. According to the company, “This provides the attorney with a tremendous amount of feedback to establish a settlement value, find strengths and weaknesses in the evidence, learn public attitudes, improve jury selection, and discover the most effective arguments.” 


JuryTest allows you to see how much money you will earn from a case before accepting it, ranging anywhere between $5 and $50. The registration form is the quickest to complete of the three, covering only basic contact information. As for the payment delivery, the company is flexible with both mailed checks or PayPal. Their website explains, “We want to make this as quick and easy for you as possible.” You can also take a look at a sample case on their website to get an idea of the process before signing up. 

The company claims to work with the country’s largest employers, insurers, and health systems to help identify case strengths and weaknesses, improve trial strategy and jury selection, and leverage better settlement outcomes.

Now you’re all set to sign up and start earning extra money as a mock juror! Who knows, maybe you’ll be selected to review a famous celebrity case or well-known business. Either way, you’ll be getting some extra spending money out of it.

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