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How Nailboo Plans To Become the #1 Nail Brand in the World

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Every now and then a product comes around that disrupts our beauty routine in the best way.

The advent of press on nails was a key moment in the industry. You may remember their rise to fame in the 80s. More recently, stick-on nails made waves by ditching the glue and hitting shelves of drugstores in the 2000s. Some even came directly as stickers for a more natural look (although we know the aughts were all about the acrylics).

With the dip nail look exploding across salons in recent years, there seems to be a need for an at-home alternative. Plus, it can be difficult to find salon-quality gel nails that can be applied in the comfort of your home. These limitations can be really frustrating, especially if you don’t have the time or money to find a great manicurist.

This is where Nailboo comes in: This revolutionary at-home nail line is transforming the nail game, one coat at a time.

Their expansive line of nail products includes both dip and gel, along with press-on acrylics and all of the tools you need for the perfect spa treatment, too. Here are just a few reasons to check out this dip nail game-changer.

“Our goal at Nailboo has always been to become the number 1 provider of salon quality nails from home at a fraction of the cost. We are the leaders in dip powder and quickly expanding our assortment to support all needs a Nailboo customer may have whether it be nail polish, gel polish, press-ons, LED gel strips, nail care, essentials etc. We strive to be the nail brand for the next generation” – Razvan Romanescu

If you’re ready to check out the difference for yourself, head over to Nailboo’s website today.

Why Dip Is Worth Your Consideration

Despite the incredible selection at Nailboo, we know that you’re probably the most intrigued by their dip offerings like we were. If you’re unfamiliar with a dip manicure, let’s break down the basics.

Gentler Than Acrylics

These nails are lauded by nail artists because they are much stronger than your average polish or set of acrylics. Rather than binding to your natural nail with the rough adhesion of acrylic powder and nail gel, they are applied by first coating your nail in primer.

Once primed, your nails are placed into the dip pot of whatever color you desire.

The dip nail is then built up in layers instead of being tightly stuck to your natural nail. While it’s made to last and strong enough to resist most everyday scratches and pressure, it isn’t as abrasive to the nail underneath. A top coat locks the layers in and activates them.

When you stick with dip, you’re less likely to cause permanent damage to your nail beds and nail plates. They aren’t as prone to cracks and general wear and tear like regular acrylics. If you’ve had your nails done for years, you probably know the pain that comes with acrylic breakage and removal. Sign us up to avoid it!

Safer Alternatives

If you have concerns about UV rays during your gel manicures, dip nails could be the answer you’re looking for.

While manicurists are trained to use UV gel lights at minimal amounts of time and under strict safety guidelines, we understand there can also be some hesitancy. Limit your exposure by ditching the gel altogether for a similarly long-lasting look.

Speaking of outlasting the competition, typical dip powder manicures are given a lifespan of about three to four weeks. When you use the Nailboo dip powder kit, you’re all set for an average wear of six full weeks!

Don’t just take our word for it … try Nailboo today!

Ditch the Salon

You can certainly go down to your local salon and try on their dip powder for size. However, we’re willing to bet that investing in a Nailboo dip powder kit is not only a much better investment but a far less painful process altogether.

The iconic kit, which has become a favorite with everyone from influencers (hello, Paris Hilton!) to nail techs, is priced out at just around $2 per manicure. It comes with the Nailboo Essential Liquids (your primer coat and activator coat), powders in your choice of colors, build powder for extra strength, a powder brush, a multi-use nail file, and a cuticle tool.

Flexibility and Convenience

The best part of transitioning to at-home manicures is that you don’t have to worry about scheduling. We know how hectic our lives can get, especially when you’re balancing work and family life.

Clearing out a weekend appointment for your nails often feels far more stressful than relaxing — and that’s the point of the trip anyway, right?

We all saw firsthand how life can be disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic. With nail salons shut down and slow to open, we were forced to figure out ways around restrictions and keep ourselves polished.

News outlets like the LA Times were providing readers with tutorials. Nailboo guarantees you’ll never feel left to fend for yourself again, making easy to use and easy to understand products.

With Nailboo, your next manicure is at your fingertips. Literally. Plus, you don’t have to worry about missing a fill or having your favorite nail tech all booked up. Take matters into your own hands, and you’ll always look put together.


Any way you can cut some corners with expenses is a big help. Saving that extra tip and tax money on your manicures by doing them at home is a must. Nailboo offers affordable bundles to help you budget even more.

As we stated above, Nailboo dip powder kits come out to roughly $2 per manicure. Bustle estimates that a professional salon manicure costs about $45, which we’d say is a fairly conservative number.

Nailboo agrees, citing $60 as the average for a dip manicure at a salon in the U.S. When you buy products in bulk, you’re exercising some serious cost-effectiveness.

Also, this company is truly all about accessibility. You can choose from basic, gold, or platinum options to reveal special discounts and gifts like the Pro Soak Removal Bundle and Spa Collection. You can also use ShopPay for additional wiggle room, paying off the kit in easy installments without interest.

Diverse Options

Not a fan of dip powder nails? If we haven’t convinced you yet, Nailboo has plenty of other no-fuss options for your at-home manicure.

Press-On Packs

Check out the wide variety of Nailboo reusable press-ons. There’s a style for every occasion, from everyday wear to formal or fancy. These aren’t your average drugstore press ons. Choose from a plethora of sizes, shapes, and feels without having to compromise functionality (or having to worry they’ll pop off when you work).

Application is a breeze, and all you need to do for removal is place your nails in water. The press ons will instantly detach, ready for reapplication at a later date and perfectly preserved. It’s the purchase that keeps on giving.

Polish, Polish, Polish

There is something to be said for the classics. If you’re looking for a basic nail polish, look elsewhere — Nailboo always adds in something special.

Their gel max gloss polishes are also available in a wide array of hues without the need for UV rays. That’s right; we’ve finally found a gel that doesn’t expose you to radiation!

If you’re skeptical about the lifespan of the polish without the help of UV, allow us to put your mind at ease. Nailboo is on the cutting edge of gel advancements, including a “twofold plasticizer” which keeps the polish pliable on the nail yet strong enough to combat and breakage.

The best part? You can bundle them together for a 25% savings if you purchase four or more shades.

Join a Community

One of our favorite bonuses to purchasing a Nailboo kit or product is that you receive access to an incredible nail-loving community. Nailboo hosts forums for over 70,000 polish enthusiasts to sound off and share their best tips and tricks. It also features over 30 curated tutorials for their products, so you’re never left to figure out an application alone.

Push the Movement

Consumers are taking notice of Nailboo’s success rate, and the proof is in the numbers. Over 550,000 customers agree, Nailboo is their at-home manicure of choice. With love from Cosmopolitan, Pop Sugar, Byrdie, Elle, and Forbes, we know this wave of success is just the start for this brand.

At-home manicures are definitely taking on a life of their own, and we expect this trend to continue. With more and more adults working from home, it has never been easier to take up a new skill. Who knows, maybe you’re a natural nail artist waiting to be born?

Either way, there’s barely a margin for error with Nailboo.

Where To Shop

Nailboo is proud to have their products available in Walmart, CVS, and Sally Beauty locations across North America. With over 5,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada selling the Nailboo line, we’re running out of excuses not to buy another set today.

You can also ship Nailboo products internationally. However, the convenience of seeing them on the shelves makes purchases a whole lot easier.

Look for the signature black and white kits the next time you go out for an essentials run to be on the cutting edge of a new household name.

Get ahead of the curve, and grab a Nailboo set today!

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