Oreo Mint Hot Chocolate Exists and Our Mouths Are Watering

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As if the announcement about Oreo candy canes wasn't exciting enough, now we have Oreo mint hot chocolate to indulge in this holiday season. And yes, you read that correctly: The Oreo hot chocolate is mint-flavored, just like the second highest-selling Oreo flavor — bested only by the good ol' original.

Exclusively available at 7-Eleven locations for a limited time, Oreo mint hot chocolate sounds like quite the clever concoction. It's crafted so that it tastes just like the popular Oreo mint cookie — in steamy, creamy liquid form. Apparently, hot chocolate has never been available in this specific Oreo flavor before, so it's an exciting twist on a classic taste that the brand knows its customers love.

"Our customer research indicated that mint chocolate was a wanted winter flavor," 7-Eleven's Senior Category Manager Shawn Barnes said in a press release.

Well, we have to say that we do enjoy a nice warm cup of hot cocoa during the cold winter months. And we're certainly no strangers to polishing off a few of those delicious Oreo mint cookies (though to be honest, they're tasty anytime during the year, not just the winter). So we'll be the first to say that we're definitely curious to give this Oreo mint hot chocolate a try.

After all, Oreo is no stranger to coming up with some pretty tasty flavors with the help of other brands. Remember their delicious collaboration with Reese's?

What about you? Will you try Oreo mint hot chocolate the next time you're at 7-Eleven? Or would you prefer to stick to the classic cookies?

Either way, you still get chocolate, which is always a win in our books.

Alternatively, you can make some tasty s'mores hot chocolate in the comfort of your own home:

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