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5 Easy Tips To Organize Your Fridge Fast Ahead of the Holidays


My favorite part of the holidays is all the incredible and indulgent food. I’m always ready for the feasts, but then I stress out when it comes to putting all the food in the fridge before and after. I admit I’m not the most organized when it comes to my fridge and end up stacking things haphazardly when there’s too much food. But this year, I’m determined to be better! If this sounds like you, follow these five tips to organize your fridge fast.

1. Preserve produce with clear containers.

Bags of grapes, apples, and the like aren’t just challenging to store, their packaging often speeds smelly spoilage. “That’s why I wash fresh produce, dry it, and stash it in clear, moisture-proof bins in the middle of the fridge—it’s easy to store, easy to see and easy to eat,” says professional organizer Debra Baida ( “Plus, studies prove that stashing healthier foods in clear view encourages you to eat them.”

2. Keep leftovers in reach with a lazy Susan.

The biggest organization snafu with most fridges? They’re deep, but not wide, says Baida. “And that means items often get lost in the back and go bad before you get a chance to eat them.” To prevent this from happening, simply put a lazy Susan on the back of a shelf. “This way, you just need a quick spin to see everything,” she says. “It’s especially handy for keeping leftovers in your sight line for meal planning.”

3. Free up freezer space with wine box dividers.

Digging through bags of frozen veggies, fruits, and leftovers can be time-consuming and frustrating. “Prevent that mess with dividers,” advises Christina Colas, owner of Abundance Organizing. “Grab an empty wine box or crate inserts from a liquor store—they’re perfect for stacking in the freezer to designate specific ‘cubbies’ for frozen fruit, veggies, meat, and more.”

4. Corral condiments with an egg carton.

To streamline condiment bottles, remove an egg carton’s lid, nestle the bottom into a door shelf, then place the bottles upside down into the wells. “This prevents tipping and catches drips,” says pro organizer Brenda Scott (

5. Stash cups and cans in magazine files.

Yogurts, cans, and other “short” packages can hog real estate on fridge shelves. The fix: Lay magazine files on their sides to create mini “shelves,” and fill with the items. “The files contain foods and cans that might otherwise get lost or topple over,” says Abby Kahn, founder and pro organizer of Abbsolutely Organized.

There you have it! These simple tips require almost no work and will organize your fridge fast. Now you’re ready to tackle the holiday feasts without a worry.

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