Don't Miss P.F. Chang's Free Sushi Deal Today

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P.F. Chang's free sushi deal is here to save dinner if you just can't be bothered to whip up something yourself. Most sushi lovers can attest to the fact that good sushi can get annoyingly expensive, so we'll take free food any day! And fortunately for us, P.F. Chang is bringing back its Free Sushi Day for any diners who want to save money. Keep reading to see how you can score.

How to Get P.F. Chang's Free Sushi

Anyone who dines in on October 26 can choose between one free California roll or spicy tuna roll, according to P.F. Chang's website. The discount is one per person, and all you have to do is mention the deal or show them the offer to be eligible. This promotion extends to all participating P.F. Chang's locations. However, Corte Madera (California), Atlantic City (New Jersey), Brandon (Florida), Rochester Hills (Michigan), Cerritos (California), Hawaii, Puerto Rico, airport locations, and international locations are excluded.

Last year on Free Sushi Day, P.F. Chang's gave away 98,600 California and spicy tuna rolls at their 212 locations. Because of 2016's terrific turnout, P.F. Chang's decided to bring back their deal to "spread the gift of hand-rolled fresh sushi to even more guests across the country."

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But Wait, There's More! Other P.F. Chang's Coupons and Deals

If you are, unfortunately, located near one of the restaurants that are not taking part in the Free Sushi Day festivities, you can still score P.F. Chang's deals. All you have to do is visit their website for an up-to-date list of their current special offers.

Right now, you can earn 15 percent off a catering order of more than $300. This promotion is valid through the end of the year, so why not pitch your boss the idea of a P.F. Chang's catering to boost morale right before the holiday churn?

Take Advantage of P.F. Chang's Happy Hour!

If you need to unwind after your 9 to 5, why not grab a co-worker and enjoy P.F. Chang's happy hour? From Monday through Friday, drinks and food bites are $6 or less until 6 p.m. Bottoms up!

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