Queen Elizabeth II's Astounding Life in Famous Photos

At age 91, Queen Elizabeth II has lived quite a storied, colorful life. The reigning monarch of Great Britain for a whopping 65 years, Queen Elizabeth II has more than cemented her legacy in history--not only in her country, but also the world.

From helping boost her country's morale at the ripe age of 14 during the perils of World War II to comforting mourners after the devastating death of Princess Diana, it's clear this royal has left her mark on more people than we could ever count.

Now that she's made history (for the umpteenth time) being the first reigning monarch of Great Britain to make it to her Sapphire Jubilee--65 years of rule--let's take a second to look back at some of the most powerful moments ups of her monumental life.

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See some of the most famous photos of Queen Elizabeth II below.