Take a Cross-Country Road Trip This Summer in an RV for Only $1 a Day

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Now that summer's in full swing, it's time to finally find that cheap RV rental you've been looking for and take a road trip. Whether flying just isn't your thing, or you prefer the slower, scenic pace of riding in an RV, savvy shoppers can score the deal of the summer: an RV rental for only $1 per day. How can you beat that? (Spoiler: You can't!)

RV rentals can be expensive, but you can arrange one for cheap if your start and end dates are flexible. Rental companies have to pay to transport their vehicles to locations across the country, so they're willing to offer insane deals if you'll do the legwork for them. (Car companies sometimes also offer similar bargains.)

In an article for ThePointsGuys.com, writer Katie Genter details how she managed to get a five-person RV for only $1 a day, as well as a $100 travel allowance and reimbursement for gas. If you can fit in a little sightseeing during your route, your vacation will be practically free.

A deal this good doesn't come without strings attached — so what's the catch? Companies usually won't advertise these deals until a day or two before the start date, so you'll need to be packed and ready to go on pretty short notice. That said, spontaneous trips are sometimes the most fun!

Genter recommends Imoova for US-based drivers. (Imoova is also available to drivers in Australia, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdon, and New Zealand.) If you're not comfortable driving a hulking RV, you can try Transfercar for discounted car relocations. Some RV rental companies like Apollo RV, Cruise America, and Jucy advertise relocation deals right on their website.

If you can convince Mom, bringing along the grandkids is a great way to bond with your little ones this summer. Chances are your kids will be begging you to take them off their hands while they're at work anyway. So why not turn it into a fun family trip?

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