7 'Say Yes to the Dress Facts' Even the Biggest Fan Wouldn't Know

Whether you're married, divorced, single, engaged, or not even remotely interested, it's hard to deny the appeal of curling up on the couch for a few hours and watching episode after episode of TLC's hit show Say Yes to the Dress. Even if you've been happily married for dozens of years, we wouldn't blame you if the sight of all those beautiful wedding gowns makes you want to shimmy back into your own white dress.

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If you're on the hunt for the perfect dress for your own wedding or vow renewal, and you've asked yourself more than once what it takes to get on Say Yes to the Dress, we have some rather shocking news. Appearing on the show is definitely doable—but once you find out what the brides are asked to do, you might not be so enthusiastic!

*Watch the video below to see what we mean. You might find yourself not too keen to say yes to appearing on the show. *

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