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Man Pops Baseball-Sized Pimple That’s Been on His Face Forever [Watch Video]


The Internet is a great and wonderful place… until you visit the Dr. Pimple Popper website. That’s because you can’t unsee things you’ve already seen, and there’s a lot you’d rather not see there. With that said, you’ve been warned: What you’re about to see is probably the grosses and most disturbing pimple-popping experience imaginable.

In a video aptly named “Squeezing Huge Pimple,” an unnamed man in a backwards cap attempts to pop a zit that looks like it’s been there for years. It hurts so bad that he curses at the camera.

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Though it’s utterly cringe-worthy, people are obsessed with the ick factor: The video has garnered more than 50,000 shares, 40,000 comments, and 14 million views. This guy’s ear zit was, quite literally, the talk of the town, and those who saw it had a lot to say.

Some people were fully confused. As one commenter wrote: “So many questions. Why is he popping it so weird? What is stopping him from just getting all that [stuff] out? Why isn’t he aiming his zit toward the sink so that it doesn’t drip all over his face? How did that pimple get so big? Do people wash their face every day?”

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Other commenters tried to relate to the poor guy, like this one who wrote: “I had one of these under my armpit… squeezing it hurts like crazy!” And still others were annoyed that he kept pausing: “I’m that bad that I’m getting frustrated with him cause he keeps stopping to wipe it.”

So, without further ado, and if you’re still interested in watching this video after all of the warnings and disclaimers, here it is: the vilest pimple popping video on earth. Oh, and this goes without saying, but, viewer discretion is highly advised.

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