The 100-Year-Old Wedding Souvenir This Man Found in His Garage Will Shock You

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Ronald Warninger, a 67-year-old man living in Yakima, WA, was cleaning out his garage several weeks ago when he came across an old hatbox. Tucked inside was a wedding souvenir that stunned him--and touched his heart.

Someone did not eat the top of their Wedding Cake

Posted by Barbara Bazala on Friday, December 4, 2015

It was the top of his grandparents' 100-year-old wedding cake, still perfectly preserved from their March 17, 1915 wedding.

“I remember seeing it as a kid in the ’50s and ’60s,” Warninger told [The Yakima Herald](http://www.yakimaherald.com/news/local/piece-of-preserved-wedding-cake-found-years-after-wedding/article3eb43160-91b7-11e5-b98c-6fb20be0d8ca.html)_. “It made it through a couple of world wars and another 70 years.” Decades ago, he remembers his parents packing the cake and tinfoil and telling him not to touch it, but the item had been long forgotten.

The cake still looks almost as it did all those years ago, though the frosting has hardened and the inside seems to have hollowed out. And while Warninger is thrilled to have found the important heirloom, he's also hoping it will continue to stick around.

“Perhaps, I can talk one of our kids into keeping it in that hatbox for another 100 years or so,” he said.

While lots of brides are known to hang onto their cake for sentimental reasons, this is one story that truly takes the... well, you know!

Despite appearances, the guy who found this won’t be taking a bite of his grandparent's cake. But he does have a plan.

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