Researchers Uncover the Top 50 Secrets of a Happy Marriage

Whether you've been married for months or decades, it's quite likely that you already have your own little tips and tricks for sorting out the squabbles and keeping your relationship strong. But now a new study has pinned down the top things that British folks have found to work time and time again for a happy and healthy marriage.

Researchers polled 2,000 happily married Brits and found that alongside honesty and compromise, having two TVs, two cars, two toilets or bathrooms, and at least one night a week away from computers or tablets all helps. Getting along with each other’s friends and family and keeping separate bank accounts also featured high up in the top 50 secrets.

Blissful couples say trust, remembering important dates (like your anniversary) and saying "I love you" often also helps keep a relationship harmonious. This is all backed up by regular cuddles, always kissing each other goodnight and in the morning before you leave the house, along with the occasional romantic gesture, like a restaurant meal out or "date" night.

But extravagant romantic moves and expensive presents don't always pay off, it seems. For less than one in ten of the couples surveyed want the traditional flowers and chocolates, with 29 percent just wanting a little surprise from their partner every now and then.

And to keep the number of "domestics" down? The happy couples surveyed suggested not hogging the remote and having two TVs in the house to avoid any clashes over what to watch on the box.

Here's a full run-down of the the top 50 secrets to a happy marriage. Do you agree? Are there any tips and tricks they've missed off the list?

Trusting each other

Having the same sense of humor

Always being honest with each other

Remembering birthdays and anniversaries

Accepting each other’s faults


Saying "I love you" regularly

Knowing when to say sorry

Being able to laugh at each other

Having a similar outlook on life

Regular hugs and cuddles

Always kissing each other goodnight

The occasional romantic gesture

Considering your partner to be your best friend

Sharing the parenting duties

Always kissing each other goodbye in the mornings

Having some shared hobbies and interests

Always talking about a problem rather than bottling it up

Asking your partner about their day

Regular sex

Having some different hobbies and interests

Knowing when to give each other some space

Never going to sleep on an argument

Regular holidays and mini breaks

Having similar aims and ambitions

Having the odd argument or disagreement

Continuing to make an effort to look nice for your partner

Getting along with each other’s family

Setting aside quality time for each other

Holding hands when you are out and about

Regularly complimenting each other

Having your own friends as well as mutual friends

Two TVs in the house

Getting along with each other’s friends

Each having a car

Still shaving and grooming — making an effort to look good

Each having equal share of the lie-ins (a long stay in bed in the morning) when you have children

Separate bank accounts

Having regular nights out with friends, without your partner

Surprise gifts and presents

Not being friends with any ex-partners on Facebook and other social media sites

A rota (rotation of duties) to divide up the household chores

Regular date nights

Two bathrooms or toilets

Not having one person hogging the remote control

Similar working hours

Knowing each other’s passcode for their phone

A secret stash of cash they know nothing about

Keeping some things private (not going to the toilet in front of each other etc)

A night or two a week where neither of you use your computers or phones

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