Wanda The Neglected Dog Has Been Saved Thanks to Kind People on the Internet

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Warning: This post includes graphic images of animal abuse.

Wanda, the "most neglected dog" vets have ever seen, has been saved by 600 generous strangers through a very successful GoFundMe page. The cocker spaniel, who is assumed to be just 2 or 3 years old, was found in Wisbech, England, three months ago.

Joel Clyne created the GoFund Me Page for Wanda after being called to collect the stray dog from a neighbor's yard. Joel emphasizes in Wanda's story that this was the worst state he had ever received a stray.

"This girl has sarcoptic mange, ulcers in her eyes, entropia in both eyes, hematomas in both ears. I cried all the way to the vets. We are going to raise funds to try and get this girl better."

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Just a few months later, thanks to the help and support of an active caring community, no one can believe how well Wanda is doing.

"Wanda is doing very well. She is still being treated daily for her skin condition, and until this is completely under control, we can address her other issues. But she is feeling a lot better. She is now trotting about and has found the joys of a toy," explained Joel in an update.

Just 12 days after that update, another happy update came.

"We cant believe how much she has improved," said the post. "She has another vet visit this week for her weekly injections for her mange and still has eye drops daily. Once she has had four mange treatments and is all clear, we can look closely at her eye and ear treatments and anything else that needs attention."

Courtesy of Now to Love

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People can be unfathomably cruel, but they can also generous, thoughtful, and kind. One patron summed this up nicely, saying: "I hope this helps. Couldn't go to sleep knowing I didn't give something. Lots of love."

The fundraising page will continue to be updated with news on Wanda's well-being.

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