Bride Gets Photobombed by Smiling Horse at Her Wedding

Tony Bendele Photography

It's usually frowned upon to horse around at a wedding, but this time, we just have to make an exception to the rule. Pennsylvania bride Patty Womer was posing for beautiful wedding photos when the spotlight was stolen by one of her guests — a horse.

(Photo Credit: Tony Bendele Photography)

Sure, Womer's beloved horses, named Dutch and Cricket, were a planned part of the photoshoot on her big day. And yes, she was sitting on their backs for some of the pictures. But no, no one could ever have expected Cricket to actually smile for the cameras. And oh boy, was it ever a big smile!

(Photo Credit: Tony Bendele Photography)

The snapshot, captured by the talented Tony Bendele of Tony Bendele Photography, was a surprise even for the photographer. Bendele, who has taken pictures of animals many times before, told Yahoo! that he had never before seen a horse "doing the smile like that."

“It actually caught my eye initially when we first started doing the photographs," he said. "As the bride was smiling, the horse would look up and put its teeth just like that."

Not surprisingly, it's caught many other people's eyes since then. Is it any wonder the photo went viral after he posted it on his Facebook page?

(Photo Credit: Tony Bendele Photography)

Womer, who says the horses were a present from her beloved late father when she was eight years old, didn't mind that all eyes were on Cricket on the day she got hitched.

“I honestly don’t mind having attention on her instead of me," Womer said. "Dutch and Cricket are such a big part of me, and I will always have a special place in my heart for them.”

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