McDonald's Is Bringing Beloved McRib Sandwich Back


If you're a fan of the elusive McDonald's McRib, get excited because the chain is bringing it back. The beloved boneless pork sandwich is set to return to select locations in early November, and reports have surfaced that it's actually already available in certain locations in at least eight states.

When does McRib come back?

The excitement for the McRib's return began when McDonald's SoCal tweeted that the McRib would be returning on November 2 to its locations in Southern California.

The fast food chain's fans got even more thrilled when McDonald's Hawaii also tweeted that the McRib would be returning to its locations on November 9.

But if you don't live in either of those locations, don't despair. As devotees of McDonald's McRib know, there's a McRib locator on the web that keeps track of locations where the meal has been spotted. (There's even a tool where others can "confirm" that the sighting is indeed legitimate.)

As of October 30, the only confirmed sighting was in the Buffalo, New York area. But by Halloween, the McRib had already been spotted in several other locations, including Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. As November kicks off, it seems like more and more McDonald's locations are following suit.

Which McDonald's have McRib?

Other than locations that advertised the McRib on social media and the locations that were reported on by customers using the McRib locator, it's anyone's guess as to where the sandwich will pop up next. It figures; a major part of what keeps the McRib's loyal following excited is the secrecy about when and where it will be offered.

As for the main McDonald's account, they acknowledged this mystery in a tweet — and gave McRib devotees a helpful tip for good measure.

You heard 'em! If you want a McRib sandwich at your local McDonald's, it's time to speak up.

h/t Business Insider

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