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What Do Moon Signs Mean? Here’s How to Unlock Even More Insight From Your Horoscope

Most of us are familiar with our sun sign when we read our daily or weekly horoscope. It’s the easiest sign in our astrological charts to figure out because it’s only based on what day we happened to be born on. As much fun as it is to read up on what the stars say about our personality and future, you could be missing out on more accurate information your moon sign can provide. 

Think about it: How many times have you been disappointed by your horoscope being incredibly off-base? Obviously, astrology isn’t a strict science (or a science at all), so there’s always wiggle room when it comes to these types of predictions. That said, you might be surprised by how much you relate to what your moon sign has to say. After all, the biggest complaint people have is how broad a spectrum the traditional sun sign is for horoscopes. Most of them overlap into multiple months, and who’s to say that we really have anything in common with someone else just because they were born around the same time? That’s where our moon sign can come in to clear things up.

What Your Moon Sign Says About You

Our moon signs are much, much more specific. In fact, you need to know your exact time of birth in order to figure it out. Once you have that information, you can use handy online chart generators (like the one on Cafe Astrology) to break down your full planetary assessment. It might look a little overwhelming at first, but you really only need to focus on the sun, ascending, and moon signs. You can seek personal advice from an astrology professional if you’d like to unpack all of the information, but just figuring out more about your moon sign will be pretty fulfilling on its own.

Famed astrologist Susan Miller explains on her website how the moon “drives your deepest feelings, the fine-tuning of your character, your instinct and intuition, your emotions, and your reactions.” Our moon also rules our private lives, particularly in our home, according to Miller. She describes the moon as very feminine in nature, so it can have an impact on our close relationships with women, especially our moms, grandmothers, sisters, and even our female bosses.

If you’re wanting to learn from your past, the moon sign is where you should look. It represents our history and emotional development, which can help with our ability to understand our emotional growth better. Fellow astrologist Sharon Ward echoes those sentiments on her website, saying that the moon sign reveals the “innermost part of ourselves.”

For example, a Taurus sun sign lists qualities like stubbornness, creativity, and loyalty. If she has her moon sign in Aquarius, though, the aspects of honesty and unpredictability can balance things out and help her reflect on the areas of her life that have been affected by each sign. Go ahead and get your own chart done to figure out how you can tap into even more insight from the stars with your moon sign!

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