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The 10 Best Viral Summer Nail Designs That Are Guaranteed to Make You Feel Your Absolute Best

From the classic French manicure to the newly viral 3D nails, here are the best nails for you to try this summer

We’re well into the summer months, which means it’s time to kick back, relax and soak in the sun. But in order to look your best, you need to feel your best, and a large part of that is your nails. We have rounded up the 10 most popular summer nail designs on social media right now that are sure to give your fingers a fresh and flirty look this summer thanks to their bright and bold colors.

1. Long nails for summer

Marine design on long oval nails close-up against the sky.

Even though long nails certainly aren’t a new concept, they are a nail design that is perfect for summer. According to the beauty experts at Fresha, “Long nails have emerged as the most popular trend, gaining an impressive 11,287,446 combined views and posts across TikTok and Instagram. From unique designs to vibrant colors, long nails offer endless possibilities for personal expression.”

2. French manicure for summer

Close up manicured womans hands on pink background. Manicure, pedicure spring summer design trends (summer nail designs)
Dariia Chernenko/Getty

What’s that old saying? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it? Well, that is certainly true when it comes to a French manicure.

“The timeless elegance of French manicured nails continues to capture hearts worldwide, with 9,406,341 combined views and posts showing off this iconic style,” says the folks at Fresha. “French nails also rank as the most popular nail trend in the United States, with an average monthly search volume of 205,703, according to Google. This appeal speaks volumes about the iconic charm of French manicures, seamlessly blending sophistication with simplicity.”

3. Short nails for summer

Female hand with orange nail design. Orange nail polish manicure. Female hand on a tropic plant leaf background

Short nails are definitely more practical since a lot of dirt and dust can’t get trapped under them. And experts at Fresha agree! “Embracing minimalism and functionality, short nails have reached 6,338,707 combined social media views and posts, proving that less is indeed more for some,” they explain. “Short nails are the third most popular trend among Americans, with an average monthly search volume of 129,387. Despite dropping in popularity compared to last year, this will be good news for fans of a low-maintenance manicure. “

4. Almond nails for summer

Close up womans hand with summer manicure on blue background. Manicure design trends. Beauty treatment concept (summer nail designs)
Dariia Chernenko/Getty

Almond nails are the perfect blend of short and long, with the folks at Fresha saying, “Known for their flattering shape and versatility, almond nails have gained 4,182,041 combined views and posts on Instagram and TikTok, highlighting the charm of this feminine style.”

5. Square nails for summer

Solar manicure colored varnishes rectangular shaped nails.

Similar to almond nails, square nails are perfect if you are looking for something a little longer than your normal nail but not as long as some acrylics can come.

“With 3,118,309 combined Instagram and TikTok views and posts, square nails make a bold statement with their clean shapes and sharp look,” explains the expert from Fresha. “Their viral presence on social media platforms reflects their appeal among those seeking a chic and modern nail look.”

6. Chrome nails for summer

pink chrome nails (summer nail designs)

Chrome nails are a newer nail trend that can add some subtle dimension to your summer nails. Says Fresha experts: “Adding a touch of edge, chrome nails have a total of 2,750,114 social media views and posts, shimmering their way into the hearts of manicure enthusiasts worldwide.”

“The allure of chrome nails offers a high-shine finish that effortlessly elevates any manicure to red-carpet status”

7. Green nails for summer

Beautiful womans hands with spring summer floral nail design. Trendy green color manicure close-up
Dariia Chernenko/Getty

Despite being known as a Christmas color, green nails are making a splash this summer.
“Green nails have gained 1,736,528 combined views and posts, embracing nature’s hues just in time for summer,” says the Fresha experts.

8. BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) nails for summer

Female hand with beautiful manicure - mint blue nails with sunglasses on green background, closeup, selective focus
Mariia Demchenko/Getty

BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) nails might sound a little odd, but according to the folks at Fresha, they are super versatile and easy to maintain. “Offering durability and flexibility, BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) nails have captured the attention of 1,578,756 combined viewers and posters on Instagram and TikTok, providing a long-lasting solution for flawless manicures,” they explain. “Their [BIAB] strong presence on social media platforms shows their growing popularity among those seeking a healthy and long-lasting manicure option.”

9. Pastel nails for summer

Elegant woman's hand with multi-color pastel manicure on Easter Holiday. Stylish trendy manicure. Woman dressed in fashionable white shirt. Trendy Color of the Year 2022 Very Peri purple violet lavender color background. Luxurious background design. Concept of Easter, Valentine's day. Front view. Copy space. Close-up.
Iryna Veklich/Getty

Pastel nails are perfect for summer thanks to their fun and bright designs! “Embracing soft, muted tones, pastel nails have gained 955,785 combined views and posts, offering a delicate and feminine touch to any manicure,” explain the Fresha experts. “With 13,051 average monthly searches among Americans, pastel nails reflect their timeless appeal and versatility in complementing a wide range of styles and aesthetics.”

10. 3D nails for summer

(summer nail designs) Gentle manicure nail design gel with lacquer butterfly
Oleksandr Smirnov/Getty

Rounding out the summer nail designs list is none other than the newly viral 3D nails. Says the folks are Fresha: “Pushing the boundaries of nail art, 3D nails have amassed 835,654 combined views and posts, showcasing intricate designs that add depth and dimension to any manicure.”

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