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The Royal Family’s Fashion Hacks Help Them Look Camera-Ready, Just Don’t Try Them At Home — Here’s Why

They're not for everybody — or every body.

This Saturday, all eyes will be on the royal family during King Charles’ coronation. This will be the first British coronation in 70 years, but one thing remains the same as other royal engagements… everyone should be dressed to the nines. Despite adhering to a royal dress code, women in this family don demure dresses, delicate jewelry, and over-the-top hats no matter the occasion. While it appears they pull off these looks effortlessly, being constantly camera-ready requires a ton of work. Not surprisingly, the royal family employs a few fashion tricks to make it all come together. These hacks may work, but they’re also tedious and not a little bit odd. This is why you shouldn’t try them, especially if you’re in a rush. Keep reading to learn about the royal family’s fashion don’ts.

4 Unusual Royal Fashion Hacks You Shouldn’t Try

The royal family are undoubtedly experts in dressing to impress. However, this skill relies on styling shortcuts that are unusual and possibly unsafe. The good news is, there are alternative ways to achieve a picture-perfect look. Here are four royal fashion hacks you shouldn’t try, along with a better option for each.

1. Queen Elizabeth used curtain weights to keep her dresses in place.

Queen Elizabeth attending the Friday Royal Ascot (2014)
Alan Davidson/Shutterstock

The late Queen Elizabeth was no stranger to the likelihood of attending an outdoor event on a windy day. In fact, Stuart Parvin, her favorite dressmaker, was responsible for sewing curtain weights into her clothes to prevent them from flying up. “I just pop a couple [of curtain weights] into the hemline of her dresses and coats and it makes them hang beautifully,” he explained to the Daily Mail. “If there is a flap in the coat then I will sew in one on each side of the split to even it up. And sometimes if she is wearing a lightweight chiffon skirt I will sew in an even smaller lead weight the size of a pea or even a length of chain, rather like a dog’s chain.”

Unless you have time — or better yet a personal dressmaker — to sew curtain weights into your clothes, don’t try this hack. Instead, use a clothing tape such as Secret Sidekick Double Sided Tape (Buy from Amazon, $8.29) to prevent it from blowing excessively in the wind. To do: Simply apply about three to four strips of fashion tape along the hem of a skirt or dress and press firmly.

2. Kate Middleton uses hairnets to keep flyaways at bay.

Kate Middleton visiting the Netherlands in 2016
Andrew Parsons/Shutterstock

Kate Middleton has sported many styles over the years. But, her most eye-catching style is a chignon that she donned in 2016 with the help of a hairnet. Yes, this hair accessory (typically used for kitchen purposes) allowed the Princess of Wales to keep her royal undo in place. This odd trick was first discovered by Cosmopolitan, and its popularity once led hairnet sales to increase by 40 percent for a UK store called Superdrug.

Although Kate swears by this hack, trying to cut and secure a hairnet onto your bun or chignon is time-consuming. Luckily, the experts at L’Oreal Paris say that dryer sheets work just as well for taming flyaways. This is because flyaways are typically caused by static, which is what dryer sheets are designed to eliminate. To do: Take an unscented dry sheet such as one from all’s Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Free Clear (Buy from Walmart, $4.97) and gently rub it across your strands just before leaving the house. And just like that, your strands should stay in place for the day or evening ahead.

3. Meghan Markle wore oversized heels to reduce discomfort.

Meghan Markle attending the WellChild Awards in 2019

During her time as a senior royal family member, Meghan Markle was often seen wearing oversized heels. This trick isn’t unique to the Duchess of Sussex as many celebrities wear shoes bigger than their normal size for red carpets and events. The reason? It’s believed to prevent foot swelling and blisters because the shoe isn’t rubbing against the skin.

While everyone’s foot care needs are different, oversized shoes are generally a no-no. According to the University Foot and Ankle Institute, wearing oversized shoes can disrupt your natural stride, cause calluses, and make you more prone to falling. Rather than risking an accident, apply a product like the Body Glide Foot Glide Anti Blister Balm (Buy from Amazon, $9) onto your feet before putting on shoes in your normal size. Infused with vitamins A and C, this balm acts as a shield against inflammation, dryness, and chaffing. This allows you to feel comfortable wearing any shoes all day, while still protecting your feet.

4. Princess Diana placed mini combs inside of hats so they would stay in place.

Princess Diana on a royal tour of France
David Levenson/Shutterstock

In true royal fashion, some of Princess Diana’s most memorable outfits feature an extravagant hat. Behind many of the iconic dress hats worn by “the people’s princess” was John Boyd, a women’s hatmaker. “She liked hats that fitted quite close to her head, and she liked little nets and veils too, which also became very popular,” he revealed to the Daily Mail. Ensuring that her hats remained in place was a challenge for Boyd as he described her hair as being “quite springy.” Yet, he solved this by installing special wire combs inside of the hats so they’d cling onto her hair.

This trick was effective for securing Diana’s hats on her head, but it’s tedious to attempt. Luckily, dressmaker Evelyn Wood says bobby pins can help fasten your hat in a pinch. Watch her video below to see how to try this hack yourself.

Taking style cues from the royal family doesn’t have to include mimicking their go-to fashion hacks. Thanks to quick and cheap alternatives you can look and feel your best for any occasion!

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