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9 Kinds of Kitty Litter Your Cat Will Love as Much as You Do

Your search for the perfect litter ends here.


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Cat owners may be off the hook when it comes to the early morning calls of nature that require taking your four-legged friend out in the cold, but a litter box comes with its own set of problems. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always as easy as pouring some litter into a holder and calling it a day. In fact, ask any cat owner what they currently use for litter, and you’re most likely in for a lengthy response describing the trial and error process that finally led to bathroom harmony.

Ultimately, the best cat litter for your home will depend on your cat, as there are a lot of different factors to consider. With hundreds, if not thousands, of options on the market, finding the right one can be overwhelming, to say the least. Luckily, we’re here to guide you through with plenty of top picks your cat is sure to love.

How to Choose Cat Litter

When shopping for cat litter, you’ll need to take several things into account. Questions like, “How much dust are you willing to deal with?” or “Do you need an unscented litter for cats or family members with allergies?” are ones to consider. 

Other things to note include whether you prefer a litter that’s eco-friendly, so as to help reduce your household’s environmental footprint, or if your cat is particular about the litter he or she uses. 

Then there are the ingredients used to make your cat’s litter. This is important not only for your cat, but for any humans living in the house. Depending on allergies, odors, and your cat’s preferences, ingredients can make a huge difference in comfort levels when it comes to litter. Below, find several of the most common types and read up on their differences. 

Crystal Litters: Litters made with “crystals” are often made with tiny silica gel beads. Cat owners who need low to no-dust litters may prefer crystal litters, since they’re almost completely dust-free. They’re also highly absorbent, making them a good pick for odor control. Though they’re usually priced higher than other varieties, they tend to last longer.

Clay Litters: Clay is another common ingredient in cat litter. Bentonite is a highly-absorbent clay that’s most commonly found in “clumping” litters and forms into a solid clump whenever your cat urinates. This makes scooping and cleaning easier, but is typically dusty and can be heavy to maneuver. On the plus side, cats tend to prefer the feel of its fine, sand-like particles over that of crystals or pellets. Clay is also used in some non-clumping varieties. 

Eco-Friendly Litters: Biodegradable and eco-friendly litters are growing in popularity. These litters are typically made from natural materials, such as wheat, corn, grass, and even walnut shells, or recycled materials, like newspapers and wood. In addition to a low environmental impact, another major benefit of these litters is they can be flushed down your toilet (assuming you have a well-maintained septic system), meaning they won’t take up any stinky space in your trashcan. 

Whether you’re looking for a specific ingredient-based litter, a budget-friendly option, or simply one that your cat will actually use, we’ve tracked down the nine best litters for all cats of all kinds. As always, remember to consult your veterinarian when you’re making changes in your pets’ lives. Keep scrolling to see Woman’s World’s picks for the best cat litter.

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