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7 Cats With Heterochromia to Celebrate National Different-Colored-Eyes Day

Cats with heterochromia are beautiful every day out of the year, but we can’t think of a better opportunity to celebrate them all than on National Different-Colored-Eyes Day on July 12. This holiday celebrates everyone — including people, cats, and other animals — with heterochromia, a condition that involves two different-colored eyes.

What causes heterochromia in cats?

For our feline friends, it all comes down to genetics: Heterochromia in cats is tied to the white-spotting gene, which is linked to coat color, according to Catster magazine. Any kitty in the world can carry this gene, so that’s why you can see a wide range of different breeds and coat colors for cats with heterochromia.

Although heterochromia in humans (which can also be caused by genetics, as well as certain eye-related injuries and diseases) is quite rare, heterochromia is relatively common in animals like cats. But even though it’s not so unusual for our four-legged friends to have this condition, we can’t help but be amazed and enthralled every time we see cats with different-colored eyes. It’s almost as if we didn’t have enough already to adore and admire about our favorite fur babies.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve seen quite a few cats and cat photos in general over the years. That means that you’ve probably also seen the many shades of beautiful cat eye colors out there — including a basic range of blue, yellow, green, and copper. So you’ll be delighted to know that there is quite an impressive variety of eye color combinations for cats with heterochromia. We think that all the unique mixtures of colors are equally gorgeous and mesmerizing — and we bet you’ll probably agree with us. But be forewarned: If you stare at these pretty peepers for too long, you may feel completely hypnotized by their beauty.

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