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She Tried the Keto Diet and Dropped More than 100 Pounds


For many, after years of trying to lose weight without seeing results, it may feel like your only option is to throw your hands up in the air and shout, “I give up!” Well, Reddit user toccobrator proves it’s never too late to lose weight; all you need is to find the diet that works for you.

Despite being only in her early-40s, she looked years older because of her excess weight. At 245 pounds, she knew she had to make a change. She opted for a keto diet and tried intermittent fasting and eventually she lost more than 100 pounds — 105 to be exact!

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In a Reddit post, she shared her amazing weight loss journey and revealed her diet secrets.

“I actually started just doing calorie restriction without specifically pursuing keto, but given the 1200 cal/day restriction, I found that protein-heavy and fatty foods were better “bargains” for the calories in terms of being more filling. Obviously not everyone feels the same way but keto sucked me in :),” she wrote.

F/46/5’4″ [245lbs > 140 lbs = 105 lbs] (1 yr) Been maintaining for a year and just went through skin reduction surgery 6 weeks ago. Keto + IF! from progresspics

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As happens with lots of people who lose weight in a short amount of time, toccobrator was left with a lot of excess skin. When asked, she got brutally honest about the realities of living with sagging skin, including how her extra rolls caused infections.

“I used the best hygiene, the strongest anti-fungals, whatever I could do but the fact is skin folds, if deep enough, are gonna get sweaty and moist and then… well I’d developed a systemic fungal infection, it was so bad. If it was just a matter of vanity I would have lived with the skin folds,” she said.

Fortunately, her insurance paid for her surgery — “360 belt lipectomy, thigh reduction, the works” —so she was able to have her excess skin removed.

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If your goal is to lose weight — and keep it off — you have to make lifelong changes. So while that is easier said than done, being satisfied with the way you look is a big motivating factor in allowing you to maintain those lifestyle adjustments.

“I do still keto/IF (intermittent fasting) — it has become such a natural part of my lifestyle. I’ve stopped tracking portions/macros and indulge in keto “treats” more often… Playing with fire I know but as long as my weight’s stable I’m enjoying life so [it’s] okay, I figure.”

We’d say she totally deserves to treat herself! You go, girl.

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