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The Way You Close Your Hand Reveals Something So Crazy About You


Did you know your hands hold many clues? They can tell you a lot about the type of person you are–and about how you appear to others around you. In this case, it’s your fist that’s the key to the information.

Go ahead: Make a fist–and don’t think a lot about how you’re doing it. Turns out, the way you naturally clench your hand into a fist–the placement of your fingers, to be precise–can reveal a lot.

Don’t believe us? Compare yours to these images and learn what exactly your closed hand says about you:

clenched fist 3

Thumb over. You’re seen as a creative and talented person who makes friends easily. You seem generous, clever and confident; a born leader. But underneath it all, you’re sensitive at heart with fears of being hurt, and you need people around you who understand you and love you as you are. You also have great expectations for your life.

In relationships, you tend to be an over-analyzer. You want someone on your side, but you are afraid to really let anyone in, so you act cool.

Clenched fist 2

Thumb inside. You’re seen as creative, fast, artistic and expressive. Intelligent, you’re adventurous yet cautious and appear good at people skills. You may worry too much. Deep inside, you’re very sociable but prefer to be calm. You value freedom and space, and you don’t like hurting people.

In relationships, you’re compassionate and prefer to avoid drama. You enjoy a relaxed and comfortable environment, and forgive easily.

Clenched fist

Thumb next to fist. Others see you as sensitive, imaginative, intuitve, and enthusiastic, You have a good sense of humor, but can also seem impatient. Deep down, you pride yourself on honesty. You like to feel accepted, but you also know exactly when something’s good for you–or not.

In love, you can be shy and suppress your feelings. You’re never selfish, but you like to be treated well.

What do you think–is yours spot on?

(Images: Getty)


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