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21 Best Running Shoes for Women Over 50 That Will Let You Run for Miles, Pain-Free

There's a perfect fit for every foot, and now there are holiday sales to slip into.


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Running is one of those sports that, with a little luck and the right gear, you can keep on doing well into your golden years. I’ve been a runner for most of my life, and while at 45, I may not be as speedy as I once was, I’m certainly nowhere near ready to hang up my sneakers. Let’s face it though: When our hips, knees, and ankles have weathered a half century or more of use, they’re more prone to injury and slower to recover than when we were younger. That’s why, if you want to keep your mileage up and stay healthy and pain-free, having a pair of the best running shoes for women over 50 is absolutely essential.

We consulted the experts about what makes a great running shoe for women over 50, what brands they like best, and how to find a pair of running shoes that’s perfect for you. And while all the shoes on our list are great for women of any age, the ones here are especially good for older runners, who need to take better care of their bodies to keep them in the best shape. One key to staying injury free? Buying new shoes often! You’ll want to get a new pair at least every 250 miles, so do the math on how often you run and make a note of how many miles you’ve put on your current pair. (It’s probably time for a new one!)

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the best running shoes for women over 50, or scroll down to pick out your next pair of shoes now!

Best Running Shoes For Women Deals:

The Best Running Shoes for Women Over 50

How To Find the Best Running Shoes for You

“As we age, we tend to accumulate more range of motion limitations and a potential reduction in strength and stability, so finding a shoe that accommodates your foot structure and provides support and shock absorption where needed becomes vital,” Alison McGinnis, a senior physical therapist at Finish Line Physical Therapy, tells Woman’s World. “Older runners don’t necessarily need to pick a different shoe than younger runners, but they do need to care about getting into the right running shoe for them more than younger runners do.”

Finding shoes that fit properly and comfortably are key to avoiding injury while running. But what’s right for you might not be right for someone else. 

“The most important thing for a runner of any age to consider when choosing a running shoe is the fit,” McGinnis says. “None of the bells and whistles will matter if the shoe doesn’t fit in all the right places.” She also noted that “the best time of day to try on running shoes is at the end of the day or after a run, when your feet are at their biggest.” 

This is important, since the tip of the shoe should be a thumb’s width longer than the length of your toes when standing. (Have a trusted companion measure this for you, since your foot will shift in the shoe if you bend down to check.) Another important aspect of a running shoe for older women is the toe box. It should be wide enough to accommodate the ball of your foot — as well as your toes — without compressing them inwards. In other words, the toe box shouldn’t feel uncomfortably tight around the ball of your foot. 

When it comes to shape, the silhouette of the shoe should match the silhouette of your foot. To check, you can try removing the insole of your shoe and then standing on it. “If any part of your foot is spilling over the sides, or the shape doesn’t match the shape of your foot, move on to another pair,” suggests McGinnis.

After you’ve got the fit just right, features such as cushioning, heel drop, arch support, and firmness can be taken into consideration. Firmer shoes, for instance, are typically recommended by experts for running, particularly when it comes to the toes. McGinnis recommends finding a shoe with a toe box that is “flat and not curling upwards. When the shoe is designed with this feature, it places a constant stretch through your plantar fascia and Achilles and can lead to problems in the future,” she explains.

With so many factors to consider, it can be helpful to consult a professional, whether that’s a running shoe store employee (most of them really do know their stuff), a podiatrist, or a physical therapist, who can give you specific recommendations based on your foot type. “Make sure someone is well-versed and has a reputation for treating runners or for [recommending running shoes],” Dr. Neal Blitz, DPM tells Woman’s World. “A foot specialist generally has a very solid understanding of biomechanics and can identify the proper shoe for you.” 

Now that you’re armed with expert advice about what to look for in a sneaker, it’s time to start shopping. Keep scrolling to shop our picks for best running shoes for women over 50!

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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Best running shoes for women over 50 with knee pain
best running shoes

Buy from Amazon, starting at $91

Why we like them:

  • GuideRails support helps protect your knees
  • DNA Loft cushioning provides stability
  • Available in 21 colors

As we get older, we’re more prone to knee pain, which is why the engineers behind Brooks’ Adrenaline GTS 21 running shoe shifted their focus from your feet to what they call “the most injury-prone part of a runner’s body:” your knees! The development of their GuideRails feature, which can be seen along the sides of the shoe, was designed to prevent “excess movement” in this area. In addition, the DNA Loft cushioning offers increased stability and a smooth transition from heel to toe. If you’re looking for a more stable shoe and are prone to knee pain or injury, this is a great option. Indeed, Brooks Adrenaline GTS, or “Go-To-Shoe” is the shoe I run in every day, and the one I’ve returned to again and again over the years, after trying many different brands and models.

Happy customer: “I’ve struggled to find the right exercise shoe. I’m not a super athlete but I enjoy a good cardio class and I love to walk. These suit my 60-year-old feet perfectly. The firm support has helped my feet and knees and I am not hurting after I exercise … I think I’ve finally found my exercise shoe.”

ASICS GEL-Kayano 27

Best running shoes for women over 50 with ankle pain
best running shoes

Buy from Amazon, starting at $149.99

Why we like them:

  • Ideal for running on roads and hard surfaces
  • Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems 
  • Superior shock absorption

Running can take its toll on some of the most vulnerable parts of our bodies, and ankles are among the most common. Luckily, finding the right running shoe can help prevent issues like sprains and swelling before they happen, or provide a more comfortable experience for those who suffer from ankle pain. Reviewers praise the ASICS GEL-Kayano 27 for its stability and cushioning, saying it’s been a game-changer in terms of accommodating their ankles. The shoe was designed with shock absorption in mind, making it an ideal choice for running on roads, and the GEL cushioning systems located at both the rearfoot and forefront make for smoother transitions.

Happy customer: “I ran cross country in college and injured my left ankle. I did PT and was seen by multiple orthopedic surgeons. I was told I needed to wear orthotics. Being a vain college kid, I said that was out of the question. The surgeon then said, “Well it’s orthotics or ASICS!” And I’ve been wearing ASICS ever since. I have zero ankle pain and can keep up with my workouts.”

Hoka One One Arahi 5

Best running shoes for women over 50 with flat feet
best running shoes

Buy from Zappos, $129.95

Buy from Amazon, starting at $189

Why we like them:

  • J-Frame innovation provides support for overpronation
  • Meta-Rocker geometry emulates a more natural gait
  • Well-cushioned and lightweight

You may think of Hoka as that popular sneaker brand that young people can’t seem to get enough of, but as it turns out, they make fantastic running shoes for people of any age! The Arahi 5 sneaker in particular is a good option for runners with flat feet, thanks to its trademarked J-Frame innovation. While there are exceptions, flat-footed runners have a tendency to overpronate, or roll their feet inward upon landing, and the Arahi 5’s J-Frame design provides extra foam support on the side where this typically occurs. In addition, this shoe is equipped with Meta-Rocker geometry for a more natural-feeling gait, and somehow manages to strike the perfect balance between being both well-cushioned and lightweight. Maybe the kids know what they’re talking about!

Happy customer: “The Hoka Arahi are the best running shoes I have ever worn. I have been a runner for over 30 years, I overpronate and my feet get very tired and sore. These shoes let me run without pain — the cushion really is remarkable. I highly recommend these shoes.”

Adidas 4DFWD Shoes

Most innovative running shoes for women over 50
best running shoes
Save $100!

Buy from Adidas, starting at $140

Buy from Dick’s Sporting Good, $199.99

Why we like them:

  • Sock-like fit
  • 3D-printed midsole technology
  • Breathable knit upper

Have you heard of 3D printing? Well, these Adidas 4DFWD sneakers use it to make the midsole! You don’t have to understand the technology to appreciate the innovative design, or feel the amazing comfort and lightweight spring of these shoes, which are on the forefront of running shoe technology. Runners and walkers alike rave about them, and they’re next on my “to-try” list for sure!

Happy customer: “Great addition to my morning walking routine and life. Feels like you are flying, how soft and airy they are. True to size. As my dentist mentioned today …’they are gorgeous!’.”

Brooks Ghost 13

Best running shoes for women over 50 with high arches
best running shoes

Buy from DSW, $104.98

Buy from Amazon, $158.48

Why we like them:

  • Engineered air mesh offers support and breathability
  • DNA Loft technology provides extra-soft cushioning
  • Available in 16 colors

Not only does the Brooks Ghost 13 have a mesh toe box, like the kind Dr. Blitz recommends, which offer feet with bunions slightly more “give,” it also has heel-to-forefoot DNA Loft technology for ultra-plush cushioning. There are hundreds of 5-star reviews for this best-selling shoe, which also comes equipped with BioMoGo DNA, a responsive foam that offers softness without sacrificing durability. They’re also easy on the eyes, with no shortage of color combinations to choose from, including this vibrant yellow, pink, and blue design. 

Happy customer: “These are my favorite running shoes ever! I feel like I have tried absolutely every brand and style of running shoe out there and I couldn’t find the “perfect” one … These are absolutely my perfect fit! Enough room in the toe box when my feet swell a couple miles in, supportive cushion in all the right places, super soft laces that stay tied, and a non-slip heel cup. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Brooks finally got it perfect and I hope they stay this way forever.”

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

Best running shoes for women over 50 with wide feet
Best running shoes

Buy from Amazon, starting at $97.25

Why we like them:

  • Available in wide sizes 5-13
  • Fresh Foam underfoot
  • Comes in 11 colors

If your feet run wide, don’t fret! There are running shoes designed for wider foot sizes, and reviewers can’t get enough of the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 sneakers (many write that they’ve purchased multiple pairs!). Available in wide sizes from 5-13, these ultra-plush running shoes come with Fresh Foam on the underfoot and a mesh upper for an all-around comfortable feel. For a more secure, snug fit, the Ultra Heel design hugs the back of your foot, while the “bootie” upper construction ensures everything stays in place. For even more cushioning, this shoe comes with an ortholite sockliner.

Happy customer: “These are my second pair of the 1080v11. I now have a pair for working in the yard and one for working out. I have so much trouble finding wide toe box shoes. It seems the only supportive and comfortable ones are from New Balance.”

ASICS GEL-Cumulus 20 

Best affordable running shoes for women over 50
asics running shoes

Buy from Amazon, starting at $72.69

Why we like them:

  • FlyteFoam Propel Technology provides supreme bounce
  • Reflective materials enhance visibility during low light hours
  • Available in 10 colors

When compared to monthly gym memberships or pricey group classes, running is a relatively inexpensive form of exercise, but the cost of running shoes can be steep. For a high-quality, budget-friendly shoe, we turn to Asics. The Gel-Cumulus 20 features an increased landing surface, which allows it to accommodate each and every foot strike. Plus, while you’ll save on the price, you won’t have to sacrifice cushioning: This shoe is made with Asics’ own FlyteFoam technology, providing continuous cushiony underfoot support, as well as ample room for your tootsies in the toe area — both seriously important factors for mature runners.

Happy customer: “I have high arches and plantar fasciitis, so I’m in a lot of pain after walking/running for long distances. These are the best sneakers I’ve ever owned! They have great arch support and ankle support, are flexible, and have bounce (like you’re on a trampoline) … I just ran 5 miles in them: no foot pain! … I just ordered a 2nd pair in a different color. I love them.”

Saucony Women’s Ride 14

Best running shoes for beginning runners over 50
best running shoes

Buy from Amazon, starting at $52.99

Buy from DSW, $94.98 (was $129.99)

Why we like them:

  • Available in regular and wide sizes
  • Breathable, sock-like fit
  • Comes in 7 colors

Just starting out on your running journey? Congrats! You’ll want to look for a running shoe that will keep you comfortable and protected as you acclimate to the physical demands of running, and for that we love the Women’s Ride 14 from Saucony. Available in medium and wide sizes, this shoe incorporates FORMFIT design to give you a breathable, sock-like fit that feels like it was custom made for your foot. It also features PWRRUN cushioning to provide just the right balance of softness and responsiveness to inspire longer runs over time. Bonus: this shoe comes in several of Saucony’s signature fun color combinations, including the bright coral shown here.

Happy customer: “Great running shoe. I’ve used for about 4 weeks now. Plenty of cushion and comfortable run. Plenty of toe room, which I’ve had problems with in other shoes.”

Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Waveknit

Best lightweight running shoes for women over 50
best running shoes

Buy from Zappos, $139.95

Why we like them:

  • Come in 4 colors
  • Breathable and flexible design
  • Made with performance-enhancing Mizuno Enerzy (foam)

These lightweight, breathable shoes will let you fly over the pavement in comfort and style. The soft, stretchy material offers a sock-like fit, but they’re also supportive, offering stability and and plenty of cushion. A carbon rubber outsole provides long-lasting wear, and the springy midsole will help you perform your best, whether you’re running a 5K or a marathon.

Happy customer: “I used to prefer gel-based shoes but after plantar fasciitis surgery I have found I prefer something with a slightly firmer sole. These work really well with my orthotics, providing adequate support without feeling too blocky or rigid. I also have a narrow foot, but aside from having to pull the laces up to tighten them, the mediums are quite comfortable. These are my second pair of Wave Rider Waveknits; I liked the first pair so well that I ordered the newer model when those wore out.”

New Balance Fresh Foam More v2

Best cushioned running shoes for women over 50
best running shoes

Buy from Amazon, starting at $76.96

Buy from DSW, $74.98

Why we like them:

  • Fresh Foam midsole offers an ideal combination of cushioning and support
  • Removable foam insole
  • Ultra Heel conforms to your foot for added support

Shoes that offer more cushioning are often best for heel strikers, or runners who make contact with the ground with their heel first as opposed to their mid-foot or forefoot. “If you’re a heel striker, you may need more cushioning to absorb the forces when your heel hits the ground. If you have any joint issues, you may also feel better with a little bit more cushioning on the shoe,” recommends McGinnis. If you’re looking for a shoe that’s on the firmer side with plenty of cushion, the New Balance Fresh Foam More is a top contender. It’s engineered with New Balance’s own light, ultra-bouncy proprietary foam (aptly dubbed Fresh Foam), making it a well-padded respite for your foot. 

Happy customer: “These fit me exceptionally well! I have so much foot pain, previous foot surgery, hence wear a double wide and walk incorrectly in general. These shoes have my feet feeling the happiest they have in years! Great cushion and all around comfort, and I notice I’m walking more correctly, too, moreso doing the correct foot roll and putting pressure in the right places. I just ordered another pair!”

Allbirds Women’s Tree Dashers

Best treadmill running shoes for women over 50
best running shoes

Buy from Allbirds, $135

Why we like them:

  • Made with renewable materials
  • SweetFoam midsole provides comfort and stability
  • Outsole includes natural rubber traction pads

These Tree Dashers from Allbirds are an all-around great running shoe, but their incredibly lightweight, breathable design makes them perfect for running on your treadmill. While the best treadmills will come equipped with good-grip belts, it’s also important to make sure your running shoes won’t slip and slide, and the Tree Dashers feature natural rubber traction pads on the outsoles for reinforcement. The unique one-piece upper is made of eucalyptus trees for flexibility and breathability, while the dual-density SweetFoam midsole provides optimal comfort and stability — and to keep your foot in place, Merino wool lines the heel for added support. While Allbirds is known for its stylish designs, it’s even more regarded for its eco-conscious use of natural, renewable materials, so the Tree Dashers will make you feel great on all levels!

Happy customer: “This is my 4th pair of Allbirds. With aging comes sore feet, but these shoes make my feet feel good, allow me to be active without pain, and not look like I have old lady tennis shoes on. Love them!”

Brooks Glycerin 19

Best adaptive running shoes for women over 50
best running shoes

Buy from Amazon, starting at $94.95

Why we like them:

  • Available in 9 colors
  • DNA LOFT cushioning
  • Interior liner adjusts to your stride

The Brooks Glycerin is another great shoe, especially if you’ve got arthritis in your feet, or any other painful issue that requires a little extra TLC. A plush liner surrounds your foot with softness and expands with your stride, so you’ll be running (or walking!) in comfort for miles.

Happy customer:Brooks Glycerin is my go to shoe and this new model is fantastic. The fit was great, although in all running shoes I need a half size larger than my normal shoe size and this one is no exception. I also need a narrow size and this one is perfect. Since I have arthritis in my feet and I’m an older runner, I hope Brooks will not change this shoe as it is the only shoe that has the cushion I need and comes in a narrow width. My only complaint is that Brooks gives us ONE COLOR in a narrow width. And it’s usually not very attractive. This one is boring light gray. But it feels like a cloud. A gray cloud!

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Best running shoes with a beveled heel
best running shoes
39% off!

Buy from Nike, $72.97 (was $120)

Why we like them:

  • Zoom Air unit in the forefoot enhances responsiveness
  • React foam provides a “springy” effect
  • Engineered mesh for breathability and support

Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus, sometimes called The Peg, is a long-standing favorite in Nike’s running shoe collection. The Peg 38 features a beveled, or low and rounded, heel. Shoes with a beveled heel are often preferred by runners, since the shape better aligns with that of their heel bone, allowing the foot to land in a more comfortable position. McGinnis also shared  the importance of a well-fitted heel: “You want the back of the [shoe’s] heel … to be rigid and snug to the back of your [foot’s] heel,” she said. “If you can squish down the back of the [shoe’s] heel, then it’s too soft to fully support your foot and keep you from sliding around.” 

Happy customer: “Awesome runners! They’re amazing and work well for “supernators.” They’re like running on air!”

Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2

Most comfortable running shoes for women over 50
best running shoes
19% off!

Buy from Nike, $112.97

Why we like them:

  • Laceless, slip-on design
  • FlyKnit Loft material offers extra softness
  • Available in black or white

These super-comfy Nike sneakers live up to their Phantom namesake by practically “disappearing” on your foot! The laceless, slip-on design was created to provide a soft, smooth running experience, and features elastic to keep your feet feeling secure. A lot of consideration was taken when crafting this shoe, which focuses on providing support for the “three phases of a runner’s stride” : toe-off, mid-stance, and contact, and a new and improved FlyKnit Loft material provides triple-layer padding at the forefoot for optimal comfort. The white or black color options are equally sleek, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you chose to wear them outside of running!

Happy customer: “These shoes are amazing. I bought them for long distance running. Seriously these shoes are so comfortable. Slip them on and go run all the miles. I have worn them up to 14 miles at a time so far… no pain. No rubbing. No sore spots on my feet. They stay on nice, snug but not too tight. Cushion is perfect. Highly recommend these for running.”

Brooks Levitate 5

Best springy running shoes for women over 50
best running shoes

Buy from Zappos, $99.95 (was $150)

Why we like them:

  • Available in 4 colors
  • DNA AMP midsole technology puts a spring in your step
  • Upper circular knit material offers more breathability

When you’re running, you want to feel like you’re just springing along effortlessly, and the Brooks Levitate helps you do just that! Check out the arrow-point pattern in the outsole, which allows your foot to move quickly from heel to toe. Combine that with the DNA AMP technology in the midsole, and this shoe delivers maximum springiness! You really can’t go wrong with Brooks shoes, and these are another solid choice for women over 50 — or anyone of any age!

Happy customer: “I have been wearing these shoes ever since they came out and I absolutely love them! they definitely push energy back into your feet and legs. I wore a different shoe from a different company for years and I was amazed when I switched to the levitate. they feel absolutely bouncy. I highly recommend them. I go through two pairs a year at about 400 miles each pair. They are fantastic!”

Brooks Hyperion Tempo

Best running shoes for long and short distances for women over 50
best running shoes

Buy from Zappos, $149.95

Why we like them:

  • 6 color options
  • Ideal for speed racing and marathon training
  • Wider forefoot area for increased support

Another great shoe from Brooks, the Hyperion Tempo is great for women who are serious about getting that next PR. Designed for speed racing and marathon training, they’ll take you across the finish line in style and comfort — and are great for women with wider feet, as they have a wider forefoot area that offers extra support and keeps your whole body in alignment when you’re running long distances.

Happy customer: “I am really loving this shoe! I’ve been running in the Ghost 12 for over a year now but have been feeling like they were too “heavy” for tempo and speed runs. As I’ve consistently been building in strength and distance, I wanted something that felt “quicker”. After a few unsuccessful attempts at trying out other brands, I went with the hyperion and so far I’m very pleased. They feel very light, there is great support through the midsole without feeling too “squishy”. The adjustment from 12mm drop to 8mm drop was pretty smooth. The first few runs my calves were more sore that usual, but I adjusted very quickly. So far I have 40 miles on them and longest run to date has been 9 miles. I actually prefer them to my ghost 12’s and have been using for long runs as well!”

Saucony Kinvara 12

Best everyday running shoes for women over 50
best running shoes

Buy from Amazon, $57.98

Why we like them:

  • Available in 10 colors
  • Lightweight
  • Come in medium and wide

These classic lace-up style sneakers are lightweight, responsive, provide plenty of cushion, and come in three super cute colors. The Saucony Kinvara 12 is a solid option for runners, walkers, joggers, and exercisers of every kind. You can even wear them to the grocery store! No matter where you go, your feet will thank you.

Happy customer: “Love these sneakers. Perfect fit (I always go a half-size up) and extremely comfortable. I love the look and the colors.”

Mizuno Wave Inspire 17

Best shock-reducing running shoes for women over 50
best running shoes

Buy from Amazon, starting at $97.97

Buy from Zappos, $105.61 (was $139.95)

Why we like them:

  • 5 color options
  • Wave technology provides support and stability
  • Mizuno Enerzy heel wedge

I’ll admit, I’ve never worn Mizunos myself, but I know plenty of runners who swear by them. The Mizuno Wave is a stability shoe that offers plenty of cushion and support, as well as being lightweight and breathable — everything you want in the best running shoes for women over 50!

Happy customer: “I’m a huge Mizuno Wave Inspire fan. I’ve got 2 pairs of the 14s that I love. Originally I bought these 17s in regular width, as usual, and the toe box is ridiculously small. Nothing like my 14s, my feet felt so squished. I don’t own any pairs of shoes in wide but decided to give them a try and they are perfect! Not sure why they went so narrow on the toe box this model but if it’s an issue for you too, do yourself a favor and give the wides a try! Love this shoe, so much cushion and the stability support is key to keeping my feet happy.”

New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v5

Best running shoes for overpronation for women over 50
best running shoes

Buy from Amazon, starting at $42.85

Buy from Zappos, $149.95

Why we like them:

  • Available in 3 vibrant colors, as well as black
  • Ideal for overpronation
  • Removable foam insole

I’m a loyal Brooks customer, but New Balance is another go-to name in running shoes, and for women with overpronation, like me (meaning your foot rolls inward as you move), a solid stability shoe like the Vongo v5, that provides plenty of support, is a must. A sock-like collar and lightly padded tongue keep your foot cushioned and comfortable, and a sturdy rubber outsole offers support for many miles.

Happy customer: “So far so good. I have multiple surgeries on one foot and a bunion on the other so I have problem feet. I like the cushion and I also like the room in the toe box.”

Adidas Washington Ultraboost 21 Shoes

Best Adidas running shoes for women over 50
best running shoes

Buy from Amazon, starting at $79.80

Why we like them:

  • Available in 10 colors
  • Made with recycled Primeblue and Parley Ocean Plastic
  • Adaptive Primeknit+ upper

Lace in, show up and let everything else fall away as your feet hit the pavement. Built on years of testing and innovation, Years of testing went into the Adidas Ultraboost 21s, which are made with cushion under your feet and an adaptive upper that feels great on your foot. Extra midfoot and forefoot support support your stride, but the shoe is overall lightweight enough that it won’t shave a second off your best time. Go forth and PR!

Happy customer: “Amazing sneakers. I really like the way they feel in the gym and on the treadmill. I haven’t yet used them for running on the road, as they are a beautiful color that I want to keep in great shape. I love the feel of them and the support they provide for my entire foot and my ankle as well. The style is gorgeous, and the ibis on the inside of the tongue tag is pretty great. If you are converting your size from men’s to women’s, I recommend a size down as when I ordered my normal size (W7) they were a lot too big, so I exchanged for a 6. Luckily this process was super easy. Overall these are a great shoe with lots of spirit!”

Adidas EQ21 Run Shoes

Best running shoes under $100 for women over 50
best running shoes

Buy from Amazon, starting at $46.03

Why we like them:

  • 7 colors to choose from
  • Comfortable, lightweight cushioning
  • Breathable upper

If you like Adidas shoes, you’ll love this super soft, lightweight, and breathable pair. The Adidas EQ21s are cute, functional, and at less than $100, super affordable as far as running shoes go. We also love that they’re made with recycled materials — 20 percent of the uppers are crafted with a minimum of 50 perfect recycled content. Earth-friendly, well-made, and stylish!

Happy customer: “Comfortable, cute, & ready to move. Since purchasing these, I have taken two trips where walking was a large part of each day. These shoes have been so easy to throw on and go. Plenty of support, yet still attracts attention from others. I plan to purchase an additional pair in a different color because I love them that much.”

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