7 Best Blood Pressure Watches for Women Over 50

They're stylish, comfortable — and smart!


As we get older, keeping track of our health stats becomes incredibly important. In addition to eating right and staying fit, monitoring your blood pressure (BP) is a good idea in order to stay abreast of an array of major health issues that could be lurking beneath the surface, such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. And that’s not all!

According to the Mayo Clinic, lesser-known ailments of high blood pressure include damage to the eyes, sexual dysfunction, and trouble sleeping. Imagine, then, the benefits you’d receive if you could be immediately alerted to any spike in your blood pressure simply by glancing at your watch! A best blood pressure watch will do just that. 

How does a blood pressure watch work? 

While you should always talk with your doctor about any issues with your blood pressure and not rely solely on wearable, at-home BP devices, these handy watches can be helpful if you’re on the go or can’t get to a practitioner right away. 

Some, like the Omron HeartGuide, measure your stats via an inflating interior wrist “bladder” that pressurizes over your wrist, while others rely on accompanying cuffs or monitors that can be synced up with the watch. 

In addition to displaying your blood pressure, these devices allow you to check your heart rate, keep track of how many calories you’ve burned, count your steps, and more — not to mention their basic watch capabilities, including time, date, and alarms. Some high-tech versions even let you receive phone calls and messages! 

Finding the best blood pressure watch 

While there are many blood pressure watches on the market that claim to accurately track one’s blood pressure, very few are FDA-approved. Fans of the Apple Watch ($414, Amazon) will be pleased to know that there are medically-approved devices you can use in conjunction with apps to accurately monitor your blood pressure.

We’ve picked out seven of the best for you to choose from. Keep scrolling to shop Woman’s World’s picks for the best blood pressure watch for women over 50. 

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Omron HeartGuide Blood Pressure Watch


Where to buy: $499, Omron

Omron has long been known for its top-of-the-line home health equipment, with its blood pressure-tracking monitors acting as standouts. Now, the company has upped its game with the HeartGuide — the first FDA-approved wearable wrist blood pressure monitor! This life-changing device allows you to keep track of your physical activity, sleep quality, and, of course, spikes in blood pressure. It’s also pretty sleek-looking, if we do say so ourselves. 

Everlast Blood Pressure Watch 


Where to buy: $29.99, Walmart

The Everlast TR10 is a svelte fitness tracker that monitors your blood pressure and heart rate. It also records steps taken, calories burned, and your sleep patterns, painting you an all-encompassing and up-to-the-minute picture of your own health. This watch comes with a remote control camera for taking hands-free selfies from your phone and an anti-loss alert that will notify you if it makes its way more than 30-feet away from home. It’s also compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. 

Yamay Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure Monitor


Where to buy: $28.99, Amazon

For a great fitness watch that also doubles as a blood pressure tracker, you can’t go wrong with this Yamay timepiece. Just ask this Amazon customer, who wrote, “If you are looking for a great fitness tracker, this is the one. I am completely in love … It counts my steps, calories burned, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, activity duration and more. Plus, I am able to see my messages from text and Facebook notifications. …  I couldn’t ask for a better fitness tracker. I 200 percent recommend [it].” 

HalfSun Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure Monitor


Where to buy: $35.99, Amazon

A sporty watch with a color screen that can monitor both your heart rate and your blood pressure (not to mention a comprehensive sleep analysis), this HalfSun fitness tracker is made to please. 

Wrote one happy buyer: “The screen is easy to read with [its] big print. I also like how it tracks my heart rate and blood pressure. It seems to be pretty accurate. … The band is comfortable and sits nice on my wrist. I do like how it alerts me about incoming calls as well.” 

BingoFit Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure Monitor


Where to buy: $41.99, Amazon

For a watch that tracks blood pressure but has an array of other features too, reviewers say this fitness tracker is a great choice. Wrote one fan, “I really like this smart watch. It’s easy to use, has good quality and [is] also stylish. Can track my steps, sleep quality, heart rate, exercises data and my PERIOD data. And it’s WATERPROOF … It’s also like other smart phones that sync to my iPhone such as message, call … Facebook message, [and] mail. … I wear it every day.” 

MorePro Blood Pressure Watch 


Where to buy: $37.99, Amazon

This blood pressure watch by MorePro is a completely comprehensive health and fitness tracker that is both waterproof and user-friendly, thanks to its clear, easy-to-read color screen. 

“Love, love, love this,” wrote Amazon reviewer Leslie. “My husband and I both have heart issues and this tracker and app really [are a] big help keeping an eye on how the meds are doing. I especially like the easy charging … No cords to keep track of. Tried other types and this one is the clear winner.” 

Kirlor Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure Monitor


Where to buy: $39.99, Amazon 

Not only does this Kirlor watch have all the functions of a beloved Fitbit at less than half of the price, it’s also got an added edge in the form of its blood pressure checker. This watch connects to your iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth, so you won’t have to fiddle about with cords. 

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