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7 Supplements to Boost Your Libido After Menopause


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For women going through menopause, the transition can be anything but easy. From hot flashes to mood swings, there are a handful of side effects that most women have come to expect. One thing that takes many women taken aback, however, is the effect menopause can have on their libido. Aside from the obvious physical changes to the reproductive system, (i.e. menopausal dryness), the emotional component of menopause can make the idea of being intimate anything but appealing. Thankfully, there are solutions out there in the form of the best female libido supplements: Read on to find out how they work.

How Does Menopause Affect Libido? 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, one of the main culprits behind a decreased libido during menopause is the loss of estrogen that occurs. Also known as the primary female sex hormone, estrogen can take a nose dive during “the change,” which can in turn decrease the blood supply to the vagina. This can lead to dryness (and thus, painful sex), leaving many women struggling or unable to become aroused. Furthermore, this lack of natural desire can take a mental toll, leading some women to lose all interest in sex or sexual contact completely. 

It’s important to note that estrogen isn’t the only thing that can lead to a diminished sex drive during menopause. From incontinence issues and sleep disorders to depression and various medications, there are numerous other factors to be aware of while searching for a fix. 

What Are the Best Female Libido Supplements?

Between natural lubricants and at-home vaginal rejuvenation devices, a diminished libido is no longer something that needs to be tolerated. Female libido supplements can counteract menopause’s hold on our love life, once and for all. From those you already have in your medicine cabinet to new need-to-know vitamins that will have you feeling more like yourself in no time, we’ve rounded up seven options you should be looking into. As always, consult with your doctor before adding any supplement to your healthcare routine. 

Ready to take charge of your sexual health? Keep scrolling to shop Woman’s World’s picks for the best female libido supplements. 

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The Best Female Libido Supplements

Terrasoul Superfoods

Best Maca Supplement

Buy from Amazon, $10.95

Why we like it:

  • Helps with stress management
  • USDA certified
  • Made with an organic formula

One of the most popular female libido supplements is actually a superfood powder you might already have in your kitchen: maca! A radish-like root vegetable, this Incan superfood has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Not only is it a great source of energy and a powerful aid for stress management, it has also been shown to have a positive effect on female sexual dysfunction in post-menopausal women, improving desire and arousal. We love this version from Terrasoul, which has an earthy, nutty taste and a USDA certified organic formulation. Its flavor may be unusual at first, but when used in smoothies or baked goods, the only thing you’ll notice are the benefits. 

Wrote one buyer, “It is perfect for menopause women. I take a teaspoon dissolved in water every day before breakfast and it’s a wonder. It has removed all the symptoms of menopause, such as: hot flashes, bad mood, lack of sexual appetite, and energy.”

Nature’s Nutrition Female Libido Supplement

Best Female Pleasure Supplement 

Buy from Amazon, $21.92

Why we like it:

  • GMO-free
    • Made in the USA
    • Formulated with all-natural ingredients

For an all-around libido-boost, Nature’s Nutrition supplement uses a natural formula consisting of maca root and tribulus to help naturally boost your mood and increase libido. Using GMO-free ingredients, this supplement was also lab tested and made in the USA, so you can focus on getting your groove back without any added preservatives.

This has done its job and then some!!! I get more energy throughout the day and get up and moving! Believe me if you are having any sort of adult issue this will cure it!!!

NutraChamps Korean Panax Ginseng

Best Korean Panax Gingseng Supplement

Buy from Amazon, $22.95 (originally $39.95)

Why we like it:

  • Vegan formula
  • Helps increase energy levels
  • Non-GMO

Commonly used by those looking to boost their energy levels, Korean Panax ginseng, like this vegan and non-GMO version from NutraChamps, is also a great option for women looking to revive their sex drive. Research released in the April 2010 edition of The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that supplementation of Korean Panax gingseng improved sexual arousal in menopausal women, improving their overall sexual life in the process. 

Wrote one user, “Unfortunately, my libido disappeared with the onset of early menopause. I tried a lot of things. … Nothing seemed to help until I tried this!

NutriRise Ashwagandha

Best Ashwagandha Supplement

Buy from Amazon, $17.95

Why we like it:

  • Reduces stress
  • Helps normalize the nervous system
  • Improves menopausal dryness

Ashwagandha is a supplement you might already be incorporating into your personal healthcare regimen. A popular herbal adaptogen in Ayurvedic tradition, this plant makes for a great stress reliever, helping to decrease levels of elevated cortisol (aka the stress hormone), restore healthy adrenal function, and normalize the sympathetic nervous system. It has also been shown to improve sexual desire in menopausal women, improving both arousal and dryness. Talk about a win-win! 

We love this NutriRise variety for its organic and filler-free formulation. Wrote one user, “NutriRise ashgawanda is the best out of several brands I’ve tried in the past year. It keeps me feeling like myself, despite my menopausal symptoms. It’s a terrific product!

Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed

Best Fenugreek Supplement

Buy from Amazon, $12.91

Why we like it:

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan formula
  • Helps promote healthy lactation

Another supplement rooted in Ayurvedic medicine is fenugreek. In a 2015 article published in the journal Phytotharpy Research, 80 women who reported issues with their libido began a daily regimen of 600 milligrams of fenugreek. After eight weeks, both their sexual desire and their ability to get aroused increased significantly. Try this gluten-free, vegan, seeded option from Nature’s Way, which also promotes healthy lactation.

Raved one happy Amazon customer after use,  “My sex drive has increased and my mood swings have calmed down a lot!” 

NutraChamps Tribulus

Best Tribulus Supplement

Buy from Amazon, $19.97 (originally $25.95)

Why we like it:

  • Improves menopausal dryness
  • Made in the USA
  • Helps naturally increase libido

One supplement you might be unfamiliar with is Tribulus. In a study published in the April 2014 edition of the DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, researchers found that menopausal women benefitted from Tribulus supplementation when it came to issues associated with a decreased libido, experiencing an increased sex drive and natural lubrication. For a natural variety that’s made in the USA, try this one from NutraChamps. 

Advised one buyer: “It works for both men and women, but a woman’s dose should be only one capsule rather than a males at three capsules.” 

Nature’s Way Red Clover Blossom

Best Red Clover Supplement

Buy from Amazon, $5.59 (originally $9.49)

Why we like it:

  • Improves hair and nails
  • Has mood boosting properties
  • Helps with promote better sleep

For a great menopausal supplement that can make a positive change in your libido and then some, pick up a bottle of red clover (we love Nature’s Way for its vegan, non-GMO formula). In a 2011 study in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology International, researchers found that post-menopausal women who took the supplement over a 90-day period not only saw an improvement in their libido, but in their overall mood, sleep, hair, and skin!

Take it from this buyer, who wrote: “These [supplements] are truly life changing. After years of no libido and low mood, I finally feel like myself again! My libido is back (and better than ever) and I feel good!” 

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