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10 Garlic Pills That’ll Help Lower Your High Blood Pressure Today


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If high blood pressure is something you’re concerned about, it may be time to incorporate the best garlic pill for high blood pressure into your daily vitamin regime. High blood pressure usually doesn’t have many symptoms until it’s too late, so you should be getting it checked regularly and doing everything to keep it in check. Although high blood pressure numbers can be a dangerous thing, studies have repeatedly shown that garlic can significantly reduce blood pressure. 

Garlic pills are not only useful for reducing high blood pressure numbers, however; they also have an array of other health benefits. In addition to lowering your BP, garlic has been used for centuries to support the health of the heart and circulatory system, fight yeast infections, lower cholesterol and, according to this study, garlic’s active ingredients even have anti-cancer properties

Best Garlic Pills for High Blood Pressure

Please remember that the use of these pills is merely a suggestion to supplement your diet, and not to treat pre-existing, or severe conditions. As always, any health problems and supplementation should be discussed with your doctor. But, if you’re ready to try out one of the best garlic pills for high blood pressure, keep scrolling for Woman’s World’s top picks. 

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Best Garlic Pills for High Blood Pressure

BRI Nutrition Odorless Garlic Supplement

BRI Best Garlic Pill for High Blood Pressure

Buy from Amazon, $12.87

Why we like it:

  • Created to prevent a garlic smell and aftertaste
  • Enhanced with parsley seed oil to keep breath fresh
  • Provides 120 pills

This is an amazing, burpless garlic supplement that won’t have you tasting or smelling of garlic all day long. BRI Nutrition sources the finest ingredients for their supplements, all of which are manufactured in their facility in the USA. This bottle will give you 120 maximum strength softgels with garlic allium (the good stuff from garlic), enhanced with parsley seed oil to keep your breath fresh all day long. 

Happy customer:This product is unbelievable I’ve only used for about a month and boy does it work. I stopped my high blood pressure medicine due to all the side affects it can cause. I began taking 2 Garlic softgels and take my blood pressure two to three time a week and it is actually lower then when I was on my prescribed medication. Will order again and again thanks.

NatureLife Labs Odorless Pure Garlic Supplement

Naturelife labs Best Garlic Pill for High Blood Pressure
NatureLife Labs best garlic pills for high blood pressure

Buy from Amazon, $11.95

Why we like it:

  • Carries antioxidant properties
  • Helps boost the immune system
  • Doesn’t leave a garlic aftertaste — or smell!

Using a GMO-free formula, this supplement aims to provide you with fast-acting results — without the dreaded garlic aftertaste. NatureLife Labs’ natural formula also includes Allium, a key ingredient found in garlic cloves that helps with minimizing high blood pressure, along with other benefits including boosting your immune system and supporting cardiovascular health. Each softgel contains 1500 mg per serving (and it doesn’t contain any unhealthy fillers).

Happy customer:I ended up buying this product because of the amount of pure garlic that is packed in a capsule. I like that the only ingredients are garlic and the capsule itself. No fillers. The pills do not have any kind of odor. They are smooth and easy to swallow. I have not had any issue with bad breath after taking these. I would recommend these they are worth it.

Puritan’s Pride Odorless Garlic Rapid Release Softgels

Puritan Best Garlic Pill for High Blood Pressure

Buy from Amazon, $13.89

Why we like it:

  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Dairy and gluten-free
  • Help lower cholesterol levels

These odorless, garlic softgels from Puritan’s Pride are free from artificial flavor or sweetener, preservatives, sugar, starch, milk, lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast, and sodium. They contain antioxidant properties to help maintain healthy circulation and cholesterol levels. To top it off, Puritan’s Pride specialized cold processing method preserves the natural goodness of garlic while reducing odor.

Happy customer: I have had high blood pressure for some years and I still can’t control it. My mom advised me to try to eat garlic but I can not stand the smell and taste. This is a very good alternative. I have been taking them for more than a week with my medicine for high blood pressure and it does not get out of control in the afternoon. They have no taste or smell so I stay with them. I recommend them a lot for the person who wants to try something natural. It is an extra and natural help without having to increase my medication for blood pressure.

Think Remedy Aged Black Garlic Capsules

Think Remedy Best Garlic Pill for High Blood Pressure

Buy from Amazon, $23.95

Why we like it:

  • Has double the antioxidants
  • Easily absorbed
  • Vegan-friendly

Think Remedy made their capsules based on studies that say that allicin alone may not be responsible for garlic’s health benefits, since it is not easily absorbed in the body. After ingestion, little to no traces of allicin is found in the body. However, fermenting garlic converts allicin into a stable and potent antioxidant called S-Allyl-Cysteine, which has twice the antioxidant capacity and is proven to be absorbed better than allicin, and that’s what can be found in these capsules. Sounds good to us!

Happy customer:I purchased aged black garlic capsules to help me with my high blood pressure. It’s been only 5 days and my pressure has gone down significantly. I’m so excited!!!

Kyolic Garlic Formula

Kyolic Best Garlic Pill for High Blood Pressure

Buy from Amazon, $26.94

Why we like it:

  • Supports cardiovascular system
  • Promotes healthy immune system
  • Uses organic ingredients

People seem to love these Kyolic garlic capsules. One buyer writes, “I am over 60. I started taking Kyolic Cardio Formula years ago, to lower my blood pressure. As long as I took it faithfully, my BP was 125/65. Recently, got too lazy to order more and, for a month, took a lesser brand. Even though the other brand quoted more milligrams garlic, my blood pressure went up as high as 190/90. Been back on Kyolic for a month and BP down to 140/70.”

Happy customer:I use this every day for blood pressure and love it. No bad taste or smell. I feel better overall.”

NutraChamps Odorless Garlic Pills

nutrachamps Best Garlic Pill for High Blood Pressure
NutraChamps best garlic pills for high blood pressure

Buy from Amazon, $12.95

Why we like it:

  • Created with parsley, chlorophyll, and aged black garlic
  • Made to be odorless
  • Filled with amino acids and antioxidants

This supplement fits the nutritional benefits of an entire garlic clove into one pill. Formulated with parsley, chlorophyll, and aged black garlic this formula was also made to be odorless so you don’t have to worry about smelly garlic breath. Using antioxidants and amino acids, help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure naturally, while also naturally boosting your immune system without any added unhealthy preservatives.

Happy customer:These little garlic softgels are the best. They’re small so easy to swallow and don’t have the intense garlic taste that the oil I used to take has. Great for your immune system and killing bacteria. Awesome value!

Sundown Naturals Garlic Odorless Softgels

Sundown Best Garlic Pill for High Blood Pressure

Buy from Amazon, $11.32 (originally $12.53)

Why we like it:

  • Made with garlic oil and garlic extract
  • Created using a special bold processing method
  • Free of artificial color and sweeteners

These odorless softgels from Sundown Naturals are made with pure garlic oil and garlic extract. The antioxidants found in them undergo a specialized cold processing method to keep all the good natural stuff in, while getting rid of the unwanted and unpleasant aftertaste. Best of all, they are easy to swallow, and free of artificial color, flavor, and sweeteners.

Happy customer:This is the most affordable garlic supplement of its strength and type. It is odorless and tasteless as advertised, so it checks all the boxes for me.

Natural Nutra High Allicin Garlic Pills

Natural Nutra Best Garlic Pill for High Blood Pressure

Buy from Amazon, $23.95

Why we like it:

  • Contains more than 5mg of allicin
  • FDA-certified
  • Naturally coated in vanilla

Natural Nutraceuticals prides themselves on their potent supplements. They believe that the higher the allicin, the more effective it is, and these pills contain over 5mg of allicin per tablet just for that reason. Thanks to their slow-release natural enteric coating made from vanilla, you won’t have to worry about bad taste, odor or gastric reflux, a side effect that some garlic pills can cause. Best of all, they are vegan, organic, and FDA-certified so you can rest assured you really are getting the best of the best. 

Happy customer:These tablets have no garlic aftertaste. I like them because they don’t repeat on me. When I first put the tablet in my mouth there is a slight taste, however, it is not offensive or strong. I’d recommend this product if you are looking for a garlic supplement that goes down smooth, with no aftertaste.

Bronson Odorless Garlic with Parsley Capsules

Bronson Best Garlic Pill for High Blood Pressure
Bronson garlic pills

Buy from Amazon, $14.99

Why we like it:

  • Infused with the natural benefits of garlic and parsley
  • Helps boost immune function
  • Supports cardiovascular health

In addition to all of the great benefits of garlic, this supplement also capitalizes on the health benefits of parsley. Rich in flavonoid antioxidants, parsley promotes and encourages good digestion, improves lipoprotein (the particles that transport cholesterol) levels, and aids in circulation. It also has the capacity to boost energy and support healthy blood cells. Add this to all the amazing components found in garlic, and we have a winning combo. 

Happy customer: “Small, round capsule, easy to swallow, and so far cholesterol and high blood pressure are down.”

Pure Healthland Amazing Odorless Garlic And Parsley Supplement Softgels

Pure Healthland Best Garlic Pill for High Blood Pressure

Buy from Amazon, $17.99

Why we like it:

  • Incorporates parsley to naturally freshen breath
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar
  • Supports heart health

Another great garlic supplement for men and women alike, the Pure Healthland garlic and parsley supplement gives you all the benefits of garlic combined with naturally breath-freshening parsley and chlorophyll.

Happy customer:Been taking it for over two weeks. No odor and no smell coming from my pores. My husband has also started taking it. My blood pressure was usually a little high when I go to the doctor despite the fact that I am on medication. Not this time. It was 117/68.”

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