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How to Pick Up Squirmy Cats Without Spooking Them

Every kitty owner has probably wondered at some point how to pick up a cat properly. After all, a lot of felines love to be carried around in their humans’ arms. However, if they’re picked up the wrong way, the fur babies could get scared, squirmy, or even injured in some cases. If you’re new to picking up cats and don’t quite know where to start, the good news is that one helpful veterinarian wants to teach you that exact art form — cuddles and all.

Veterinarian Uri Burstyn, who runs the YouTube channel called “Helpful Vancouver Vet,” put his nickname to good use in a recent video where he demonstrates how to pick up a cat the right way. It all starts with letting the kitty sniff your hand with your fingers curled before you even touch him or her. Feline fans will appreciate the age-old advice of letting the cat adjust to you first before reaching in for the grab. (Think about it: You wouldn’t want anyone picking you up without warning!)

When it comes to actually picking up a cat for the first time, Burstyn recommends doing so with support in mind. A simple way to do this is by putting one hand under the chest and the other hand under the abdomen. This will ensure that the back legs aren’t just hanging there, risking a bad fall for the cat. After you get more comfortable with holding a cat like this, another method you can try is the “football carry,” which sounds a bit terrifying but is actually quite safe if you do it correctly. See Burstyn demonstrate the best ways to hold a cat in the video below:

Who knew picking up a cat could be so easy-peasy? In retrospect, it’s not shocking that this video got more than 2 million views after being up for just a week. We know we’ll be taking notes for the next time our cats get squirmy.

That said, it’s worth keeping in mind that every kitty is different and what works for one cat might not work so well for another. Take your time learning how your pet likes to be held, and always be gentle — especially when picking him or her up in a new way. Remember: You can always ask your vet for help if you get stuck!

h/t Science Alert

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