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What Does Your Birth Month Flower Say About You? You May Be Very Surprised!

Are you a passionate poppy or a calm cosmo?

You know your zodiac sign and your birthstone, but did you know your birthday is linked to flowers too? And those birth month flowers are not only associated with the seasons in which they bloom, they’re said to hold special symbolism that can reveal insights into your personality! Read on to learn more about birth month flowers and see what yours says about you…

What are birth month flowers?

Birth month flowers are flowers that both bloom during that particular month and also represent the qualities of someone born during that time. “The reason for associating these particular flowers with each month is deeply rooted in folklore, mythology and religious symbolism,” says horticulturist and author Tony O’Neill, creator of “Over time, these meanings have found their way into our popular culture, and we continue to cherish them.”

While their exact origins are unknown, the popularity of birth month flowers really came to prominence in the Victorian era of the late 1800s, when floriography, or the “language of flowers,” started to flourish. Everything from the type of flower to its color, and even whether it was presented as gift using your right or left hand, meant something different. These meanings persist to this day. In 2011, Kate Middleton had lilies of the valley in her wedding bouquet to represent trustworthiness and myrtles to signify hope and love.

How to discover what your birth month flower is

There are two flowers for each month: a primary and a secondary. That’s because growing seasons vary across regions, and different areas developed their own lore — plus it gives you options to find the blossom that resonates most with you! Tip: You can also use this guide to create an extra-thoughtful birthday bouquet for some special.

January birth month flowers: Snow Drop and Carnation 

snowdrop and carnation--january birth month flowers

The snowdrop symbolizes new beginnings and hope, according to professional gardening consultant and creator of, Diana Cox. “Blooming in the early spring amidst lingering snow, it serves as a powerful reminder that even in the darkest times, hope perseveres and new opportunities emerge.” 

Carnations represent “love, fascination, distinction and admiration,” says professional horticulturist and creator of Aadita Bhatta. Both of these birth month flowers resonate with the qualities of those born in January, he continues, “and [their] ability to bring joy and beauty into the lives of others.”

February birth month flowers: Violet and Iris 

violet and iris--february birth month flowers
Sunbunny Studio/Shutterstock;Daniellart/Shutterstock

“The modest yet faithful violet” represents February, says Cox. “Its symbolism aligns with the personalities of those born in February, often characterized by quietness and unassuming nature, yet harboring profound love and compassion in their hearts.” 

Irises, says O’Neill, “embody faithfulness and wisdom, resonating with the introspective nature of the month.”  In fact, the three upright petals of the iris represent faith, wisdom and courage — traits people born this month show in spades.

March birth month flowers: Daffodil and Cherry Blossom

daffodil and sakura--march birth month flowers

The daffodil and the cherry blossom “symbolize rebirth and celebration of life,” says O’Neill. The daffodil, adds Bhatta, symbolizes friendship, while the cherry blossom represents the beautiful yet transient nature of life. 

“Both of these flowers mirror the attributes of March-born individuals, expressing their ability to embrace change, further friendships and appreciate the fleeting beauty that life has to offer,” says Bhatta. 

April birth month flowers: Daisy and Tulip 

daisy and tulip--april birth month flowers
Flower_Garden/Shutterstock;Old Man Stocker/Shutterstock

Daisies represent innocence, says O’Neill, while tulips signify perfect love and grace, adds Bhatta. Both embody a kid-at-heart whimsy.

“These flowers align with the qualities of those born in April, symbolizing their pure hearts, fresh outlook on life and ability to love profoundly and gracefully,” says Bhatta. 

May birth month flowers: Lily and Hawthorn 

lily and hawthorn--may birth month flowers
Anton Nikitinskiy/Shutterstock;MVolodymyr/Shutterstock

The lovely lily is an enduring symbol of humility and purity, says Bhatta, while the hawthorn represents “sweetness and hope, echoing the full bloom of spring,” says O’Neill. 

“These flowers epitomize the traits of individuals born in May, indicating their pure and humble nature, their nurturing instincts and their ability to bring hope and protection to those around them,” says Bhatta. 

June birth month flowers: Honeysuckle and Rose 

honeysuckle and rose--june birth month flowers
Gunnar Leusch/Shutterstock;Daina Varpina/Shutterstock

Even the smell of honeysuckles is reminiscent of summertime. They also represent affection and devotion, says Bhatta. As for roses? They, perhaps obviously, “symbolize enduring love and passion.”

“These flowers capture the essence of June-born individuals, representing their profound capacity for love, their romantic nature, and their ability to create lasting bonds of affection,” says Bhatta. 

July birth month flowers: Larkspur and Water Lily 

larkspur and water lily--july birth month flowers

Larkspurs are symbols of “openness and purity, capturing the essence of summer’s liberty,” says O’Neill. Water lilies demonstrate enlightenment and rebirth, adds Bhatta. 

Bhatta notes, “These flowers reflect the qualities of those born in July, showcasing their joyful and free-spirited nature, their ability to form deep connections and their capacity for personal growth and transformation.”

August birth month flowers: Poppy and Gladiolus

poppy and gladiolus--august birth month flowers
Nitr/Shutterstock;Khwandao Danprasirtsuk/Shutterstock

Poppies are a sign of remembrance and imagination, and while the gladiolus (named after a Roman sword, the gladius) is a symbol of strength. 

“These flowers mirror the attributes of August-born individuals, symbolizing their vibrant imagination, their strong and sincere personalities, and their ability to leave a lasting impression on others,” notes Bhatta. 

September birth month flowers: Aster and Morning Glory 

aster and morning glory--september birth month flowers

Both of these flowers “signify love, returned and unrequited, marking the beginning of fall and its mix of emotions,” says O’Neill. 

“These flowers align with the qualities of those born in September,” explains Bhatta, “signifying their deep wisdom, their unwavering faith and their ability to overcome challenges with determination and grace.” 

October birth month flowers: Marigold and Cosmo 

marigold and cosmo--october birth month flowers
Printemps PhotoArt/Shutterstock;kuruneko/Shutterstock

With their hues of amber and yellow, marigolds represent passion, says O’Neill, while pretty cosmos signify tranquility. 

These flowers are representative of those born in October, notes Bhatta, “symbolizing their creative nature.”

November birth month flowers: Chrysanthemum and Peony 

chrysanthemum and peony--november birth month flowers
K-Smile love/Shutterstock;Imageman/Shutterstock

Chrysanthemums epitomize longevity and optimism, according to Bhatta. Peonies “stand for cheerfulness and bravery, preparing us for the onset of winter,” adds O’Neill. 

“These flowers embody the characteristics of November-born individuals, reflecting their joyful and optimistic nature, their ability to find beauty in life and their potential for success and prosperity,” says Bhatta.

December birth month flowers: Narcissus and Holly

narcissus and holly--december birth month flowers
K E Magoon/Shutterstock; Stella Oriente/Shutterstock

Narcissus (specifically the paperwhite variety, which blooms in winter) represents “self-esteem and defense, capturing the essence of persevering through the harsh winter,” says O’Neill. Holly is symbolic of eternal life and protection, adds Bhatta. 

“These flowers mirror the attributes of those born in December,” says Bhatta, “Symbolizing their ability to undergo personal transformation, their strength in protecting what they hold dear, and their enduring spirit that brings life and joy to those around them.”

Did you resonate with either one of your birth month flowers? Share this with a loved one to see if their flower speaks to them, too!

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