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13 Winking Cats That Are Purr-fectly Lovable

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Winking cats are some of our favorite cats to look at on the internet. These funny feline facial expressions are undoubtedly adorable, but they can also make cat owners wonder what kitties are really thinking while they wink.

It goes without saying that cat language is quite a bit different than human language. Since kitties communicate with us through different types of meows and purrs instead of sentences, it’s hard to tell whether winking means the same thing to a cat as it does to a person. Here’s the good news: Experts think that the reason behind a cat’s wink isn’t too different from a human’s wink after all!

According to, domestic cats often do a slow blink with their eyes as a way of saying “I love you” to their owners. (How sweet is that?) A cat that is slowly blinking his or her eyes is basically trying to express comfort, contentedness, and overall happiness. On occasion, sometimes cats communicate this super-sweet gesture with just one eye instead of two, leading to the cute cat wink that some lucky pet owners get to see.

So if you observe your cat winking or even just blinking both eyes slowly, you can feel really confident about your special bond with your precious pet. If you want to communicate that you’re happy with your cat as well, you can slowly blink right back at him or her. Some owners find that they’re even able to carry on an extended blinking session with their cats, full of adoration and adorableness. Who knows? Maybe your cat will actually wink at you — and then you can wink right back!

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