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This Hack Will Get Rid of Dirty Litter Box Smell for Good


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I recently cat sit for some friends and was reminded of how truly awful the stench of a ripe litter box can be. Even if I waited, scoop in hand, ready to swoop the moment the cats finished their business, the odor lingered. I survived the cat-sitting job purely by not breathing in through my nose whenever I was within a five-foot radius of the litter box. Desperate for relief, I searched for tricks for hiding unpleasant litter box smells and stumbled upon this genius hack that involves a diaper pail. 

For apartment dwellers who don’t have the luxury of quarantining the litter box — and subsequently the odors — to the laundry room or garage, a diaper pail is a must for bottling up any unpleasant smells. These already exist for cats, but many of them require special bags and filters. They’re also typically made of plastic, which is porous, meaning the stink can still escape. That’s where the Ubbi diaper pail ($69.99, Amazon) comes in handy. It’s made of steel to lock in the smell, plus there’s a rubber seal around the rim for good measure. 

Yes, that may seem like a steep price to pay for getting rid of any unwanted scents, but it’s a lot more affordable than constantly buying air freshener in the long run. Plus, you’re paying a lot of money each month to enjoy your space, so don’t let nagging odors ruin the zen. 

The Ubbi is two feet tall and comes in 12 fashionable colors — including rose gold, cream, and silver — so it looks more like decor and can sit inconspicuously next to the litter box. How often you’ll need to empty the Ubbi depends mainly on your cleaning preferences and how many cats you have. Washing it is even simpler. The company recommends using only a dry cloth to wipe it down as any liquid, including water and cleaning products, can cause the steel to rust over time. As long as you’re careful when you dispose of litter box droppings, your Ubbi should stay clean. And if you’re still worried about the smell, we recommend using scented trash bags ($11.49, Amazon).

As long as there are cats in the house, they’ll continue to take care of their business — and you can do the same with an odor-trapping diaper pail. If only cats could be potty trained, right?

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