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Scientists Have Created the Purrfect Music for Cats

Just about every person in this world loves music, and it’s hard to deny the positive effect it has on you after a bad day. So if you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably wondered at some point whether your kitty loves your tunes as much as you do.

First, the bad news: A 2015 study, published in Applied Animal Behaviour, essentially found that pet cats don’t care much for their human’s music at all. While it’s a bit of a bummer knowing your feline doesn’t have the same appreciation for your favorite song, here’s some good news: Scientists have actually developed “cat-centric” music that they say kitties think is purrfect.

OK, so the scientists didn’t use the term “purrfect,” exactly, but they did observe 47 domestic cats’ reactions after listening to this cat music they created. Apparently the little furballs became so excited that they approached the speakers and started rubbing their scent glands on them — meaning they were trying to claim the speakers for themselves. When researchers compared this extreme reaction to the ho-hum response kitties gave after hearing “human-centric” music, the clear winner was cat-centric.

“We looked at the natural vocalizations of cats and matched our music to the same frequency range, which is about an octave or more higher than human voices,” lead author Charles Snowdon said in an interview with Discovery News. “And since cats use lots of sliding frequencies in their calls, the cat music had many more sliding notes than the human music.”

Adorably enough, this research could offer a possible way of keeping cats calm in places where they might be anxious — like a shelter or even at the vet. But we have to say that right now, we’re super curious to try this tune out on our own cats at home to see how they respond.

Think your cat would like this “music”? Why not play it tonight and see for yourself?

h/t Science Alert

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