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Oilplaning Steps and How to Do This Viral Trend That Makes Skin Look Smoother and Youthful Instantly

Skin pros share the easy steps it takes to reveal a radiant complexion thanks to this viral trend 

You’re probably familiar with dermaplaning — a technique where peach fuzz is removed from the skin with a scalpel-like device at either a dermatologist’s or aesthetician’s office, but you can also do it at-home too. Well, a new take on this method that’s gone viral on TikTok, called oilplaning promises a gentler, more effective way to exfoliate skin and remove unwanted facial hair. But what exactly is oilplaning, what are the steps, and is it the best way to achieve a smooth, radiant complexion that we’re led to believe it is per influencers all over social media? Ahead, we’ll explore the benefits of oilplaning, from reducing irritation to boosting cell turnover to creating a glowing, super-smooth complexion. Keep scrolling for all you need to know about oilplaning and why you should test it out yourself.

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What is oilplaning?

“Oil planing is the next generation of dermaplaning, but rather than dry shaving the skin, an oil is applied to the skin as the first layer,” explains New York City-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD. “Especially for people with dry or sensitive skin, applying a facial oil before doing the dermaplaning can prevent skin irritation.” The TikTok video above from @torilatise shares how the technique is done and some of the benefits of oilplaning (more on this to come).

“Traditionally, dermaplaning and at-home face shaving are performed on dry skin, which can lead to dryness, sensitivity, irritation, inflammation and other issues,” says Jordan Harper, nurse practitioner and founder of Barefaced. Sure, it gets the job done, but your skin deserves the best, she adds. “When I set out to solve this problem, I realized there were no oils formulated for women to shave their faces with, which is why we recently launched a first-in-its-class women’s facial and shave oil, Perfectionist,” she says. This means no more shaving on dry skin and no more angry, irritated skin post shave. “Oilplaning is now the superior way to shave your face,” she says.

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The benefits of oilplaning

woman holding bottle of skincare oil
Liudmila Chernetska/Getty

1. It hydrates and protects skin

“Skin oils are emollient-rich hydrators that soften the outer skin layer and reduce friction between the blade and the skin itself, says Dr. Zechnier. “Not only do they have their own moisturizing benefits, but they can protect the skin from trauma from the dermaplaning device itself.”

2. It removes dead skin and peach fuzz

Harper says the top pros of oilplaning aregetting rid of dull skin cells and peach fuzz. This provides a smoother skin texture and increases your skincare product absorption, she says.

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3. It smooths the complexion

“It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and creates a smoother canvas for makeup and SPF application,” notes Harper. “And most of these benefits then help reduce breakouts. Winning!”

4. It’s great for sensitive skin

Harper says that oilplaning helps prevent nicks and cuts, works to glide the razor closer and more smoothly on the skin, plus, it reduces redness, bumps, dryness and other reactions. “It soothes sensitivity as well,” she adds.

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Are there any downsides or risks to oilplaning?

Harper says that the downsides of oilplaning are fairly minimal. “When shaving your face there is always the risk of cutting yourself, which is why we recommend prepping the skin with facial oil to help the razor glide across the surface of the skin,” she explains. “This reduces the chances of damaging your skin barrier, and locks in added skin benefits like hydration.”

Oilplaning steps

Oilplaning is simple to do at home after your regularly scheduled cleansing process. Here, Dr. Zeichner and Harper share a step-by-step guide.

mature woman looking in mirror at smooth skin

Step 1: Cleanse skin

For the first step, Harper says to start by double cleansing your face and patting it completely dry. This will remove any leftover dirt, oil, makeup or other impurities to prep skin for oilplaning.

Step 2: Use toner

Next, Harper says to use your favorite toning pads or an alpha hydroxy acid- or beta hydroxy acid-infused toner to help prevent breakouts. She says using a toner will also make sure your pores are clean to start the process. For a toner that we like, try Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid.

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Step 3: Rub on an oil

“Once you have chosen the right oil for your skin, you can apply a dime-size amount to freshly washed skin,” says Dr. Zeichner. “Before the oil has the chance to fully dry, begin your dermaplaning process.” As far as how much to use, apply one dropper full of oil to the face, advises Harper. Two oils that we like are Barefaced Perfectionist facial + shave oil and Jasclair Dermaplaning Face Oil.

Step 4: Start shaving

Now it’s time to get to shaving. Harper says to pull your skin on your face taut, then shave with a razor, like Versed Instant Gratification At-Home Dermaplaning Tool, it at a 45-degree angle. “If you’re new to shaving your face or have sensitive skin, try going in a downward motion with the hair line first, instead of against,” she suggests. Dr. Zeichner agrees, saying, “take single, short strokes in one direction and try to avoid applying too much trauma to the skin.” Shave around the entire face until you have no more peach fuzz.

Step 5: Rinse skin

After shaving, Harper says to rinse the face with cool water to remove any dead skin and hair left behind. But “don’t fully re-cleanse — you actually want the oil to remain on the skin,” she says.

Step 6: Apply skin care

woman applying face cream

“After dermaplaning, you can reapply a second layer of the oil or finish with a traditional moisturizer to lock in hydration,” says Dr. Zeichner. One we like is Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Water Gel Moisturizer for Dry Skin. Or if oilplaning at night, follow up with a rich, hydrating night cream.

To see these steps in action, watch the below video from @HairwithChrystle on YouTube.

How often should I do oilplaning?

Harper recommends that you do your oilplaning sessions weekly. That said, she adds that you can also shave monthly, when you remember or simply have time to do it. “The peach fuzz doesn’t come back any different depending on the amount of time in between,” says Harper.

And if you’ve heard that old adage about your facial hair growing back in a completely different texture or color, Harper is here to alleviate your fears. “Rest assured, the hair will not grow back thicker or darker.”

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