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What Do Your Lips Say About You?


Your facial features can be like a blueprint of your inner world, says face-reading expert Jean Haner, author of The Wisdom of Your Face ($8.67, Amazon). So when it comes to your lips, what do they say about you? Find the section that best describes your lips below, and read on to reveal what they’re “whispering” about you!  

Full: You’re a selfless altruist

You have a strong sense of social responsibility and you won’t hesitate to go the extra mile to stand up for what you believe in. “You’re ‘other-focused,’ yet that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re extroverted,” notes Haner. Such a distinction suggests that while you may be reserved, you never hesitate to raise your voice to fight for the causes close to your heart.

Small: You’re a creative visionary

Your petite pout signals an outsized intellect and vivid imagination. Poised, politic and peace-making, you don’t simply think before you speak, you nearly philosophize, forming full-fledged, eloquent ideas capable of changing the way others see the world. Whether you’re devising an out-of-the box way to tackle a work project or designing a new garden in your backyard, you’re able to see 10 steps ahead.

Wide: You’re a sociable sweetheart

“Affable and gregarious, you tend to be generous with both your time and talents,” observes Haner. As quick to lend a hand as you are to break into a beaming smile, you radiate charm and are always able to make others feel at ease. No wonder you’re blessed not only with many connections but also meaningful relationships.

Heart-shaped: You’re a sensitive soul

A Cupid’s-bow shape fittingly reflects such cherubic qualities as sensitivity and bigheartedness, says Haner. “Your feelings are always close to the surface,” she reveals. This emotional transparency suggests that you pursue passions like writing, drawing and photography, through which you can express your deep inner life and nuanced observations of the world around you.

Thin: You’re a kindhearted leader

Driven and organized, you know how to lead from the front and get things done efficiently and elegantly. Though laser-focused on problem solving, you never lose sight of the people solving those problems—in other words, you’re a team player, even in stressful situations, when you’re juggling a million deadlines.

This story originally appeared in our print magazine. 

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