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Cozy Fall Reads: 10 Feel-Good Books To Snuggle Up With This Season

Woman's World books editor (and book lover!) shares her top 10 autumn reads for 2023

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Books are like balms — grabbing the right book at the right time can provide the perfect antidote for what you’re going through at that very moment. Whether you need a dose of hope, happiness, comfort, inspiration, courage…you name it, a great book has the power to ease worries and offer a safe haven to rest and recharge. And in the fall, when the air is nice and crisp and the leaves are golden and amber, there’s nothing better than snuggling up with a cozy fall read.

To help you get into relaxation mode, we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite cozy fall reads. Grab yourself a plush blanket, a steaming cup of something delicious (like this pumpkin spice hot cocoa!) and a good book that feels like a warm hug. Keep reading to discover 10 cozy fall reads in a variety of genres, from whimsical women’s fictions to atmospheric mysteries, swoon-worthy romances, endearing classics and more. Email us at to let us know what you think if you pick one of these up. We always love hearing from you. Happy reading!  

If you like cozy fall reads with sweeping settings…

Try The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert

Cozy Fall Reads: The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert book cover shows a ladder in an apple orchard with trees and apples surrounding it

In this picturesque novel, summer fades into early autumn on Idun’s Apple Orchard, which has been owned by the same family since 1870. The story stars Sanna Lund, a cider maker who wants to live a quiet life on her family’s orchard. Even though business is struggling, Sanna remains devoted to her family’s legacy and the art of cider making. So when Isaac Banks — a single father on a road trip with his son — ends up in the orchard, their worlds collide, and soon Sanna finds her simple life is not so simple.

What readers are saying: “If you’re looking for a sweet quick read that will leave you feeling warm, cozy, and in search of some good apple cider, The Simplicity of Cider was an almost perfect read. I love stories that pull me in from the first page and just feel like a big hug. I wanted to live inside this book and it was bittersweet when it ended.”

If you like short stories about found family…

Try Autumn Nights by Debbie Macomber

Cozy Fall Reads: Autumn Nights by Debbie Macomber book cover that shows a fall lakeside scene at dusk

Bursting with seasonal charm, Autumn Nights by bestselling author Debbie Macomber features two tales of romance where falling in love also means finding family. In The Playboy and the Widow, Diana Collins is struggling to raise her two girls on her own. When confirmed bachelor Cliff Howard swoops in and offers assistance one day, their connection is immediate. But Diana isn’t ready to risk her heart again, and Cliff doesn’t think he’s ready for family ties…or so they think.

In Almost an Angel, Bethany Stone has been secretly in love with her boss, Joshua Norris, for as long as she can remember. She’s about to give up — on Joshua and her job — when he asks for her help with a family matter. What follows is a series of sweet moments that bring Bethany and Joshua closer together.

What readers are saying: “These quick stories transported me to pretty fall locales and introduced me to characters who, as I read, grew to feel like old friends catching up over a cup of coffee.”

If you like classic stories with beautiful writing…

Try Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Cozy Fall Reads: Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery. Book cover shows a hand painted picture of Anne surrounded by blossoming trees

Lush autumn scenes, an endearing cast of characters and coming-of-age reflections…this classic beloved tale is brimming with picturesque language such as, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” and “It was a September evening and all the gaps and clearings in the woods were brimmed up with ruby sunset light.” The story follows Anne, an 11-year-old orphan, who is sent by mistake to live with a lonely, middle-aged brother and sister on a Prince Edward Island farm and proceeds to make a lasting impression on everyone around her.

What readers are saying: “I love this classic story because I could relate with Anne in a lot of ways. Reading this book was like taking a walk on a pleasant afternoon. It’s the perfect read for fall when you have a cup of hot chocolate and are cozied up on a sofa near the windows.”

If you like stories about family secrets, faith and forgiveness…

Try What We Found in Hallelujah by Vanessa Miller

Cozy Fall Reads: What We Found in Hallelujah by Vanessa Miller book cover that shows three Black women sitting on a beach during fall

The Reynolds women don’t typically like the month of November, and this year an autumn hurricane is approaching their family home in Hallelujah, South Carolina. When Ruby asks her estranged daughters Hope, Faith and Trinity to help prep for the storm and ready the home to become a bed-and-breakfast, they all reluctantly agree. If they can make it through another storm together and weather some newly discovered secrets, they might just have a chance to rebuild and reconnect as a family.

What readers are saying: “A heartwarming, page-turning, beautiful story about family secrets, mother-daughter relationships, forgiveness and restored faith.”

If you like fantastical stories with vivid imagery…

Try The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Cozy Fall Reads: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern book cover shows an illustration of a male magician and a female magician

Spellbinding action and descriptive language (like “caramel wafting through the evening breeze beneath the crisp scent of autumn leaves”) abound in Erin Morgernstern’s bestselling novel The Night Circus. In this saga, a mysterious circus called Le Cirque des Rêves only appears at night. Behind the scenes, an intense competition between two young magicians, Celia and Marco, rages on. They’ve both been trained since childhood by ancient instructors. The hitch: The contestants don’t know the rules of this ongoing game. When romance sparks between the two rivals, things get even more complicated.

What readers are saying: “The story wraps your soul in a warm, familiar soft blanket that feels like a sense of coziness that only a special kind of novel can provide. A love story, a story about an extraordinary circus, and a tale of dreams turned reality. Don’t pass this one up!”

If you like small-town whodunits with quirky charm…

Try Town in a Pumpkin Bash: A Candy Holliday Murder Mystery by B.B. Haywood

Cozy Fall Reads: Town In A Pumpkin Bash by BB Haywood book cover that shows a colorful pumpkin patch

Every cozy fall reads round up needs at least one cozy mystery — especially one that includes delicious autumnal recipes! This lighthearted whodunit is set in the quaint seaside village of Cape Willington, Maine. Halloween is approaching and Candy Holliday—who helps run a farm with her family — is running the hayride at the town’s annual Pumpkin Bash for extra cash. But when she finds a dead body, Candy’s new side gig becomes an investigation as she vows to crack the case and name the culprit.

What readers are saying: “A superb cozy mystery perfect for crisp autumn nights curled up by the fire and sipping spiced tea! Haywood did an amazing job of incorporating New England culture and legends into the overall Halloween theme of the novel. I enjoyed soaking up all the autumn scenery and liked the uniqueness of the characters. Plus, a masquerade ball and walking skeletons. What fun!”

If you like sweet stories that feel like a Hallmark movie…

Try A Cup of Autumn by Melissa McClone

Cozy Fall Reads: A Cup Of Autumn by Melissa McClone book cover shows a mug of pumpkin spice latte and fall accents

This lovable seasonal story begins when ambitious university professor Keaton Andrews finds out that he not only lost his tenure, but also his position within the university due to departmental cuts. He heads to Silver Falls to regroup with family and one day he takes a risk and orders a pumpkin spice latte from a beautiful, overworked barista named Raine Hanover. Raine is taking a break from romance to focus on her busy coffee shop and she refuses to let a charming academic distract her…even if he’s staying in town longer than expected. But when Raine is put in charge of heading up the town’s Halloween bash, Keaton jumps in to help. As the leaves fall, Raine wrestles with her heart and the idea of taking another chance on happily ever after.

What people are saying: “A charming, straight to the heart romance. McClone proves that sometimes simple can be the most irresistible. A Cup of Autumn turns deep emotion into a flavorful experience.”

If you like meaningful coming-of-age love stories…

Try The Fall of Whit Rivera by Crystal Maldonado

Cozy Fall Reads: The Fall of Whit Rivera by Crystal Maldonado book cover that shows a girl and a boy glancing at one another under fall foliage

Described as “a love letter to all things fall,” this smart, sparkling rom-com is sure to enchant readers. High-schoolers Whit and Zay have been frenemies for years, so when they’re forced to organize the fall formal together, it’s a disaster. Perfectionist Whitney is at odds with the relaxed and aloof Zay, but then sparks start flying. What follows is a series of heartwarming and hilarious events that focus on friendship, family, romance and self-acceptance.

What readers are saying: “For me, this was very much an instance of the right book at the right time. I needed a book that felt like a warm hug with cozy autumn vibes for a day spent under my weighted blanket, and this was exactly what I needed. I already want to reread this every autumn.”

If you like historical fiction stories with a dash of magic…

Try The Lost Bookshop by Evie Woods

Cozy Fall Reads: The Lost Bookshop by Evie Woods book cover shows a bookshelf with green vines peeking out

The past and the present combine in this lyrical novel told from multiple points of view. Set first in Dublin, the story follows Opaline, Martha and Henry, who are all waiting on the sidelines in life. Then, a magical bookshop casts its spell and these three strangers are suddenly intertwined. By unlocking the secrets of the bookshelves, they find themselves transported to a fantastical world where nothing is as it seems. A beautifully woven story about lost things waiting to be found.

What readers are saying: “I left this book with a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s a nice homage to book lovers and an overall pleasant read. This definitely makes my list of cozy fall reads with its sprinkles of magic, romance and ‘finding your path.'”

If you like heartwarming stories set in coastal towns…

Try Picture Perfect Autumn by Shelley Noble

Cozy Fall Reads: Picture Perfect Autumn by Shelley Noble book cover shows the book title in white font over a colorful fall tree set in front of a blue sky

Set during fall in a tiny coastal town, this novel follows Dani who is a photographer going through a bout of artistic block. She decides to move to Rhode Island to study under Lawerence Sinclair, a grumpy 80-year-old photographer whose past work inspires her. Then, Lawerence’s big-city lawyer grandson enters the picture and the three of them embark on a sweet journey of unexpected friendships, self discovery and love in many forms. A perfect addition to a cozy fall reads nightstand pile!

What readers are saying: “This is a light yet emotional book set in a small Rhode Island town just as the leaves are turning and the air is taking on the crisp chill of autumn—all the makings of a cozy read!”

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