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Most Anticipated Books of 2024: From Historical Fiction to Romance & Thrillers!

Woman's World books editor (and book lover!) shares 10 exciting reads releasing in 2024 — there is something for everyone!

The start of a new year always brings celebrations, resolutions, inspirations — and new books! Whether you’re awaiting new releases by your go-to authors, expanding your TBR (to-be-read) list, discovering new genres on #BookTok or revisiting old favorites, it’s an exciting time for book lovers. And if you’re wondering how to keep track of all these upcoming reads, we’re here to help! We narrowed down 10 of our most anticipated new release books coming out in 2024. From charming contemporary romance to moving historical fiction, eerie psychological thrillers, picturesque women’s fiction and more, we have something for everyone. Keep scrolling to discover (and pre-order!) these upcoming new release books. Happy reading!

If you like witty, swoon-worthy romances…

You’ll love Funny Story by Emily Henry (Out April 23rd)

Funny Story by Emily Henry  (New book releases)

It’s always great news when we hear about a new Emily Henry book. Known for her smart, sparkling prose and chemistry-filled scenes, her forthcoming novel Funny Story delivers all that and more. The plot follows Daphne, who is smitten with her fiancé Peter…until he realizes he’s in love with his childhood friend Petra. Now, Daphne is stuck in Waning Bay, Michigan without friends and family and busy with her dream job as a librarian. Daphne’s job doesn’t pay well, so she concocts a plan to be roommates with the one person who understands her situation: Petra’s ex, Miles Novak. Scruffy Miles is the opposite of Daphne in many ways, but when their roommate setup somehow turns into a fake dating setup things get complicated. Romance lovers (and Emily Henry fans!) will adore this heartfelt opposites attract story.

The buzz from early readers: “Well, I loved Miles! And I loved Miles and Daphne’s story. Emily Henry never disappoints me! She meticulously solved this challenging relationship equation with the best possible outcome. Go on! Read, reread, and reread this lovely book!”

If you like fantastical otherworldly adventures…

You’ll love House of Flame and Shadow by Sarah J. Maas (Out January 30th)

House of Flame and Shadow by Sarah J. Maas (New book releases)
Bloomsbury Publishing

Bestselling author Sarah J. Maas triumphantly returns with the third heart-racing saga in the beloved Crescent City series. After being stranded in a strange world, Bryce Quinlan has to do everything she can to get back home to Midgard. Meanwhile, Hunt Athalar finds himself stripped of his freedom in the Asteri’s dungeons with no way to help Bryce. Now, they must devise a new plan to save their world.

The buzz from early readers: “I cannot even believe I was able to read an early copy of this enchanting book! Sarah J. Maas crafts fantasy worlds in a way that make you feel like you’re right there in the story.”

If you like powerful, moving historical fiction set in the ’60s…

You’ll love The Women by Kristin Hannah (Out February 6th)

The Women Kristin Hannah (New book releases)
St. Martin’s Press

Unforgettable characters and deeply captivating moments abound in The Women, the newest saga from beloved author Kristin Hannah. It’s 1965 when 20-year-old nursing student Frances “Frankie” McGrath hears four words that change her life: Women can be heroes. After her brother Finley ships out to serve in Vietnam, she joins the Army Nurse Corps and follows his path. Even after the overwhelming day-to-day of the war, the real challenge Frankie will face is coming home to a changed America. A story about courage, friendship, love, loss and the women who bravely served their country.

The buzz from early readers: “Kristin Hannah has always been one of my mother’s all-time favorite authors — and now she’s one of mine, too. The Women hooks you immediately and doesn’t let go. Hannah paints scenes like no other and I felt like Frankie, Barb and Ethel became dear friends of mine. It’s a story of forgotten heroes, female strength and friendship and it’s a story that will stay with me.”

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If you like heartwarming tales about lifelong friends…

You’ll love The Summer Pact by Emily Giffin (Out July 9th)

The Summer Pact by Emily Giffin (New book releases)
Ballantine Books

A tender, heartfelt journey ensues in this upcoming novel by bestselling author Emily Giffin. Lainey, Tyson, Summer and Hannah have been friends since their freshman year of college. But when a devastating experience leaves them all stunned and heartbroken, they make a promise: They will always be there for each other — no matter how separated they are by distance or circumstances. Ten years later, Hannah calls upon that promise, and the friends reunite again.

The buzz from soon-to-be readers: “Great writing is great storytelling — and that is what Emily Giffin does time and time again. I am excited to read this book!”

If you like passionate, lyrical love stories…

You’ll love A Love Song for Ricki Wilde by Tia Williams (Out Feburary 6th)

A Love Song for Ricki Wilde by Tia Williams  (New book releases)
Grand Central Publishing

Bestselling author Tia Williams returns with another epic and enchanting love story. Ricki Wilde is the artistic daughter of an Atlanta dynasty and she’s nothing like her socialite sisters. So when Ms. Della, a 90-year-old woman, invites Ricki to rent the bottom floor of her Harlem brownstone, she accepts. Then Ricki meets a handsome stranger who upends her world in a magical way. What follows is a passionate tale of two artists whose lives are uniquely linked.

The buzz from early readers: “This is my favorite Tia Williams book so far! It is magical! Atmospheric, haunting, beautiful…I could wax poetic on this story forever and never do it justice. Tia Williams is a master storyteller. Add this book to your TBR. You won’t be disappointed.”

If you like gripping mysteries told in dual timelines…

You’ll love The Sicilian Inheritance by Jo Piazza (Out April 2nd)

The Sicilian Inheritance by Jo Piazza   (New book releases)

In her upcoming novel, bestselling author and award-winning journalist Jo Piazza takes readers on an atmospheric trip to Sicily — a place steeped in Piazza’s very own family history. Sara Marsala is reeling after the failure of her business and marriage so when she receives news that her beloved great-aunt Rosie passes away, she’s devastated. But Aunt Rosie’s passing opens an escape from her life: She left Sara a deed to a plot of family land in Sicily. Intrigued, Sara hops a plane and begins to uncover bombshell secrets while learning a lot about her family — and herself. A multigenerational mystery that flashes between present and past and back again.

The buzz from early readers: “This is one of few books I can remember in recent memory that has been written in dual timeline (current vs. the early 1900s) that had me absolutely enthralled in both stories! The plot, the characters, the mystery and the setting were rich, authentic feeling and multidimensional…just cozy familial vibes that felt like a warm hug. Many nights, I kept reading until I absolutely could no longer keep my tired eyes open!”

If you like unputdownable psychological thrillers…

You’ll love The Guest by B.A. Paris (Out February 20th)

The Guest by B.A. Paris (New book releases)
St. Martin’s Press

An eerie, chilling page-turner unfolds when Iris and Gabriel arrive home from a holiday to find that their friend Laure has left her husband and moved into their house. At first, they welcome Laure, but before long, she starts overstepping: sleeping in their bed and wearing Iris’ clothes. Laure has nowhere else to go, so Iris and Gabriel feel forced to let her stay. But as secrets and fractured relationships surface, danger lurks around every corner.

The buzz from early readers: “This book was addicting! I can’t say that I liked any of the characters involved, but at the same time I couldn’t step away from this book. I picked it up any time I had a spare moment. And for you thriller lovers…there is a fabulous twist! Didn’t see that one coming!”

If you like multilayered stories set in beachside locations…

You’ll love Swan Song by Elin Hilderbrand (Out June 11th)

Swan Song by Elin Hilderbrand (New book releases)
Little, Brown and Company

Bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand is the reigning “queen of beach reads” and her upcoming book Swan Song brings her Nantucket novels to a captivating finish. Ed Kapenash is ready to retire after serving 35 years as Chief of Police on Nantucket island. But just before his retirement, he receives a phone call that a $22 million summer home has burned down. The Richardsons, the flashy family who purchased the home, are throwing a yacht party when news of the fire gets out…and their personal assistant is missing. Ed knows the Richardsons, and his daughter is best friends with their assistant: the now-missing girl. With no choice, Ed puts off his retirement plans and takes on the double case. Meanwhile, drama is brewing for other locals, including town gossip Blond Sharon and local real estate agent Fast Eddie. An expertly woven story set on the beautiful island of Nantucket!

The buzz from soon-to-be readers: “I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll repeat myself, but summer doesn’t officially start for me until I’ve read the latest Elin Hilderbrand novel. While I have several authors on my summer must-read list every year, hers are the books I look forward to the most.”

If you like magical stories of perseverance…

You’ll love This Impossible Brightness by Jessica Bryant Klagmann (Out February 2nd)

The Impossible Brightness by Jessica Bryant Kleggman   (New book releases)
Lake Union Publishing

A story of courage, magic and unlikely connections unfolds in this haunting novel penned by debut author Jessica Bryant Klagmann. After the mysterious disappearance of her fiancé, Alma Hughes moves to a remote island in the north Atlantic with her ailing dog. Soon, the strange town’s mysteries unfurl along with a severe storm that threatens her life. As rich memories of her past surface, she finds hope for her future. 

The buzz from early readers: “Haunting, brilliant, devastating…this book hooked me. I deeply enjoyed this! As a fellow woman who was impacted by her time in Fairbanks, I could feel the depth of the emotion that a land — a place — can have on your soul.”

If you like engrossing, epic historical family sagas…

You’ll love Daughters of Shandong by Eve J. Chung (Out May 7th)

Daughters of Shandong by Eve J. Chung (New book releases)

Human rights attorney and debut author Eve. J Chung takes readers back in time with this poignant tale based on her own family’s history. The year is 1948 and China’s civil war is raging on. But in rural Shandong, the Angs are only concerned with one thing: their lack of a male heir. Then when the army closes in on their town, the rest of the family flees, leaving behind the girls and their mother. Soon, the eldest daughter, Hai, is chosen to stand trial for her family’s crimes. Penniless but savvy, they forge travel permits and embark on a journey to confront the family that abandoned them. What follows is a heartwrenching yet hopeful story of resilience, love and the unbreakable bonds between mothers, daughters and their future generations.

The buzz from early readers: “The fast-moving plot was riveting from start to finish. I found myself rooting for Hai, her mother and sisters right up to the book’s satisfying, hopeful ending. What an impressive and powerful debut.” —Helen Wan, author of The Partner Track

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