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‘The Secret’ Author Rhonda Byrne on How To Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

Remember when The Secret took over? The revolutionary book changed the way people thought about making their dreams into reality. Since then, the idea of manifesting has become mainstream, and vision boards are everywhere. Now, author Rhonda Byrne is back with a new book in The Secret franchise — and just like the title says, it’s all about love, health, and money.

Byrne appears on the latest cover of Woman’s World magazine to give a preview of her upcoming book, The Secret to Love, Health, and Money (Buy on Amazon, $13.86). The book expands on topics that she briefly covered in her previous writing and how the law of attraction affects them all.

“What we wanted to do was to really help people manifest what they want by diving deeply into each of these subjects,” Byrne says, adding that she read responses from fans after The Secret came out to understand how people were either struggling or thriving with the method. When trouble in these three subjects kept coming up, she knew it was time to devote a whole book on them.

“There are many ways you can use the law of attraction to your benefit, and we make sure to cover every single one of them,” she says. “This book is the miraculous manifestation book.”

Find a preview of Byrne’s advice below.

Using the Law of Attraction To Receive Love

“The way the law of attraction works is that what you give out comes back — we have to give love to receive love,” she says. “So it’s really great because it’s under our control. When you give kindness, even kind thoughts, giving loving thoughts to yourself, to everyone and everything, then when you do that, just watch what universe does. The love that comes back to you is overwhelming. That’s the only way to give.”

Breaking Free from Negative Thought Patterns

“Fastest way is gratitude. Gratitude gets rid of negativity, if you sit down and count your blessings and think about all of the things you’re grateful for,” Byrne says. When she struggled with this in her own life, Byrne would practice this every single day, doing it until she felt good. “I would do it until I had tears in my eyes, I did it until I felt no resistance in my body anymore, because resistance causes the most problems.”

Fighting Feelings of Unworthiness

“The first thing is to open your mind to possibility that you are this infinite being having a human experience. It’s impossible for us to be unworthy, but if we’re thinking about our feelings of regret, guilt, shame, things we wish hadn’t happened, they pull us down,” she says, Instead, “if we really start to utilize love and look for the things that we love and appreciate around us as much as we possibly can, if you really make an effort to look for the things that you love, in two weeks, you will not believe how you feel — the very sound of unworthiness will be laughable.”

Byrne is full of inspirational advice, and you can find more in her Woman’s World story on stands now or available online at the Magazine Shop.

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