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‘Ted Lasso’ Star Hannah Waddingham Shares Her Stress Tips And How She Makes Life Sweet … With Cookies! (EXCLUSIVE)

The fabulous British actress and singer is now the face of Pepperidge Farm's 'Have a Little Taste' campaign!

It’s hard not to notice when actress and singer Hannah Waddingham walks into a room. Standing a towering 5’11”, the London-born Waddingham is undeniably striking. She’s also multitalented: Not only is she an accomplished actress, best-known for her role in the beloved Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso, she’s also a singer and stage actress who’s appeared both on London’s West End and Broadway.

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In 2015, Waddingham was introduced to a larger audience when she was cast in the fifth season of the blockbuster fantasy series Game of Thrones, playing Septa Unella. But after she took on the role in Ted Lasso as Rebecca Welton, the owner of a struggling British football league, she gained international fame, winning a well-deserved Emmy in 2021.

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Hannah Waddingham in 2024
Hannah Waddingham in 2024Courtesy of Pepperidge Farm

Now 49, Waddingham’s career is hotter than ever. In 2023, she co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest as well as a musical holiday special, Hannah Waddingham: Home For Christmas.

It’s safe to say Waddingham’s been keeping busy, but she loves her downtime as much as the next gal. Currently, she’s celebrating one of life’s greatest pleasures… cookies (or, as the Brits call them, biscuits), as a spokeswoman for Pepperidge Farm’s new “Have a Little Taste” campaign.

Hannah recently spoke to Woman’s World about her love of sweet treats and how she unwinds after a busy day.

Woman’s World: What is your favorite cookie and why?

Hannah Waddingham: The Double Dark Chocolate Milano from Pepperidge Farm because dark chocolate is my definite go-to chocolate. It’s not too sweet; I’m not a fan of a super-sweet biscuit… or cookie. That’s what I love about these Milano cookies. You can definitely have more than one! And I love the fact that the biscuit is on either side of the chocolate. It’s just beautifully balanced, and I love the size of them too.

Double dark chocolate Milano cookies
Hannah Waddingham’s favorite Double Dark Chocolate Milano cookies@pepperidgefarm/Instagram

WW: Will you have one of these cookies with tea or coffee?

Hannah: Absolutely. And it depends on the time of day. In the morning, I probably would have a London Fog Milano cookie because it has a really delicate taste of Earl Grey through it. They’re lovely with a cup of tea with milk in the morning. And then when I pick up my girl from school, I might go in for the Double Dark Chocolate Milano, or she loves the Chessmen.

Hannah Waddingham posing with limited edition Pepperidge Farm cookies
Hannah Waddingham enjoying some limited-edition London Fog Milano cookiesCourtesy of Pepperidge Farm

WW: What kinds of tea do you favor?

Hannah: I would say English Breakfast. I kind of switch it around, with English Breakfast in the afternoon and Earl Grey in the morning, either by itself or with milk. No sweeteners. For me, it just masks the flavor and if you’re going to have a biscuit with the tea, then I like the starkness of the tea with the biscuit.

WW: The question remains — can you eat just one cookie?

Hannah: Oh, can anyone? I do feel like Pepperidge Farm helped me out a bit because they put those little paper bags inside to portion out and hold the cookies.

WW: What are your go-to healthy snacks?

Hannah: I was just saying to my daughter that I’m okay with all the naughty snacks or biscuits or breads or sauces at home, and maybe some fish and chips, but that can only come with the fact that I always have a big bowl of berries around. That’s for the morning with my daughter. I have berries and granola.

I’m also a fan of scrambled eggs and a lovely avocado with toasted sourdough. Then when my daughter comes home from school, she can have a couple of naughty snacks. We always stop a good 90 minutes or so while I’m making dinner. Then we eat a full plate of food, always with a vegetable. I’m very old-fashioned and quite disciplined about that. I think it’s all about having everything in moderation.

Hannah Waddingham with Pepperidge Farm white bread
Hannah Waddingham prepares a meal with Pepperidge Farm breadCourtesy of Pepperidge Farm

WW: What causes you stress?

Hannah: I think the same things as anybody else. It becomes a combination of all the things that sometimes crash on top of each other. It’s just about having the discipline to know when to compartmentalize and deal with one thing and let another one in. Clear things off your list as much as possible.

I’m very proud of being a single mom and I try to keep as organized as I can, but also let myself off the hook when the wheels come off a bit.

WW: What are some of the other ways you ease stress?

Hannah: Well, being a singer, I’m a big one for music. There’s nothing like music for me. I’ve tried to instill that in my daughter too. Our house is full of music all the time.

I also love getting out and having a walk with pals. Even if it’s cold and gray. That’s very important to me as well. Keeping fit and healthy. It’s all about getting your heart pumping but feeling like you’re not having to do much because you’re talking things through with friends or taking the dogs for a walk. I often go for long walks with my daughter and pals and their pooches.

WW: So, with music all around you, what’s on your playlist now?

Hannah: My daughter’s playlist is always Hamilton. That’s why I had to have Leslie Odom, Jr. in my Christmas special, which was absolutely gorgeous. Raye is another favorite. I think she’s fabulous and an amazing artist. I’m thrilled for Miley Cyrus that she’s done so well. I think there are some young women who are absolute forces of nature and I’m here for it.

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