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Happy Birthday, Blake Shelton! 7 Reasons To Celebrate – and Love – the Country Music Star and Co-Host of “The Voice”


Happy Birthday, Blake Shelton! Actually, the country music star’s birthday was Saturday — June 18. But who says we can’t celebrate Blake’s birthday all week long? If anyone deserves a week’s worth of parties, it’s Blake Shelton.  

Why? Let us count the ways. Blake is funny, confident, and kind. He’s talented and unpretentious. He loves his mom and cherishes his wife (the gorgeous Gwen Stefani). He writes fantastic ballads and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable when he sings ‘em. And let’s not even start on the boyish smile and blue eyes. Put simply: Blake Shelton is a cool dude.   

So here’s to you, Blake Shelton, our favorite Gemini crooner, on this, your forty-sixth birthday. In your honor, a list of things we absolutely love about ya.  

1. Blake Shelton is proud of where he’s from.  

Shelton hails from Ada, Oklahoma, a small town of about 16,000 residents located slightly southeast of the center of the state. He talks fondly about it often, and he even put its name and beloved water tower on the cover of his eleventh studio album, Bringing Back the Sunshine

2. Blake gushes about his gorgeous rock star wife, Gwen Stefani. 

Anyone who knows anything about Blake Shelton — or anyone who has read any entertainment website or magazine in the last eight years — knows that he’s married to blonde bombshell and former lead singer of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani. The couple met in 2014 when they were co-hosts on The Voice. Having both endured very public divorces, they became fast friends on the show, and a romance based on shared values and similar lifestyles ensued. Blake looks at Gwen like he can’t believe he landed her — isn’t that how we all want our man to feel about us? — and isn’t afraid that showing his affection will make him less of a cowboy. In a 2021 interview with People, he called his wife “magical” and said he wished “everyone could have a chance to meet and talk to Gwen Stefani… because [they’ll] just be a better person for it.” Swoon.  

3. Blake has big love for his mom.  

Blake’s mom has played a big role in his career, and the singer has big love her because of it. In 2017, he spoke about her in Parade magazine, highlighting her ceaseless pursuit of her own dreams and her faith in his. “When I started singing in talent contests,” he said, “she would drive me there and encourage me . . . She wrote a book, has written songs, and even sang a duet with me on my Christmas album!” We love a man who loves his mama. 

4. He’s a good ol’ boy with a wicked sense of humor.  

If you’re not on Twitter and/or you don’t follow Blake on Twitter, get thee to immediately. Blake’s tweets are among the funniest on the platform. He’s cheeky and playful and inclusive, ribbing himself and his friends in equal measure. His sense of humor has been called NSFW (not safe for work) by some – playfully, of course – but while he can be a little cheeky, he’s never disrespectful. And he replies to his fans’ tweets! Take this reply to @abueDbatman, who tweeted at Shelton, “Oh my goodness, this album causes orgasms in my ears! FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!” Shelton simply replied, “Use protection!!!” What a fun guy.  

5. Blake represents his laid-back country roots on the red carpet. 

Not one for pretention, Blake brings an “I’m not trying to look like I’m not trying” sensibility to the fancy events he attends with famous people. He’s most likely to turn up in dark jeans, a dark jacket – blue, gray, or black – and a button-up. (And don’t forget the weathered cowboy boots.) Occasionally, he’ll bust out a vest and tie – my personal favorite Blake look – but mostly, he’s content to be casual and comfortable, and to let his lovely wife be the star of the fashion show. Good man. 

6. Blake’s secure in his masculinity. 

It’s been said that being vulnerable requires strength. So does admitting your appreciation of others — and Blake Shelton is willing to do both of these things. He’s not threatened by other “sexy” men, and he never tries to be the most macho. He’s also not afraid to acknowledge his good-lookin’ guy friends. Of Usher, his former co-host on The Voice, he once told E! News, “I’ve got to admit, I find him somewhat attractive.” We agree, Blake, but you’ll always be the apple of our eye. 

7. Did we mention his sense of humor? 

Yes, we did. But it’s worth saying again that Blake is one funny fellow. His shenanigans on The Voice are truly hilarious – especially when he and Kelly and Adam got into it – and his signature move, “the point,” always brings a smile to our faces. Because it is absolutely, positively 110% true: There is nothing sexier than a man with a great sense of humor. We’re lookin’ at you, Blake. 

And there you have it. The top seven reasons we love Blake Shelton. Honestly, we could have made this list the 46 reasons – one for every year – but that seemed a bit excessive. So we’ll stop here and just say, Happy Birthday, Blake! We hope it’s as fun as you are.   

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