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5 Samsung Washing Machines That are 35% Off for Black Friday

Samsung's massive sale is the time to buy all your big-ticket items.


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The sales around Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for home appliances, especially washers and dryers.

You can save hundreds of dollars on high ticket items. Samsung is currently offering up to 35% off their washers for a limited time only!

All Samsung’s Best Black Friday Deals:

To save you time, we’ve rounded up their best washers, ranging from high-end to more affordable options.

5.5 cu. ft. Smart Washer with FlexWash™ in Black Stainless Steel

$1,099, was $1,699,
Or $61.06/mo, was $94.39/mo, Samsung

Why we like it:

  • Large 5.5 c.f. Capacity
  • Steam Wash
  • FlexWash™
  • Smart Care
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Doing the laundry on the weekend can be a hassle, especially when you have multiple loads for the whole family. This 5.5 cu. ft. Smart Washer has the ability to do two loads at once, controlled individually, whether it be colored and whites, or different settings due to the material. The overall capacity is 5.5 c.f. which is on the larger side. To remove stains, simply use Samsung’s latest innovative Steam wash technology that steams from the base of the wash, compared to other models that steam from above the load. You can even connect the washer to your wifi and control through an app, so you know when your load is finished. Not to mention, it’s also 40 percent quieter compared to competitors, due to the VRT, which reduces vibration.

One reviewer wrote: “Struggle to put into words what an improvement this washing machine is. Samsung really thought things through regarding the capabilities of this machine, and I am very impressed. To start, this is two washers in one. Let me say that again, you can run two loads at the same time! The top washer is excellent for delicates or smaller loads. With that being said, its capacity is large enough to wash several garments so you don’t feel you are wasting water. The bottom washer has a myriad of options and is very large. We just washed a bath rug, a few towels and two blankets yesterday. Our laundry “day” is considerably less time now with the efficiency of the two washers running simultaneously. It is seriously a quality of life improvement! This is a beautiful piece of machinery. In fact, we are actually in the middle of redesigning our laundry room. It’s so much nicer than our original set. My teenage daughter is even washing some of her clothes now. The top washer is great for her delicate items and it so easy to use for her. It’s easy to use and the quality of the clean has been great. We’re really happy!”

5.0 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with Active WaterJet in Champagne

$699.00, was $949
Or $58.25/mo, was $79.08, Samsung

Why we like it:

  • Large 5.0 c.f. Capacity
  • Active WaterJet
  • EZ Access
  • Deep Fill
  • Smart Care

To take the pain out of reaching into the washer, this EZ Access tub is much shallower without compromising on capacity. With a 5.0 c.f capacity, you can wash more than just your average load. Not only is it much larger than its competitors, but it is also much quieter too, with the latest VRT Plus technology that reduces vibrations while it’s turned on. The newly designed drum pattern extracts more water during the rinsing cycle, plus, helps preserve the fabrics that are being washed.

One reviewer wrote: “Coming from a rather old basic washer and dryer, this unit, and its matching dryer have been amazing. With limited space, our laundry room has a top load was a must but many top loaders just seemed to underperform compared to the front loaders. That was not the case with this! The capacity is amazing. Although it may be a bit deep to get those last items on the bottom it’s a small price to pay for capacity. The variety of wash settings and the ease of not only understanding them but also using them has been great. The water jet is the absolute best and should be standard on all washers. It’s like having a utility sink without actually having one. The tray for detergents and bleach and fabric softeners are clearly marked and easy to use. Washing effectiveness has been amazing. With four boys in the house all under 8 years old, we get a lot of very dirty soiled laundry and this has made things much easier. Easy to install and set up. The smart codes are a great feature to assess any problems or needed repairs should that occur. Easy to use and understand The sloped design with a glass top looks great. Compact and not bulky. Durable well built design. The “slam proof” lid was a pleasant surprise. My favorite of all though is that you can barely hear this unit when it’s going. My last one sounded as if a plane was taking off. This one barely has a hum. Love it!”

4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Washer in White

$719.00, was $799, or $59.92/mo, was $66.58/mo, Samsung

Why we like it:

  • Smart Care
  • Diamond Drum Design
  • Self Clean+
  • 4.2 c.f. Capacity

With the ability to wash 2.8 laundry baskets worth of washing at once, you can save up to three hours a week. The 4.2 cu. ft. front load washer features a diamond drum interior which helps preserve the life of your clothes. This washer also has the ability to self-clean, which reminds you every forty washes. Much like the other washes mentioned, this is also 40 percent quieter compared to its competitors.

One reviewer wrote: “My washing machine is efficient and economical. It rinses extremely well. I only use cold water and my clothes never come out feeling cold or wet. The spin cycle does a phenomenal job removing the water from clothes, towels, bedding, basically, everything put in a washing machine. It is by far the BEST washing machine I have ever owned. I have a lot of Samsung products throughout my home and I will continue to purchase Samsung products. They are very well made and offer you the best that I can afford without draining the bank.”

4.5 cu. ft. Smart Front Load Washer with AddWash™ in Black Stainless Steel

$749.00, $1,199.00.
Or $41.61/mo, was $66.61/mo, Samsung 

Why we like it:

  • AddWash™
  • Steam Wash
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Vibration Reduction Technology

This washer has the option of Super Speed, allowing you to power through a load 35 percent faster, without any compromise in cleanliness, taking just 36 minutes. It also features the AddWash door, which lets you add clothes to the wash even halfway through the cycle, in case you forget a pair of socks! The diamond drum interior ensures your delicates aren’t ruined. The tub is designed with special sensors installed, this keeps your heavy loads balanced at high speeds, reducing the vibrations by up to 40 percent.

One reviewer wrote: “I waited 3 months to post this review so I would have time to use and evaluate the product. I must confess, I am in love. This washer is super quiet and the clothes are clean. It is easy to use. A consumer will not have problems with this washer if they follow directions on clean the unit and the filters.”

WA7200 5.4 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with Active WaterJet in Black Stainless Steel

$989.00, was $1099.00.
Or $54.94/mo, was $61.06/mo, Samsung

Why we like it:

  • Large 5.4 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Active WaterJet
  • Deep Fill
  • Smart Care
  • Vibration Reduction Technology™

The WA7200 5.4 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with Active WaterJet can maximize the water level to ensure your clothes are thoroughly drenched and efficiently cleaned. The 5.4 cu. ft capacity allows you to do larger loads at once, while the built-in water faucet helps clean stained clothing.

One reviewer wrote: “Endless amount of space for your clothes! No load is too large. Very quiet and efficient. Clothes come out smelling wonderful. It is so quiet that sometimes I go check to see if it is really on. Washes clothes with care and doesn’t destroy it like my previous one. I love the delicate cycle it, you take it out and have no wrinkles.”

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