4 Simple Ways to Remove Dust From Blinds, Electronics, and Lampshades


Everything from shedding pets to an uptick in pollen makes can make it feel like prime grime time. Thankfully, our easy tricks help remove dust and keep the mess away, no elbow grease or harsh chemicals required!

Lift grime from blinds with dryer sheet tongs.

Wouldn’t it be great to clean blinds and repel future dust in one fell swoop? You can do just that: Simply use rubber bands to secure two dryer sheets around each end of a pair of kitchen tongs. Then clamp the tongs over each slat and slide across. The sheets will lift dust in the hard-to-reach spaces, and the residue of the fabric softener will create a fresh-smelling, dust-busting “force field.”

Clean fans fast with a pillow pocket.

Ugh! Every time you reach up to clean your ceiling fan, you’re hit with a cascading puff of dust. To the rescue: Spray the inside of a pillowcase with of a mixture of one cup of water, 1⁄4 cup of white vinegar and two teaspoons of olive oil. Pull the case over each individual fan blade, recommends Lauren Bowen, director at Two Maids & A Mop. “The vinegar lifts dirt and grime, while the olive oil leaves a dust-repelling seal. When you slide off the pillowcase, all the dust that has built up over time will be trapped.”

Revitalize lampshades with a slice of white bread.

Cleaning lampshades with the vacuum requires taking the shade off so the lamp doesn’t topple, then putting it back on again. The easier way: Just head to the kitchen and grab a slice of white bread, then gently dab the bread on the shade — not only will it pick up grime, it’ll also absorb dust-attracting grease that our hands leave behind when we reach for the on-off switch.

Wipe electronics with coffee filters.

Electronics like flatscreens and laptops can be dust magnets because their electric charge attracts airborne gunk. The solution: unused coffee filters. They’re soft and gentle enough to use on TV screens and all your other devices, and their porous material makes them great dust absorbers — just wipe and you’re done!

Clear dusty curtains with a duct tape roller.

No need to lug out the vacuum to remove dust from your curtains. Just grab a clean paint roller, wrap a piece of duct or packing tape around the barrel with the sticky side out, and roll it up and down over the curtains. The tool works like a giant lint roller to pick up dust. To give curtains an extra spring-clean scent, just whip up a natural fabric freshener: In a spray bottle, mix one part water, one part vodka and a few drops of your favorite essential oil and spritz away!

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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