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The 4 Best Uses for Dawn Powerwash Beyond Dishes, According to Cleaning Pros

Plus, where never to use the spray

Dish soap is a household staple thanks to its versatility. Many people, however, are ditching the classic bottle for a new product: Dawn Powerwash. This handy dish cleaner, now offered in a variety of scents and varieties, continues to make waves on social media thanks to its uses beyond dish cleaning. That’s why we asked cleaning pros to share their best uses for Dawn Powerwash, explain why the spray is so effective and detail where not to use it.

What exactly is Dawn Powerwash?

Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray cleaning dishes
Credit: dawndishwash/Instagramdawndishwash/Instagram

Dawn Powerwash is a dish spray product manufactured by Procter & Gamble, the makers of Dawn dish soap. It’s designed to make dishwashing easier and more efficient by combining the power of Dawn dish soap with the convenience of a spray nozzle, says Katie Barton, head of cleaning for the website Home Edit. Users can simply spray the Powerwash onto dishes, pots and pans, allowing it to penetrate and dissolve tough, baked-on food residue. It’s particularly effective for dishes that require soaking or scrubbing, saving time and effort in the dishwashing process.

You may have seen videos across the web sharing great hacks that people have discovered using Dawn Powerwash. The experts say there’s a reason why it’s so popular!

“Dish soap has long been one of the best cleaners due to its gentle formula that’s safe for just about any surface,” says Barton. “Dawn Powerwash kicks the formula up a notch with the addition of alcohol and a spray bottle that makes it easy to apply.”

Genius uses for Dawn Powerwash that don’t include dishes

While it is marketed as being an efficient cleaner for hand-washed dishes, the bottle can be helpful for quite a bit more around the house. Keep reading to find out how!

1. Lift grease stains on clothing

Uses for Dawn powerwash: Lifting grease stains from clothing

Yikes! After your backyard barbecue, you notice you got some burger drippings on your shirt. The good news? “Greasy stains on clothes can be a pain to remove, but Dawn Powerwash can make it a lot easier,” says Ledis Hernandez, cleaner for DeluxeMaid. “All you need to do is apply a little bit of it directly to the stained area, rub it in and let it sit for a few minutes before washing as usual.”

See it in action in the Instagram video from gocleanco below:

2. Best uses for Dawn Powerwash: Nix soap scum on shower doors

A cloudy shower door that can be cleaned with powerwash

Even with regular cleaning, it doesn’t take long for a shower door to go from clear to cloudy. “Cleaning soap scum and hard water stains from shower doors can be a difficult and very time-consuming task, but Dawn Powerwash can break them down effortlessly,” explains Hernandez. “Just spray it on, wait a few minutes, scrub and rinse.”

If you need an extra cleaning boost, try spritzing vinegar onto the door before the Dawn spray, and allow both to sit for up to 10 minutes on the glass before scrubbing. This is showcased in the TikTok from @miss.frizzle16 below:

Need to get the shower head clean? Try these helpful hacks!

3. Eliminate carpet stains

Cleaning up carpet stains
Kinga Krzeminska/Getty

The same ingredients in the spray that help lift grease stains on clothing make it ideal for getting spots out of carpets, as well. “Just dilute it with water and apply directly to the stain, let it sit for a bit and blot it out,” suggests Hernandez. If you have concerns about the spray damaging carpet, test it in an inconspicuous spot first.

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4. Best uses for Dawn Powerwash: Get kitchen surfaces gleaming

A clean stainless steel sink
Daniel Cortez/Getty

“You can use Dawn Powerwash to clean almost every kitchen surface, from dirty dishes to smudged appliances,” says Barton. Stainless steel appliances can get especially grimy thanks to fingerprints, but the alcohol content in the spray cuts through them.

The TikTok from @thecleanspace below shows how easily the spray cleans a fridge:

Similarly, one of the best uses for Dawn Powerwash is to get a sink clean. In the video below, TikTok user @Allisoncleaning shows how well it works.

“A few spritzes of Dawn Powerwash (less is more)…Spray it, scrub it, rinse it, let it air dry and a gorgeous shine!” she says in the video.

(Click through for more ways to clean a stainless steel sink).


Love Dawn Power Wash for so many cleaning jobs but I really love to use it in my sinks showers n tubs – Not sponsored baybee just a long time favorite

♬ Beachside – E66S

Where not to use Dawn Powerwash

On painted surfaces

If you have a painted item that needs an extra cleaning boost, stay clear of the spray. “If the paint is still fresh or if the surface is quite delicate, the powerful cleaning agents in Dawn Powerwash could strip away the paint or cause damage,” advises Hernandez.

On cars

This is especially true with cars, adds Barton. Powerwash can strip the wax off of the clear coat, so avoid using if you’re giving your car a clean at home.

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On jewelry

Many videos online (including the one below) suggest getting rings squeaky clean with the spray. However, the cleaning pros say this should be avoided.

“Keep it away from jewelry or precious stones,” cautions Hernandez. “It might contain harsh chemicals that could damage them. If you’re not sure how to clean your jewelry, it’s best to use specific cleaning products or seek advice from a jeweler.” Click through here for a better way to clean jewelry.

On silk or wool garments

For most clothing items, the spray works wonders as a stain pre-treater before you launder them. However, it’s best to skip it on some types of materials.

“Silk and wool are delicate fabrics and require special care to keep them looking their best,” says Hernandze. “Dawn Powerwash is a powerful cleaner, and it could potentially harm these fabrics or discolor them.” Instead, use gentle, cleaning products specified for these types of garments.

On porous surfaces

While Powerwash is useful around the kitchen, keep it away from marble countertops or tiles, says Barton. The reason? Marble is a very delicate stone and the powerful cleaning ingredients in the spray can damage the surface.

Spritzing the spray on other porous surfaces like treated wood should also be avoided. Since there is no protectant sealant, Powerwash’s chemicals can seep into the wood and cause discoloration, warping and more.

On pets

While regular dish soap is often shared as a quick way to smother fleas on a cat or dog, this stronger cleaner is not recommended for use on your pets. “It’s safe for cleaning surfaces around the house as long as you follow the instructions, but please don’t use it as a pet shampoo or apply it directly to animals,” says Hernandez. “If your furry friend accidentally comes into contact with it, rinse the affected area with water and talk to a vet if you notice any irritation.”

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