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4 Easy Hacks to Fix Static Cling, Itchy Wool, and Other Winter Wardrobe Bothers


From static cling in your comfy fleece to a lost button from your favorite jacket, our clever tricks will take your winter wardrobe argh to oh-so-cozy in seconds!

Ditch itchy wool with conditioner.

Nothing keeps you as cozy as a wool scarf or sweater, but the fibers can be scratchy on your skin. The fix: hair conditioner. “Simply dampen the garment and gently massage about 1⁄3 cup of hair conditioner into the fibers. Let soak about 10 minutes, then rinse,” says Lisa Sanchez, fashion editor of The Nines ( The conditioner will soften the fibers just like it does your hair, making the wool softer and gentler on your skin.

Protect pretty suede with a tea light candle.

Love wearing your pretty suede shoes, but hate the idea of weather damage? Grab a candle! Gently rub the cold wax — be sure to use a white candle — over your shoes, creating a thin, even coating. “Your shoes will be white, but don’t panic,” assures Sanchez. “Take a blow-dryer and heat the layer of wax until it dries clear, creating a weatherproof coating.”

Sidestep static fast with hand lotion.

At the end of a long day, you curl up for some quality time with your sofa and favorite comfy clothes — the last thing you want is static shock zapping you out of your reverie. Luckily, the fix for these winter zingers is close at hand. “Just rub a little hand lotion on the inside of your clothes to ‘relax’ the fabric and diffuse static,” says Sanchez. A quick swipe of lotion adds moisture that neutralizes shocks. No lotion? Slide a slightly damp paper towel over your clothes — the moisture will neutralize the charge.

De-pill your sweaters with a dry razor.

Over time, friction from wearing and washing your sweaters can cause annoying little pills to form. The good news: It’s easy to get sweaters looking new again. “Just lay them on a flat surface and gently slide a dry razor over the pills,” says fashion designer Diane Pollack ( “The razor will gently lift the raised fuzzies without harming the sweater.”

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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