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10 Stars of ‘The Chosen’ Get Candid About Their Characters & Dish on Season 4 (VIDEO)

Jonathan Roumie, Noah James, Paras Patel — and more — open up to 'Woman's World'

Ask anyone who is a fan of The Chosen why they love the popular TV series and they’ll be sure to praise the show’s talented stars that make up the cast and the way they skillfully bring the Bible to life. Written, directed and produced by Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen has become one of the most-watched shows across streaming platforms Amazon Prime, Peacock and Netflix as well as a top-rated weekly broadcast on The CW. The series, based on Jesus and His disciples, has garnered more than 12 million social media followers and amassed more than 770 million episode viewers.

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Season 4 of the historical drama, first hit theaters with episodes 1-3 premiering on February 1st and episodes 4-6 on February 15th, and now, episodes 7-8 premiering on February 29th (get tickets here), then will come to streaming shortly afterward.

Woman’s World had the chance to catch up with the stars at the Ace Theater in Los Angeles at the season 4 premiere — read on for insider info about the talented troupe that plays each of the beloved Bible characters!

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Jonathan Roumie (Jesus of Nazareth) talks honoring God with story

Jesus played by Jonathan Roumie in Season 4
Jesus played by Jonathan Roumie in Season 4 of The ChosenThe Chosen

For Roumie, who brilliantly portrays Jesus, the show is helping to fill a void in viewer’s lives. “There is a hunger for quality faith based entertainment and for so long the quality just wasn’t there and I think that’s why we’ve seen this explosion in attendance in movies and films like Jesus Revolution and for The Chosen and all these other projects that I’m seeing come together now and I’m seeing the paradigm shifting because the emphasis is on quality and telling stories that honor God in the way that He would wanted us to tell them.”

Roumie has earned a devoted following who appreciates the humanity, humor and compassion he brings to the role. “I had a couple opportunities to play Jesus a few times prior to The Chosen and I felt like God was kind of preparing me to play the most important and the most challenging role of my lifetime so it was one that I couldn’t say no to.”

Demetrios Troy (Lazarus) talks friendship on set

Lazarus played by Demetrios Troy with Jesus
Lazarus played by Demetrios Troy (left) with Jesus (right) in The ChosenThe Chosen

Watching the cast as they walk down the teal carpet, fielding questions from reporters, they look like a happy family as they joke around with each other. There’s an easy-going camaraderie and obvious mutual respect.

“Jonathan and I have had a long history together,” said Demetrios Troy, who plays Lazarus. “We’ve been working with each other since way before The Chosen and to be able to bring that friendship to the screen in support of such an important story is just an amazing blessing and an honor.”

Troy acknowledges there are people from all walks of life and different religions among the cast and crew. “It’s the people,” he enthusiastically says when asked what makes the show successful. “It’s the care that is given to what has really become a family, and ultimately to our Lord.

“Not everybody is of faith on the show and that’s okay,” said Troy, who is a Christian. “It’s really brought everybody together as brothers and sisters and no matter what faith we are, everybody is really connected and had a wonderful time.”

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The Chosen stars: Noah James (Andrew) talks diversity

Andrew played Noah James in Season 3 of The Chosen
Andrew played Noah James (front) in Season 3 of The ChosenThe Chosen

As for Noah James, who is Jewish, he appreciates the friendships that have developed among the cast. “I’m Jewish actually, so for me it was really an interesting experience because coming into the show, I didn’t know what to expect,” he told WW at the premiere.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to feel like an outsider. I didn’t know if I would belong, and it was a complete opposite. I was welcomed with open arms. Everyone was so lovely and honestly like I always say, what better way to learn about the messages of Jesus than sitting at a table opposite someone like Jonathan portraying him. It’s been an unbelievable experience.”

Luke Dimyan (Judas) talks playing a complicated character

Judas played by Luke Dimyan in Season 4 of The Chosen
Judas played by Luke Dimyan in Season 4 of The ChosenThe Chosen

Luke Dimyan embraced the challenge of bringing something unique to the character. “It’s really fulfilling because as an actor you hope that you can get a character with enough meat on its bones that you can really chew in and play,” Dimyan said of his role as Judas. “Because he is so dynamically complicated so many decisions came naturally. I didn’t have to fight or struggle to get it. I just sat and he naturally came in to me. It was really nice.”

He and other cast members feel it’s the humanity expressed by their characters that draws people into the story and makes the show so powerful. “It’s characters who understand what it means to be human and connect to everybody on a human level,” Dimyan says. “Like all good art does, it really speaks to the heart of the human condition, and I think even though there have been many adaptations of the story of Christ, and there will be many in the future, this show stands apart by being so daringly intimate to the human condition that I think everyone can see that and everyone can relate to it by watching it.”

Paras Patel (Matthew) talks rejection and representation

Matthew played by Paras Patel in Season 4
Matthew played by Paras Patel in Season 4 of The ChosenThe Chosen

One of the most intriguing characters in the show is Matthew, the tax collector, portrayed by Paras Patel. Patel is the very gifted actor who brings Matthew to life. “We can all identify with feeling rejected or feeling misunderstood and kind of not seen really,” Patel told WW. “I think the message that Matthew carries having a place in this world is really inspiring for people to learn and grow from.”

Patel is also hoping that by portraying Matthew as someone on the Autism spectrum will help raise awareness. “Representation is very important. I think feeling like you are seen is important and I’ve grown up not seeing someone that looks like me on film and TV, so to have a community feel like they see someone who understands them and gets them is really going to motivate someone to be able to be who they want to be and not feel uncomfortable being themselves,” Patel says. “That’s something that we really need to shine a light on in the world today.”

Elizabeth Tabish (Mary Magdalene) talks lifting up women

Mary Magdalene played Elizabeth Tabish in Season 4
Mary Magdalene played Elizabeth Tabish in Season 4 of The ChosenThe Chosen

In addition to the strong male characters, The Chosen has earned praise for its talented female cast that includes Elizabeth Tabish as Mary Magdalene. “I was so impressed with the way that Dallas created her,” says Tabish of her character. “The emotional backstory, her history, the pain that she goes through — they really created a beautifully written female character. The fact that it is Mary Magdalene is mind blowing. It’s such a gift to be able to play this. I was doing a lot of commercial work and looking for meaningful roles, and they aren’t always written. You don’t always get lucky as an actor and I landed on something really special.”

The Chosen stars: Nick Shakoour (Zebedee) talks miracles

Zebedee on set of The Chosen
Zebedee played by Nick Shakoour on set of The ChosenThe Chosen

Nick Shakoour says several factors have coalesced to make The Chosen successful. “There’s creativity. There’s God. There’s inspiration. There’s writing and then finding the right actors to match that writing,” he said to WW at the premiere. “So many gears and pieces have to come together to make a show what it is. If there is one lost element it won’t work. It’s miraculous the way the show came together. It’s going to stand the test of time and it will always be there for future generations to come. To think of it in that way is just amazing.” 

The Chosen stars: Aalok Mehta (Barnaby) talks comic relief

Barnaby played by Aalok Mehta
Barnaby played by Aalok Mehta (right) in The ChosenThe Chosen

Aalok Mehta, who plays Barnaby, offers up some comic relief during the series due to his character’s playful nature. What drew him to the role?

“Not to demystify it, but it was just a job at first,” he told WW. “Did I know that it would turn into what it was and be what it was? No, not at all.  It was an incredible and continues to be an incredible journey. It started off with humble beginnings, similar to the history of how it all started, and I think it’s growing and growing, and I think that’s just awesome. It’s been the journey of a lifetime.”

David Amito (John the Baptist) talks getting it right

John the Baptist played by David Amito (left)
John the Baptist played by David Amito (left) with Jesus in The Chosen starsAngel Studios

Portraying real life characters carries an extra weight of responsibility for an actor and David Amito, who plays John the Baptist, was mindful as he approached the role.

“He’s a historical character and you don’t want to mess it up,” Amito told WW. “A lot of people already have a preconceived notion of how they think he is or he’s going to be and you’re messing with that the moment you show up… but I trust the writing. I trust in how Dallas, Tyler and Ryan have taken measures not only to consort the Biblical canon, but to write a character that is rich and has a lot going on and understands his purpose in the context of things — so I take that and I trust it.”

The Chosen stars: Brandon Potter (Quintus) talks villainy

Quintus played by Brandon Potter in Season 3
Quintus played by Brandon Potter in Season 3 of The Chosen starsThe Chosen

Brandon Potter portrays the evil Roman Quintus and relishes the role. “Someone will pay me to be mean to my co-workers, that’s the appeal of playing Quintus,” he told WW on the teal carpet with a mischievous laugh. “It’s just a ton of fun. Quintus is a witty guy. He’s a fun guy. I get to wear great costumes and tell a beautiful story with a beautiful team of artists to fans that I love and adore.

“It’s the greatest story ever told,” he continued, “and it’s told beautifully with The Chosen.  Dallas and his team of writers and producers have done something amazing. I think there’s a great hunger for this kind of material and it didn’t come from where we are now, Hollywood. It came from the ground up, which is often times where the best things come from.”

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