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Top Doc Reveals the Simple Carnivore Diet Twist That Can Help Boost Fat Burning Fast

Dr. Ken Berry: "It’s magical, but it’s not magic — it’s science!"

Keto dieters have a little plan they swear by that can help anyone jump-start weight loss. The best part: It couldn’t be simpler! At each meal, just eat your fill of beef, butter, bacon and eggs — that’s it. “Without question, there’s no more satisfying way to get big results,” promises Tennessee-based keto guru Ken Berry, MD, who created the BBBE diet approach to help folks experiment with almost-zero-carb eating. Not only do women say the strategy helps them kickstart weight loss, but they’re also now using TikTok’s hottest food trend (with over 3.2 billion views) to make it extra fun and extra delicious. Read on to learn how the BBBE diet can help you jump-start slimming, plus the delicious BBBE-friendly bread women are loving.

What is the BBBE diet?

Beef, butter, bacon and eggs — or BBBE, as Dr. Berry has coined it — is a shortcut version of the increasingly popular carnivore diet. Like a traditional keto diet, it works by replacing carb-rich foods with protein and fat. But the BBBE diet also takes the guess work out of the diet, narrowing down what you can eat but allowing you to indulge in unlimited beef, butter, bacon and eggs until you feel full.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Both carnivore and the BBBE diet skip plant foods. Why? It guarantees carb intake stays very low, “which leads to remarkable hunger control,” says Dr. Berry. “Some people only eat one or two meals a day because it’s all they want.” Skipping plants also eliminates potential sources of food sensitivities, relieving inflammation for many. “When inflammation comes down, you lose retained fluid, burn more fat and see health turn around,” says Dr. Berry. “If you eat a lot of plants and are in fantastic shape, keep doing what you’re doing. But if traditional approaches aren’t working or you just want to see a big difference in a short time, BBBE can be a great choice.”

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How the BBBE diet triggers weight loss

In many ways, carnivore-style plans like the BBBE diet work exactly like keto. By replacing most of the carbs you eat with protein and fat, the body can’t make enough blood sugar to fuel itself. “Your body then naturally begins turning excess fat into an alternative fuel called ketones,” Dr. Berry explains. Studies show when we run on ketones, we safely burn up to 664% more fat. Indeed, Canadian researchers found that folks who adopted carnivore-like eating styles started burning dramatically more fat and calories in under 48 hours. (Click through to learn how burgers helped one woman stave off hunger on keto.)

Plus, protein and fat-rich foods are more satiating than those loaded with carbohydrates. That means you’ll effortlessly feel less hunger and potentially experience fewer cravings. And since some BBBE diet-friendly foods like steak take a little more effort to chew, you’ll get an extra boost in satiety. According to researchers in Physiology & Behavior, chewing more tamped down appetite and increased gut hormones linked to satiety.

Dr. Berry himself has been maintaining his own 65-pound weight loss for years with a mostly carnivore diet. “My blood work has never been better,” he says, noting that BBBE jump-starts wellness as well as weight loss. “You dramatically improve diabetes, joint pain, mood and so much more in a few days or weeks.” No matter your starting point, it’s not too late. “We see people in their late 70s use BBBE to look and feel decades younger. It’s magical, but it’s not magic — it’s science!”

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What is BBBE diet cloud bread?

With billions of views online, famous “cloud bread” has become a staple for keto, carnivore and BBBE diet fans alike. It gets its name because the stuff is mouthwateringly light and fluffy, with a texture like Wonder Bread. “It lets you have tasty sandwiches with virtually no carbs,” notes founder Anita Breeze, 64 (more of her story below), who created the recipe below. “And it’s easy to make. You just need eggs, butter and salt.” (Click through for other keto bread recipes.)

For starters, the eggs in cloud bread are a jackpot of amino acids linked to stronger muscles and faster metabolism. Even better, “when cloud bread is made with BBBE ingredients, it’s a great tool for anyone addicted to carbs,” says Dr. Berry. “It lets you have what you’re used to eating as you transition to a way of eating that can transform your health. That’s huge.”

BBBE diet before & after: Anita Breeze, 64

Before and after photos of Anita Breeze who lost weight with the carnivore diet
Erich Saide

Anita Breeze first tried keto while caring for her late mother. “As bad as my mom’s health got, the hardest part was watching her struggle to do everyday things because of her weight,” recalls the British Columbia bookkeeper, 64. “I didn’t want that to be my future.” So she went low-carb and eventually started a blog to share her experiences.

“Plateaus are common when you have a lot to lose like I did. So I experimented.” BBBE was one of her greatest successes. “Fewer choices is just easier. Plus, it’s inexpensive and really kills your appetite,” says Anita. Cloud bread had already been one of the most popular recipes on her site, so she created a BBBE diet version. “It’s nice to be able to eat a sandwich and still see the scale moving!”

All told, Anita is down over 131 pounds and is off the acid reflux meds she took for 15 years. “I’ve done keto for years, but BBBE helped me progress to a new level. I don’t use it nonstop, but beef, bacon, butter and eggs are now my mainstays,” she shares. “I highly recommend BBBE whether you’re new to keto or just need a boost. It does amazing things!”

BBBE diet success story: Cristy Davis, 49

As Cristy Davis battled lupus, she rarely had the energy to get her 320-pound body out of bed. “My husband read keto might help,” recalls the California grandmother, 49. At first, pounds poured off. Then she hit a long plateau. “There were a lot of health goals I hadn’t achieved, so when I found BBBE, I went for it. I liked the idea that I’d cut out keto foods that might be causing inflammation and stalling my progress.”

Already a fan of cloud bread, Cristy leaned on it heavily. “You can toast it and have it with butter for breakfast. And it’s great with egg salad, shredded meat or burgers. Having bread made everything so much easier for me.” After months without losing an ounce, “I dropped 25 pounds in five weeks! I love BBBE. I still go back to it every few months to reset.” She’s now happily maintaining a 142-pound loss. “My lupus is controlled, I’m off 17 prescriptions and I get to enjoy adventures with my grandson. Life is good.”

What do you eat on the BBBE diet

To try the BBBE diet, simply eat 1 to 3 daily meals with any combo of beef, butter, bacon and eggs you like until comfortably stuffed. A little cheese is optional. Salt and season to taste. Sip plain water, coffee and/or tea. Expect quick initial results and then steady progress. For maximum health benefits, Dr. Berry suggests using the BBBE diet for 30 to 90 days. After that, experiment with more relaxed low-carb eating. Try the cloud bread recipe below and find more ideas on the Ketogenic Woman YouTube channel.

BBBE Cloud Bread

Stack of cloud bread for the BBBE (bacon beef butter eggs) diet

Created by Anita Breeze, this BBBE cloud bread is fluffy and delicious.


  • 2 egg yolks
  • ½ cup butter or bacon fat, mostly melted but not hot
  • 3 eggs, separated
  • ½ tsp. vinegar (optional)


  1. Make BBBE diet mayo: In jar, beat 2 egg yolks with stick mixer; gradually add butter/bacon fat. Season with salt and pepper. (Or skip this step and use keto-friendly mayo.)
  2. For bread: Beat 3 egg whites, vinegar and a pinch salt until very stiff. Set aside. Beat 3 yolks and 3 Tbs. mayo until smooth. Gently incorporate white and yolk mixtures. Form six mounds on a lined sheet. Bake at 300ºF until golden, 20–25 minutes.

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